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I'm the New Little Boy in the House!

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I'm eating!

March 29th 2008 1:30 pm
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Guess what happened last night? I ate! I hadn't eaten since Monday. That special wet food from the vet dude enticed me into eating. The teenager force fed me in the afternoon, and the second time she did that I wanted more and ate from the bowl. I'm not interested in water just yet, but the food has enough water in it that Mom's not worried.

My energy level isn't the same, but I did a little walking around and checking to make sure no one moved any furniture, things like that. I checked the garage and sat on Mom's car, she had just washed it and I left my prints and she didn't even care.

After breakfast this morning I jumped up and walked completely around the island and even sat my bottom down. Mom didn't chase me! But she did whip out the 409.

My eyes are pretty much open like they should be, but they are still irritated. My face is kind of icky cuz of the goopy eye ointment, but I won't let anyone clean me either. I put up a major fuss when it's time for my meds, but they get me in this tight position almost like a choke hold and they get the deed done.

Nana and Grandpa, my auntie, and my Dad (he's on a business trip) have been calling everyday, sometimes twice a day to get an update on me, now Mom has good news to tell them. Mom and the teenager got me some new toys last night, but for now I let Lily play with them.

The teenager isn't feeling well, so we're going to hang out in the family room, she's going to be a couch potato and I'm just going to sleep. Maybe I'll play later, maybe I'll just get more rest.

Love - Dylan


I have to go back to the Vet Dude today!

March 28th 2008 11:46 am
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The vet's office called Mom this morning and wanted to know if I was getting better. I'm still not eating and so far today I won't drink water either, so I have to go back at 4pm. Mom says it's time for them to do something else, but at this point I don't really care, I just want to sleep.



I feel so sick!

March 27th 2008 2:59 pm
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I had to go back to the vet dude yesterday because now my other eye was infected. They said I had a high fever of 105, I had lost a whole pound and I have a viral infection and that’s why my eyes are irritated. But irritated doesn’t really describe how they look, my face is swollen, my eyes are draining and they hurt, the third eye (lining) is pink and puffy and covering half of my eyeball! My face basically looks like my human brother’s leg when he fell off his skateboard, raw! They gave me a shot for pain, and one for antibiotics and liquid medicine drops that taste like burnt oranges.

I can’t see very well with one eye, but I can see Mom’s face look like she wants to cry whenever she checks me. She’s so sad, and she has to say a prayer to give me my eye drops and my liquid drops. See, she can’t handle gross stuff too well, and she says “I’m sorry Dylan” whenever it’s medicine time.

This morning I had another car ride back to the vet dude, my temp was normal, and one eye is a little better, but the other is still pretty yucky. I have tried to eat but I throw it up, but I’m keeping water in me here and there. Mom was worried that I was dehydrated and the vet dude said I was border line, so they gave me a shot. When they brought me out to Mom I was very mad and let them know it. I hissed and snarled and showed them my pearly whites.

Basically I’m sleeping and looking miserable. But I’m being well taken care of and I hope I feel good soon and look much better than I do now.

There’s tons of treats on my Catster page, and I found some rosettes too! My friends are very special to me and knowing they care makes my heart happy!

Purrs - Dylan


My Eye Hurts

March 25th 2008 7:33 pm
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Yesterday my eye got irritated and sore. It kept dripping water like I was crying, and it bothered me a lot. Mom kept watching me, and it got worse by this morning, so she and the teenager took me to our vet doctor. They told Mom I had a fever, whoa, I didn’t know I had one of those but apparently I did. I feel pretty cruddy and I want to eat but I change my mind as soon as I see my food in front of me. The vet dude put a drop of green liquid in my eye and turned the light out and put a weird light in my face. He was looking for a scratch on my eye but he couldn’t find anything like that. So I have an infection of some sort.

This vet dude leaves the room and sends a woman with a tube, yikes, I knew I wasn’t going to like that, so I started growling, hissing and spitting. Mom grabbed me real quick and held on to me while that woman put her whole hand around my neck and head in one swift move, put an ointment in my eye, and left as quickly as she came in. I heard that vet dude tell Mom and the teenager we had to repeat the ointment twice a day. I guess I won’t give them too hard a time cuz I want to feel better, see better and EAT!

Meooooow - Dylan


We have a Tree now!

December 5th 2007 6:53 pm
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My family put up the Christmas tree last night, and even though this is my second Christmas, all the decorating was new to me. Last year they were traveling a lot and I was only four months old so we didn’t have a Christmas tree. I guess they didn’t trust me, and wanted to keep me safe.

