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What they did to me!

I'm an angel now....

June 23rd 2010 10:13 am
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After my sisfur Cinder went to the bridge in January 2009, we found out she had FeLV. Mom had the rest of us tested and I was also FeLV+, although Horus and Blackie were safe. It's been about a year and a half since Cinder left, and now I have joined her. That nasty FeLV did it's number on my body so my humans helped me to the bridge on Saturday to join Cinder and Rose. Thank you to all of my friends for the stars and presents, it really comforted mom to know that so many people care.

Angel purrs,


I got tagged back!!!

November 5th 2008 7:01 pm
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My friend Catmander Teal'C tagged me back! So here I go again:

I've been tagged by Catmander Teal'C.....
It that time of year where we all sit around and think about the things that we are most Thankful for. So List 5 things that you are most Thankful for! Then go and Tag 5 other friends!!

1.) I'm thankful for all of the members of our Armed Forces, risking their lives to keep ours safe.
2.) I'm thankful for all of the rescue groups and no-kill shelters keeping homeless furbabies safe.
3.) I am thankful for Bonito flakes!
4.) I am thankful that we don't have to eat C/D cat food anymore!
5.) I am thankful for all the humans taking care of feral colonies so the outdoor kitties are warm fed.

Here are the 5 friends that I've tagged!

1.) Zoe #319120
2.) Mackenzie #347179
3.) Hazel Lucy #64639
4.) Amigo #267395
5.) Bosco #332574


I've been Turkey Tagged!!

November 5th 2008 4:33 pm
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It that time of year where we all sit around and think about the things that we are most Thankful for. So List 5 things that you are most Thankful for! Then go and Tag 5 other friends!!

1.) I'm thankful for my family, human and four-footed.
2.) I'm thankful for my human brother, serving our country in the United States Marine Corps.
3.) I am thankful that mom promises not to bring home any more cats!
4.) I am thankful for Catster/Dogster and all of the friends we have made here.
5.) I am thankful that we live in the best country in the world, the United States of America!

Here are the 5 friends that I've tagged!

1.) Catmander Teal'C #334438
2.) Spike #884756
3.) Smudge #56453
4.) Sabian #701000
5.) Lakoda #591476


I was tagged by Ruby!!

June 3rd 2008 1:53 pm
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I was tagged by Ruby! Here are the rules:
I get to tell five GREAT things about myself and then tag and list five of my furriends and ask them to do the same. And don't furget to notify the five kitties/pooches that you tagged them! *giggles*

The five FUrtastic facts about me are :

1) I now have to deal with a puppy the humans brought home (what were they thinking?)

2) I slapped the aforementioned puppy on the nose - twice - for getting too close when I didn't want him to. ;)

3) I don't much care for my brofur Horus, but when he yells when meowmie gives him his medicine or cuts his nails, I defend him by biting her!

4) I love bonito flakes!!!!

5) I defend the top level of my tower (yes, it's mine!) with teeth and claws - all in fun (for me!!) of course!

I am now tagging:

1) Monster Marvin Muffin Face

2) Sebastian (Silly Sab)

3) Mawse from Montana

4) Orca the Killer Kitten

5) Marie

I hope you kits can play!



Kissmouse Game - I got tagged!

December 18th 2007 6:33 am
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By Vinnie. You're supposed to list five things you want for Christmas and then tag five friends to list their five wishes for Christmas.

I'm with Vinnie and Cole, mousies are for eating, not kissing!

My wishes:

1. For Horus and Cinder to stop eating all of my food.

2. Lots of ponytail holders to play with.

3. Glazed donuts.

4. To check out the world outside the door without being dragged back inside!

5. For all of our troops at home and abroad to know how appreciated they are, and to be safe and sound.

I'm tagging

Sebastian (Silly Sab)
Hazel Lucy
Princess Nikki


My Human Brother the Marine is Home!

October 6th 2007 7:28 pm
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Meowmie, daddy and Abby left me & Cinder home alone for almost four days! this nice man came and took care of us every day, but our family wasn't here. They came home today and Caleb was with them! I haven't seen him in three months! he was somewhere they called boot camp (why would a boot go camping, and why did Caleb have to go with them?) He looked the same, but different too. He walks different and talks a little different. he's only going to be home for ten days and then he has to leave again. Meowmie says he has to go to a special Marine school now. We don't know when we'll see him again after he leaves this time, so I'll have to spend time with him while he's here now, getting in some good ankle biting so he remembers home! I put his picture on my page, I hope the Catster cat doesn't mind. We are all so proud of him!



Some sisfur she is.......

