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October 8, 2006

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Spayed twice!

October 13th 2012 8:44 pm
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MOL, Momma did not mention, in my bio, that I was spayed "twice", because the first vet (allegedly) ran out of anaesthesia, (MOL, "MEDS:) during my spay and another kitty, also, so he stitched me back up, and sent me home, in "Full-Blown HEAT"
I learned about "Safe-Sex" Hee-hee!
Then a month later, I had to have the spay performed correctly.
Has this happened to anyFur else?


Its Momma's Birthday, today!

September 11th 2011 1:47 pm
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Hi Momma, Casper came by to tell me that its your Birthday, today! (I knew that, Hee-Hee!!)
So Patches, Casper, Dinky, DC and I are all gonna fly down, and help you to celebrate, because you are at your happiest, when surrounded by all of us Kitties, and the Kitties that are there, also...
You are the bestest Momma ever, and you always took the time to make sure we never did "without", and that we were loved always.
I remember the big Rat that I gave to you for a gift, one time!!! You were so surprised, because the rat was almost as large as me!!! (I was not a very large Kitty, MOL!!)
But we wish you sunshine and good things to come your way.
You had "help", last night, in the form of a very nice lady, who helped you change your flat tire, (Thank You, Miss Rebecca!!!)That was an example of good things that surround you!
We watch over you, always,
Love and have a wonderful Birthday,


ThankYou All...

March 25th 2011 8:34 pm
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Momma Carol and I wish to send our "Thanks" to all of you nice Kitties, Pups, and Humans, who have been so supportive, in helping us through this "rough" transition.
I have met so many nice Kitties and Pups,and especially the Famous Navin R Johnson-Davis! I have heard so much about him!
It has not quite been a week, yet, and Momma's eyes "leaked", at all the wonderful messages that you all sent with the Rosettes and Stars.
Catster and Dogster families are truly "The Best"!

I am learning to find my way around the Bridge, there is so much to see and do here, I never imagined that it could be so wonderful!
And I have my beautiful fluffy fur back again! (I was losing my fur, because of my "condition")
And instead of "tottering" along, I can once again run and jump and play! And the Catnip Fields and Butterfly Fields go on FOREVER!!!
Momma is going to take me over to Hammock Talk, at the "Over the Rainbow" Group, now, so I can meet some new Friends, there!


My Journey to the Rainbow Bridge...

March 20th 2011 7:54 pm
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Hello, my Friends, I am pawing this message from the Rainbow Bridge, because I had a little "accident", last night.
Somehow, Smudge and Cinder got into a "squabble", and I just happened to be "passing by" when they were rolling and fighting, and I got caught-up, and injured, so Momma came home from work, and took me directly to the Emergency Clinic, where they let her stay with me, and she held me tight, while I closed my eyes, and went to "sleep". Momma is very very SAD today, she keeps expecting me to come "toodling" out from the bedroom, and give her my best "Hungry Eyes", so she would give me some food,as much as I wanted.

The first one to meet me here, was Patches! And Casper also! It is so good to see them again...
Momma has to tell my Boyfriend, and I will join some very "Elite" Bridge Groups, and no more will I hurt, or be Hungry, or cold.
I went to sleep, in my pink and white sweater, Momma should have probably kept it, as a "Memento", but she says she has my "Memory" burned deep into her Heart...
Tonight, Momma, I will come to you and kiss your face, and let you know I am OK, I know you are hurting inside, but I also know you made the "Best" decision, for me...
I Love You, Momma Carol



August 4th 2010 1:55 am
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Hi friends, I guess Casper mentioned how warm it has been, here in the desert...
And that Momma keeps a special "wading" pool for Casper and myself. It keeps us really nice and cool. Most cats dislike water, but we find it "soothing"...
A while back, Momma mentioned that my beautiful fluffy fur had gotten matted, and now some of it is falling out...:(
My belly is very "Pink" right now.
Casper is having a similar problem. We have both lost so much weight, but we still eat well, and drink plenty of fluids.


Still here...

January 28th 2010 6:43 pm
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Hi Friends, i am just pawing to tell you all that I am still managing to stay "alive" despite my unusual "thinness"; I eat like a big piggy, and I stay warm, by laying next to Momma, and letting her warmth help me stay warm
Sometimes she sneaks, while I am asleep, and manages to clip one of my excessively "long" claws. But then I wake up and try to bite & scratch Momma!

Momma says my tummy is the "noisiest" she has ever heard!! It growls and grumbles all the time! (Maybe there is a "Monster" in there...???
I am snuggling with Momma now, looking at the bag of Snacky~Treats, so maybe she will get the "hint" that I want some!

Momma wants to give me a bath, but it is very cold here in her home, so she cannot do this, to help me, and I would probably scratch her eyes out, anyway...she will probably have to take me to the vet or to a groomer, to get me back to my former "fluffy" self, again. I have gotten some longer winter fur, though, which at least helps me look nice and fluffy, sort of...and it keeps me warm, at least...



January 5th 2010 8:44 pm
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Momma Carol is gonna start calling me "Timex", cause I just "Keep on ticking"...
I am still very thin, but I eat all of my food and everyone else's food, also. Momma had gotten some "supposed" Tapeworm Medication, online, and she has given me "tiny" amounts, on her pinky-finger, to my tongue. So far, it has not made me ill, but Momma is afraid to give me something not gotten from a Vet, so she will not give me the "full" dose. Maybe soon, so I can gain some weight back, and have my fur be pretty & fluffy, again.
Momma gave me a "dry" bath, tonight, with some powdery stuff, now I smell like a "fresh" Baby's Butt! MOL!!
I got a nice gift from my BoyKittyFriend, Beau Bleu it was really sweet of him! I miss him alot!
Well, the kittens are out, and running around, so I think I'll go hide in my Kitty Condo...
See Y'all soon,


Too Tempting!

September 16th 2009 3:23 pm
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Oh Friends, I was thrilled beyond meows, this afternoon, when my Momma came into the bedroom, and she gave me some of my "favorite" Snacky~Treats!!
I just love the Temptations Salmon flavored treats!
Momma has not gotten any of these treats, since Patches went to the Rainbow Bridge...{I miss my big sister~397879}
MOL! I even at them so fast that I growled at Momma, when she put her hand down near my face! I thought she was trying to take some away, but really, she was giving me more!
Sorry, Momma!
You can bet that I will be there all night, pestering Momma, for some of these treats, MOL!


Happy Birthday, Momma Carol!

September 11th 2009 10:51 am
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Meowing & Purring a very Happy Birthday to You, Momma!


And still better, each day...

July 21st 2009 12:42 pm
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Hello, Friends,
Momma is typing for me, to let you all know, that I have continued to "improve", daily, and my appetite is still very good. In fact, I am a little "Piggy"! But I am still very thin, despite my great appetite. I eat my food, then finish what Casper leaves on his plate. Then if Junior & Moochy have any left, I also clean their plates up. Then I "Beg" Momma to make sure the dry food dish is also full! And I eat most of that, also! ( I will lay next to the dish, and then give Momma my most pathetic "I'm starving" look, or else I will pull some of the food out of the dish, so it seems like the dish looks "empty" ;) ) I am so "clever" this way, but I think Momma is "Hep" to my games!But I love my Momma, even when she puts yucky orange flavored meds in my mouth! It is helping me feel better, though!

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