So as the decorations came out of the million boxes Mom keeps, I decided to take a nap upstairs. The teenager put on Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs, and she worked on the tree and Mom put up all these “things” all over the house.

A few hours later, all the commotion was over, and I went in the living room to check on things. Burbank had taken her spot under the tree, and suddenly I get swooped up into the teen’s arms. She wanted to show me something I missed earlier, but at the same time a loud clinging and clanging noise filled my little furry ears. It was way too loud for me and things under the tree were moving, and it certainly wasn’t Burbank! I jumped out of her arms and up in the air, and flew as fast as I could to get out of there. Yes, I flew, and when I landed I was in another room, so as I’m running up the stairs I hear the teen and Mom laughing so hard that the teen got the hiccups, and Dad came in to see what happened. They told him, and then I learned that the reason they were laughing hysterically is that when I was in mid air, I was imitating a spider called “daddy long legs”. My legs were all outstretched in different directions and curled at the same time. Okay I know this looses something in the translation, but Mom said it was “priceless”. She also suggested to the teenager to “never put the train on again when Dylan is in the room”!!!


Accidents do Happen!

December 4th 2007 10:32 am
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Recently Mom had surgery, she said it was an out-patient thing, and I knew something was up. I’m very close to Mom, okay, I’m spoiled and her baby boy, so having said that…they had left before daylight, and Dad brought her home around dinnertime. Mom has this thing called premonition, and I guess I have it too since we’re so close, and knowing something was wrong made me do something I’ve never done before…I pooped in Dad’s office! I’ve never pooped in the house at all! If he had closed the door I wouldn’t have gone in there in the first place. Auntie thinks I knew something was wrong and that I acted on it. Mom and Dad had been scared in the days before and when she came home she was very uncomfortable. I’m thinking subconsciously I was mad at Dad for taking Mom that morning.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dad helped Mom in and helped her sit on the couch, then Dad walks in his office to put down his keys, blackberry, jacket, all those manly things that I wish I could have, then he walks back over to Mom to check on her, and again walked back towards the office. That’s when Mom yelled “stop!”, and typical of Dad, he keeps walking. He finally did when Mom said “check your shoes”. At first he thought Mom was still high on drugs, then it hit him when he saw the “poopie prints”. His face was comical when he saw where the trail started…right in the middle of his office!

Lucky for Dad, he had to go get medicine, but the teenager who normally gags at the thought of poopie stuff took control. She grabbed the bottle of miracle stuff Mom uses when Burb brings up hairballs in the house and tracked each “poopie print” and erased them one at a time. Even though the teenager did a good job, the next morning the carpet guy brought his noisy machine and cleaned up once again. She couldn’t pick me up, but Mom told me everything was okay, and that I was precious. I know that woman loves me mucho, but I think she was still doped up. I love you too Mom!


Oh, by the way, I’ve never pooped in the house again!


I've been updated!

December 4th 2007 1:17 am
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I can't believe it's been almost a whole dang year since I wrote in my diary. Boy do I have lots to tell too.

Today the teenager locked me in the linen closet by accident, but she didn't know I went inside. When Mom came upstairs she saw Lily laying on her side in front of the door. I kept telling her to go get someone, but she just laid there looking at me with one eye under the door, duh! Mom knew something was up so I got rescued, but not before I managed to knock things over and re-arrange things a bit, hehehe...

Then I stole another roll of toilet paper. See, I have this fetish, I have to chew paper and spit it out and make a mess. The only thing is I have to do it real fast because someone always catches me and takes it away.

Oh yah, Mom finally updated my Catster page, so now anyone that's interested can see how I look now that I'm grown. Mom said that I have my winter coat on, but it doesn't look anything like hers!

See ya!
Love - Dylan


My Latest Antics

December 20th 2006 10:01 am
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Well, Mommy is finally home and not having what she calls jet lag. Man, that?s bad stuff, I hope I never get it. She was a grump for days, and acted just like Burbank when I want to play with her and she snips at me. Even the teen didn?t want to be around Mommy. Good thing Daddy snapped out of it quick, I don?t think I could have dealt with two grumpy parents at the same time. The only thing I don?t understand is everyone got souvenirs but us kitties, that?s not fair.

