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MY name is Ming

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3rd anniversary at the bridge

October 8th 2010 3:21 pm
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Mom has been down today and she keeps remembering how I came to the bridge, I do not blame her in anyway, she is the one who gave me wings,she is the one who told me to go, she is the one who loved me enough to let me fly.

I miss my mom so much, I don't regret coming to the bridge, but I do miss my mom very much.

I am sad for all the other mommy and daddies that have lost loved furones this year.

But mom we are having a great time just chillin and grooven, we now have Louis here and he is teaching us all how to sing to our spoon.

Of course my two besties are here too MauMau and Simba.

I love you momma and keep an eye out for the shooting stars K?

I better go Buddy is trying to teach the newbies how to go into a dive by folding there wings in, it is usually a pretty funny sight.

Love you mom

Love forever and always


Justice for Eve

February 17th 2010 12:35 pm
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My dear furrend Scarlet posted a most important diary entry. She is so articulate that I "stole" it and am reporting it too. Please dear furrends, it is very important that Angel Eve's death not be in vain.

From our dear Angel Scarlett:

All the Bridge Angels were celebrating today because the Cat's Meow featured our darling Angel Eve!!! Her story has touched the hearts of caring people around the world. Quite an accomplishment for one little kitten!

Meowmy wanted me to post an update. She and Mommy Terry, along with friends and supporters of Eve's, have written to the government officials mentioned below. As of today, they have received a total of 0 responses. It seems Eve's mommies and their furriends are being ignored by those in a position to help improve the situation at Okefenokee Humane Society.

In Eve's memory, all the Bridge Angels are asking any of you who can to contact these people, asking for an inquiry into Eve's case and conditions at OHS. If enough voices are raised, perhaps we will be heard. We'll be sprinkling angel dust for luck!!!

Tommy Irvin, GA State Agriculture Commissioner:

Mary Green, Head of Animal Protection at GA Dept.of Agriculture
(Note: The email link is no longer working. Perhaps a FAX or phone call would be even more effective.)
Tele: (404) 656-4914
Fax: (404) 463-8195


Knead on Calvin!

October 26th 2009 1:58 pm
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Calvin one of the funniest and happy cats in Catster land has come to bridge, and we welcome him with open paws.

While there are leaking eyes on earth, we are rejoicing at the bridge to welcome him, and others that have come today and the really really neat thing about the bridge is that there is no time, so it seems like just a whisker twitch until our Family comes to get us,

Knead on Calvin.

Love MingMing


another pet food recall please pass it on

May 21st 2009 12:45 pm
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Nutr o Products Announces Voluntary Recall of Limited Range of Dry Cat Food Products (May 21)
Thu, 21 May 2009 13:07:00 -0500

The cat food is being voluntarily recalled in the United States and ten additional countries. This recall is due to incorrect levels of zinc and potassium in our finished product resulting from a production error by a US-based premix supplier.


MAU!!!! MAU!!!! MAU!!!! MAU!!!

June 30th 2008 8:24 pm
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Where is Mau Mau, oh Mau Mau where are you????

I miss you My MauMau.

and my momma misses chatting with you.....

Love MingMing


I am outraged

June 25th 2008 9:38 pm
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*ming stomps paw and swishes pig tail*

Can you believe the nerve of some kitty's my besty Simba has been here at the bridge for barely a month and some kitty's are uncorraling her, why would some kitty's do that, please explain this to me.

Well, I would never uncoral a kitty just becasue they came to the bridge.

Simba we love you and you will always be my furiend and always in my corral.

Love MingMing

PS To MyMauMau, thank you for the heart, and yes I would love to play beach ball with you.

PSS to my mommy yes that was me sending the butterflies today


My new friend at the bridge

June 18th 2008 6:46 pm
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Have my besty friend here on earth her name is Shyla she is my brofur Whiggers furever Girlfuriend they are purrfect for each other, I miss her terribly we used to chat and play on catster all the time.

Then I have my new besty up here Simba, we have lots of fun, chasing butterflies and buggies, and swooping and playing.

I have my Guardian Angel Brofur (he is the best brofur we came here on the same day !!!!) his name is Kiki and he is so swell, he has bbq's at his cabin, and he lets me fish anytime i want in his river, and he watches out for me.

Now my new furiend is MauMau (yes isn't it cool his name is alot like mine two names but the same get it MOL?) so anyway he is a very handsome siamese snow shoe kit, and he was a ranch kitty, so we get to go and watch the sheep and goats up here at the bridge, and then we can even chase the chickens MOL and not get into trouble.

Well I better go find MauMau it seems he is hiding, so I guess we are playing hide and seek. MOL MOL, I bet he is behind that cloud *Ming flies off toward clouds*

Love MingMing


Lucky Boo

June 16th 2008 7:57 pm
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Oh Lucky Boo, our heart is breaking for your momma.

She is in our purayers, and I am so thankful you are my furiend, you purred for me when I was sick and you purred for my momma when I came here

There is no better family than our catster family, hugs to your momma.

Welcome to the bridge Lucky Boo, Simba is right over there and so many of your other friends, we will show you how to send a shooting star so your momma knows that you are thinking of her.

Head butts and hugs to you and your mom

Love MingMing


Best Furiends day!!!!

June 8th 2008 9:30 am
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I have so many besties Simba, Shyla, MrMauMau, Kiki, Buddie I love all of you.

Happy Best Furiends Day!!!

And JOY JOY to all of you.

Love MingMing



June 6th 2008 10:11 pm
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Mom and I have started on the book dealing with pet loss, anyone who wants to contribute please email me at, and mom will email you back a list of questions, to help you remember things, but in no way are you bound by this, we want everyone to share as much or as little as the want to.

We are furry excited about this, and feel there is a need for this book.

Anyone who has lost their best friend can help us out, there will be a section from the human side and how hard it is to lose a friend, and how difficult it is to make the decision to help us to the bridge.

There will be a section from the Pets side on how they feel, about the issue.

There will also be a section on how to help children cope with the loss of a pet.


Thank you so furry much

Love MingMing

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