August 1st 2007 3:56 pm
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SO we were getting along pretty well, and meowmie thought she got lucky that Cinder was healthy and wasn't in the shelter long enough to pick up a URI. Then she started sneezing. Just a little on here and there, nothing to worry about it seemed. Then no sneezing, so this is good, right? WRONG! The day after she stopped sneezing, she starts sneezing big time, blowing kitty boogers everywhere! And of course now I start sneezing! The vet said to only bring in Cinder. She prescribed zithromax ($$ can you say ka-ching?$$) and gave meowmie enough for both us. Meowmie told the vet how much I weigh, and the vet said "give Cinder this amount and Onyx this amount". Well, Cinder started getting better, but I was getting worse! Sneezing, runny nose, loss of appetite, etc. SO meowmie looks up this zithromax stuff and finds out that I should be getting TWICE what the vet said! Meowmie was SOOO mad! She wanted to bring us both in, but the vet said no need since Cinder was the one who brought the germs in. Why did she tell us the wrong amount of medicine? I'm getting the right dosage now, and I am feeling much better, My appetite has improved and I even came out of hiding to run around with Cinder a little. Meowmie is changing vets (I've never been to this one since we just moved). The NEW new vet is kind of hard to get to by public transportation with a kitty in a carrier, but they were really good with Rose (whose blood tests came back good, but beginning to show changes in kidney function) so meowmie thinks they may be the place for us. Anyhow, that what I get for not knocking that little brat to the other side of the house and playing with her!



Okay, so she's not all that bad....

July 22nd 2007 10:24 am
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It's been a little over a week, and I guess I can live with my new sisfur. We actually play a lot at night, chasing each other through the house. She eats a lot, though. I'm a nibbler, and I like to eat a little and then go back and eat a little more, you get the picture. Cinder, on the other hand, eats all of her food and then comes after mine! Meowmie started feeding us smaller amounts three times a day to get me to eat more. Plus, she kinda forgot (shame on you, meowmie!) that little kittend need to eat more often, so it works for both of us. I'm eating again, and she doesn't have to scarf down everything in front of her (although she tries!).

Cinder has been sneezing a little, so meowmie is wondering whether to let it run it's course or take her to the vet tomorrow to check it out. She is more concerned with me catching her cold than with Cinder getting really sick, so she's kind of stuck trying to decide whether to see how it goes or taking a preemptive strike. Cinder is eating, drinking, and active, so that's good. Cinder and I are both really bad about taking medicine, and I am really bad with the vet, so it's hard for her to decide what to do. Is she being a worrywart? She's like this with her human kids, too.

Anyway, we're getting along really well! It's fun to have someone to chase and be chased by, and I've only attacked meowmie's leg once since Cinder came along. I still bite the hand that pets me or picks me up unwanted, so no worries about me becoming a softie! I guess she was right that I bit out of boredom. I still think it's fun to bite, though!

Meowmie made a page for Rose, the building cat. She is a sweet cat to hear people talk about her. Go pay her a visit! She'd like that.

I guess that's it for now. Any advice is appreciated, and thanks to Horus for reminding me to update my diary!

Purrs, Onyx


I got a new sisfur!

July 13th 2007 5:34 pm
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Meowmie and my human sister went to Animal Care & Control today to look for a sisfur or brofur for me. When they in to look at the kitties, She was in one of those wire carrying cages they use to transport animals from one place to another, under another cage. They spotted her right off, but there were so many people in the small room that they had to wait to get to see her. There were soooo many black kitties! There were three other kittens, and whole bunch of b&w adults, but they wanted to see her before making a decision. When they finally got to see her, it was love at first sight! Don't ask me why she was so special (I'm suspicious of her) but she was the one they had to have. She had just been spayed yesterday, so they would be able to take her home right away. They wrote down her number, and went downstairs to formalize the adoption. When their turn came up, they were told that the kitty chose was scheduled for a mobile adoption unit event the next and that they couldn't take her. Meowmie & Abby were so upset! The lady went to talk to her surpervisor, who at first just told us when & where the mobile unit would be so we could go there if we wanted her, or we could back upstairs and look. Meowmie was very upset - what if someone else adopted her before they could get there? Although they would ahve loved to take home every homeless kitty, they couldn't, and this was the one who grabbed thier hearts. I guess the lady felt sorry for them and talked to her supervisor again who in turn talked to the lady in charge of the event and they were allowed to adopt the kitty they chose! They stopped by Petco on the way home to get her a litter box (she can't use regular litter because of her incision) and her own food and water dishes (in case we fought over those things), and a fur mouse. WHen they got home with her, I didn't know what to think! I sniffed at her, and I hissed (just a little) but I held back and no violence ensued. This scrawny little thing jumped out of her box and started exploring MY HOUSE! I followed her around, and she steered clear of me. she's hissed at me a few times, but no claws have come out. I'm keeping an eye on her, and meowmie is going keep us in separate rooms tomorrow when she goes out, but so far we don't actually hate each other.


Bobble Head Brigade

June 2nd 2007 8:19 am
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I am called Bobble these days. My meowmie took me to the new Petco in Brooklyn to be groomed and they said they were going to give me a lion cut to get rid of my knots and make me more comfortable in the heat. I look like a bobble head toy now! Once I got over the initial shock of being practically naked I gave them all a few good bites! They have already promised never to do it again, but in the meanwhile they are calling me Bobble. The upside is that I look so skinny now they are giving me double rations!

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