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Meow Meow Meow

Ive been tagged ..Hissssssssss Spatttt Mommy not good at- playin Tag!

December 28th 2008 4:57 pm
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This is a fun game so others can get to know you. I will write 7 things about myself and then go and tag 7 more furiends and they will do the same. I was tagged by Lexi

1. I was a stray till I found Daddy

2. I like to cuddle up and sleep in da bathtub

3. I have 4 count em four dawgie siblings and 1 kitty sibling

4. I use a doggie door to go in and out of da house.

5. I enjoy laying on da window sill watching da world go by

6. I like to play with water dripping out of the faucet on da sink

7. I love playing Thunkity Thunk Thunk I do I do mewww

Now I go right away quick to tag:
1. Bandit Poop
2. Penny Poop
3. Cisco the kidd Poop
4. Annie Dog Poop
5. Marxy Poop
6. Hobo Poop
7. Da Whole Poop Family

NO TAGS BACK...Hissssssssssss Spat! MOL


I have been tagged and I am now tagging you!!! NO TAG- BACK!

November 4th 2008 11:48 am
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I have just been tagged by The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh!!! AND Monnie too! Now I am tagging you!
Here's what to do tell 7 things about yourself (only 7 ) Than tag 7 of your friends email them & tell them to go to your diary to find out what to do.


1) I was a homeless stray till I found Mommy and Dad's front porch
2) I don't likes playing TAG Hissssssssssss MOL.
3) I love my family. ( yes even da dawgs)
4) I Love laying on top of da truck in da driveway.
5) I use a doggie door to go in and out of da house.
6) I hate getting baths.
7) I love treats yum yum yum

The 7 friends I am tagging NO TAG BACK are:

1.Tinker Bell Forever
2. Goofball Mavredes the First
3. Natti
4. Tinkerbelly err TinkerBelle
5. Hunter
6. Bandi
7. Sylvester



May 22nd 2007 6:53 am
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I have been tagged! That is right I have been tagged by Chrissy ! to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme.

The rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own diary about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My seven random facts:

1) I really don't care for milk

2) I love a good roll on my back in dusty dirt

3) I like to announce my arrival indoors with repeated meows

4) I love when mom picks me up and rubs my belly

5) My prefered watering hole is the Bathroom gets the faucet dripping just right for me.

6) I love sleeping on the window sill.

7) My favorite toy is a furry mouse mom hug from the ceiling for me to play with!

And here's my friends that I'm tagging!
Wally Wallster
Haley(the Man)Cat
Baby Poppy
Klemy Q Tip



My Tail of Devotion for Groucho Kitty Poop

March 3rd 2007 6:13 am
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When I was a young un looking for a home I saw a man sitting on his front porch. I wandered up meowing all the way. He told me I was awful cute but said he already had two kittys so I had to go home. I tried to tell him I didn't have a home but he didn't seem to understand and went back in the house.

He seemed to like sitting on the porch. So I'd watch for him and when he came out and got comfortable I'd saunter over ..meow meow meow. He and the lady that came out of the house sometimes kept telling me I had to go home ..I'd just meow meow meow. One day the lady said...but he's a Groucho Kitty isn't he. Well I meowed that I wasn't a he but they didn't seem to care or understand.

This went on for a long time...the man came out and I sauntered up to greet him meowing all the way. One day he actually gave me a head rub....oooo it felt good. There were two kittys that lived with the man and the lady ...I liked them Rickie Doodles was so handsome and we played together. Lucky Ducky was very wise and told me he didn't think his mom and dad were looking for another kitty as he and Rickie already lived there....but he said ..don't give up. About that time the man went inside and Rickie and Lucky went with him...but he closed the door when I tried to follow.

The weather was getting cold and the man didn't sit on the porch that often anymore. But I did. Every time mom looked out the window I'd hear her say "He's still there. what are we gonna do?" and the man would say "We can't afford another vet bill. He'll find a home?" Well I had found a home but my future mom and dad didn't know it yet or maybe its they didn't want to admit it yet.

One evening it got real cold out...I didn't know it could get so cold. I sat on the porch for a long time looking at the door. Waiting for it to open. There was noise inside ...I could hear the people. Rickie Doodles and Lucky Ducky would occasionally look out a window at me and wink..kind of giving me a paws up. Then the wind started to blow and little white things started hitting my head..they were cold and WET too. I don't like wet. I found out it was snow later but just then I didn't know what it was. I looked at the door again and decided it was time to see just what was behind that door!!! So I jumped up and caught the edge of the window with my paws and pulled up till my eyes were high enough I could look in! I guess I must have looked silly ...just two ears, two eyes and two paws showing ...kind of peeking over the sill like the old Kilroy Was Here picture. Well I never heard such a ruckus...the man laughed, the lady jumped up...the dogs...yeah there were three dogs there too but they were nice doggies..the dogs barked and all of a sudden just when I was about to give up and find a place to cuddle up and get warm......THE DOOR OPENED!!! I dropped down to the floor and sauntered in and got to know my family. It was a wonderful night. I did have a scare about 3 days later when they took me to what turned out to be my kitty doctor. I had to stay there 2 days getting checked out and shots and they did something to me so I wouldn't have any kittens...but thats ok. I know how hard life can be on kittens and I wouldn't want any kitten of mine to have to go searching for a home.

Note from MOM: My husband had a heartattack and when he came home he sat on the porch watching the fall leaves and recooperating. Groucho visited for about a month before we actually adopted her. It wasn't long after she came in the house that my husband and I figured out we were both sneaking food out to her while telling each other if we just ignored her she'd find a good home with one of the neighbors we had two cats and 3 dogs and just didn't need any more family!! Silly US! It was quite awhile after the name Groucho stuck that we realized that he ...was a she...but Groucho just stuck and I think she likes it! She's our very special kitty! Sometimes I refer to her as my hubby's heartattack cat!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Why am I called Groucho if I'm a Gal???

March 3rd 2007 5:44 am
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I'm a Groucho becasue of my little mustache ...and I'm funny and I do grouch alot at mom. I grouch at her about everything she does or doesn't do..Keeping an eye on her is my job and meow meow meow grouching is how I let her know I love her. .....Most of the time mom calls me Groucho Sweetie...but I like the least I answer to it. Mom calls Groucho and I come a running. Before I actually lived here ...way back when I'd just come up to daddy when he was sitting on the porch I'd walk up grouching meow meow meow meow and mom and dad didn't even know if I was a gal or a boy...they called me the time I'd proved I'd be friends with Rickie Doodles and Lucky Ducky and I talked them in to letting me live the name had stuck! I like it...not many gals called Groucho...kinda makes me a oner....MOL

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