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November 16th 2007 9:33 am
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I was looking out the window then BOOM!!!!mom said it was a storm and I said I hate storms!!I looked outside mom said it was over.


Hummingbirds and Squirrels...OH MY....

March 28th 2007 6:58 pm
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Guess what.... all of my favorite feathered and furred playthings have come back just for me....can you believe it....
I love to sit in the windowsill and watch the Squirrels run up and around the big walnut tree in the backyard... and those hummingbirds, they love to fly up to the window and seem to know right when I am going to pounce...they fly away at exactly the wrong time...I just can't seem to catch them..
Mom's also been taking me outside for lots of walks. I love to lay in the warm grass and try to catch all of the bugs that fly past.... last week I caught one that HURT me...Mom says it was a hurt my paw and I was sad.. but after awhile it felt better.
My little brother Tucker is a big wuss...he doesn't like it outside...he's a weird kitten... Oh well... I guess that's one thing that I don't have to share with him... Bye for now....Diesel


It's been an interesting week....

March 10th 2007 5:39 pm
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I've had a lot happen in the past few days so I thought that I'd write a little bit about it. My people have a heat source that the call PELLET STOVE. It makes the house feel warm and is bright and shiny, I like to sleep in front of it alot. Well, Mom was messing with it the other day and I came up to headbutt her and rub against her. She said "No Diesel, it's HOT" I wondered what she meant but didn't pay a whole lot of attention to her because...well..I'm a cat. The next thing that I know, My Tail Is ON FIRE!!! Flames shooting Inches above it! Mom patted it out and I am fine, no skin was scorched ! The SMELL was horrible... I kept running away from the smell but it followed me all over the house.
The next day I kinda' had a bit of an accident in the litterbox and well...Mom was having a hard time cleaning it off... So...I had My 1st Bath! Mom made sure that the water was nice and warn and put a towel in the bottom of the tub for me to stand on, then she plunked me right into the water! I looked at her like she was crazy but ya know, it really wasn't to bad. In fact , I think that I kind of like the bath :) It's warm and Mom pet's me alot. I get extra attention and snuggles. The only bad part was when she left me in the bathroom to dry. I missed her and was SO bored. After I dried off a little I came out and played TAG with Tucker. We raced all over the house and had alot of fun :)
That's all for now kitties....Purrrrs...... Diesel


Blue Brothers Mania....

February 23rd 2007 10:08 am
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WHO ARE THEY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am stumped... Tucker and I have both recieved rosettes from these mysterious Cat's as have so many other kit's and cat's. Whoever they are they are in for a flood of rosettes once discovered :)
Thank you Blue Brother's, Where ever you are!!!



January 16th 2007 6:57 pm
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This morning started out okay, I looked out the big glass door and there was alot more of the fluffy white stuff outside. Instead of going away with my human this morning the kids stayed home, that was okay because they like to pet me and give lot's of treats :) Later, more people came to visit. That's when thing's went crazy!! All together there were 9, yes 9, kids at my home! There were bigger kids and medium sized kids and even a little crawly kid. They were EVERYWHERE!! Every time that I tried to use my litterbox or eat anything they were RIGHT THERE!! So much for a relaxing day full of petting and treat's. They stayed ALL DAY and I hid under the bed most of it. Mom said that tomarrow would be back to normal. Only a couple of nice medium sized kid's to play with and of course Mom to snuggle with :) I'm going to take a nice long nap now.....purrs


Seeing PINK!!

January 15th 2007 10:33 am
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Seriously!! Mom tried to put a PINK hat on my head today! WHAT was she thinking?? Crazy Lady!! Then she decided to take out the Camera AGAIN! She just can't stop with that thing. I would really like to have a day where that flashy thing wouldn't follow me EVERWHERE I go. Oh yeah, about the Pink thing. There is Pink stuff all over the house! On my climber, on my chair, on my sofa. What is it with PINK?? I'm gonna' hide out for awhile and when I decide to come out all of this Pink stuff had better be gone! Seriously!!


Thanks Everycat!!

December 19th 2006 4:40 pm
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Thank you all for the treats and friendly purrs.. Being Cat of the Week was lots of fun but also a lot of work. I tried to answer all p-mails and give thanks for the beautiful rosettes but if I missed anycat, Sorry about that and THANK YOU all very much :) Christmas time is coming soon, I hope that all the kitties are being on their best behavior so that Santa Claws brings lot's of treats... I know I am :) Today is my Six-month Birthday, Happy Birthday to me!! I got special Tuna Greenies in the mail today! Mom made me share with Tucker even though it's MY birthday! Oh well Santa Claws is coming soon, maybe he'll bring me my own toy to play with or treats that don't have to be shared :) That would be great!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYCAT !!!



December 8th 2006 1:57 pm
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Me? Cat of the Week? How the heck did that happen? WOW!! COOL!!! This is AWESOME!!! Thanks HQ :) Mom says I'm getting some well deserved Catnip tonight!! WOO-HOO!!!


More Snow...

November 28th 2006 2:16 pm
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Woke up this morning and guess what? There is more white stuff on the ground, lot's of it. I wanted to see it up close so Mom took me outside. I sunk up to my back! I jumped and jumped but everytime that I would try to get out of it I would be covered again! Mom seemed to think that this was pretty funny. I climbed up the big toy that the small people climb on and WOW it looked different from up there. No color anywhere, no bushes or grass, just white fluffy stuff everywhere. Inside for me! I think that I'm done going outside for now, at least until the white stuff goes away. I'm gonna' spend the rest of the day lounging in front of the fire watching Animal Planet. Purrrrrs... Diesel


It Snowed!!

November 26th 2006 1:25 pm
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We got this years first snow last night. Actually it's My First snow. Mom took me outside to play and I thought that it was interesting but I don't know what those humans were so excited about, it's just more wet stuff. When we came inside I climbed in Tucker's kitten cage for a nap and he followed me. It was great until he woke up, have you ever awoke to a kitten chewing on your nose? Not a good experience. I tried to go back to sleep when he climbed out but what do you think happened, yes, he's back! I guess that I'll have to get up and chew on him for awhile, maybe chase him around the house a few times, eat some treats and then I can nap in peace....

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