Okay, this is what I was up to while Mommy was gone for ten days. She left the teen and the young adult in charge of us. That was okay, but we didn?t get fresh meals as often as Mommy gives us. Pearl sucks up the water so we can?t get much, so a note was on the fridge to constantly fill our water dishes. Thanks Mommy! When the teen came home from school she gave us a lot of attention, but she also witnessed me bugging Burb. She snitched though when Mommy called home one night and told her I was being mean to Burb and constantly attacking her. I kept getting sprayed with the water bottle, but the teen quickly learned that I don?t pay attention to getting sprayed. It doesn?t bother me, hehehe! I don?t remember the incident, but she also told Mommy that I bothered Burb so much one night that she had to pull Burb off of me cuz she was going to kill me. Yikes, I musta been real bad. For some reason that moment escapes me?

I snuck into the young adult?s bedroom and ate the fancy tag off of her new purse. She found the teeth marks I left on the pretty strap too. Mommy?s door was closed all the time, that?s a ?kitties are not allowed room? anyway so that was no big deal. She says there?s too many temptations in there for me. The girls had to put all the small trash cans out of sight because I was caught digging for things, and then I eat the paper and tissues, and anything soft. I make messes and dumb me, I left traces to be cleaned up.

Those picture frames in the living room fall like dominoes, and I haven?t been caught doing it so far because I?m a fast runner. The teen and Mommy wasn?t too happy when Daddy decided not to put the Christmas tree up when they came back from vacation. They are too worried about me eating something that can hurt me. Apparently they are leaving again and I?m not trusted with the tree temptations. Lily almost killed herself last year, and they want to make sure I stay safe. I don?t know the story but Lily won a first place award last year on her Sibling Rivalry group. Thanks Lily, you had to ruin it for me, didn?t you!

So I have a new name now - ?trash can digger?. Mommy actually heard me knock the little can over and caught me shredding a tissue. She laughed because while she was pulling the little pieces from my mouth I was purring. Now how can she be mad when I?m acting so cute? She can?t! She didn?t even get mad when I scratched her. Sorry Mommy!

Yesterday I scared Mommy. She was alone in the house and she heard weird noises in Daddy?s office. I had climbed behind his desk and fell asleep in a ball against the wall. Apparently I make noises when I sleep, as if I was sighing or moaning. I?m a restless sleeper too.

This morning when Mommy woke up she found I had gotten in the linen closet. I couldn't resist shredding the roll of paper towels in there. It's the girl's fault - they left the door open last night!

My latest antic is unrolling the toilet paper and letting it continue to unroll as I run out of the bathrooms and into the halls. Wheeeee...

I?m getting tired remembering all this stuff, but I?m sure there?s more to come. Mommy, I have to tell you now, you?re not going to get that red Santa hat on me, and you?re not going to take my picture with it either!



My House

October 20th 2006 9:46 am
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I've decided I really like my new home, I've been here awhile now and I've made friends with my kitty sisters. Pearl is the only one that won't spend any time with me, Mommy suspects she musta "put me in my place" because I don't pester her like I do Lily and Burbank. Lily will bath me and sometimes we nap together, but she doesn't like it when I turn around and bite her on the ears.

I get special food that's just for kittens, but I run into the other room when I'm done and finish what my sisters left. I think they like to leave me a little something cuz they don't know I'm being fed in the kitchen. This morning I got busted when the teenager found me, of course she snitched but Mommy didn't get mad. Then they watched me do the "waddle walk", hehe!

There's alot of toys here and I have them scattered all over the place. The windows always have tons of sunlight so I lay in the sun spots whenever I want, and when they go away I sleep wherever my little paws tucker out.

There is one thing I don't like...the CLIPPERS! Those silver metal snippers are my worst enemy. It took Mommy and the teenager a long time to trim my kitty nails cuz I put up a good fight. Now I don't get snagged on everything I touch, but I still don’t like getting them cut, not one bit!



I know what's going on!

October 19th 2006 11:57 am
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I'm not dumb. Every morning after breakfast and after we've all hung around together downstairs playing or wrestling and sunning at the sliding door, I find myself all alone. (:

Mommy is always here and there, and so is the teen, but my kitty sisters all hide from me when it's time for my first kitty nap. They used to sleep downstairs but not anymore, I wonder why?

While I was sitting on Daddy's lap last night I heard Mommy tell him that Lily, Pearl, and Burbank all hide upstairs all day and don't come down till dinnertime. They're either extremely lazy or they don't like me anymore. On second thought...they're just lazy.


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