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Bud of the Day! Kittybunga!

September 25th 2008 10:46 am
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Wow, I just found out that I am bud of the day for Navin and Buds Group. I have to admit I have been moping around and feeling sorry for myself a lot lately. My big brother passed away just a few weeks ago and I still miss him even though he used to pick on me all the time. Now more than ever, I have been relying on my younger sister Blue Belle and of course Mom to cheer me up. The day after Toonce went to the Rainbrow Bridge, Mom took me and Blue Belle for our bath at Pet Food Express. We get to share the bath tub there and take the bath at the same time. After we were dry, mom then took us to this really awesome park. I got to walk in the bushes, chase a squirrel and a lizard. It was fun; we walked for about 40 minutes. I was tired when I got home and slept for a long time. Now its a regular thing to go on walks with my younger sister and to go to the park at least a few times a week. I am getting over my brother's death little by little. Oh, and mom lets me see my next door neighbor Nick anytime I want too. All I have to do is to crawl under the fence and in through the doggie door! Oh boy! Well it looks like I get to enjoy being bud of the day today and feel all special. Boy do I have lots to chat to mom about and to my neighbor!


Happy Birthday to Me!

February 8th 2008 10:01 am
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Wow! It has almost been 1 year since I last wrote a diary entry! Well I'm an old cat now, not as old as Toonces, but I'm getting there! I still play like a kitten sometimes especially with q-tips.
My baby sister and I had fun yesterday all alone together while Toonces was gone at the vet's. It was nice not having him beat me up for acting acting silly! He's back now and I think he is feeling better. He had a urinary track infection? Anyway his pee pee hurt him. I hope that never happens to me! He gets to eat his own special diet and I love to sneak a few bites here and there! It's so yummy! Anyway, gotta go now!


Oh has it been a long time....................

April 2nd 2007 8:13 pm
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Well I've been so busy lately with my mommy. I've been helping her build a website. ( It's been pretty fun and mom posted some pics of us on the site so we can be celebrities. Blue Belle helped more than I did, because she got sleep under the desk while mom worked. She's going to try to start her own business. It's her dream and I'm going to stand by her side and help her. She has always wanted to work for herself most of her life and has always worked for somebody while that somebody got to make the buck from her hard work. Now she can do the hard work and get credit for it. The website that she just finished is just a practice site. She has 3 more that she plans to build, one for my uncle Bill who has a mobile pet grooming business in South Carolina, one for Dad so that he can get into the alternative energy thing, and one for mom for her macrobiotic stuff. Her site is called I like that name a lot. I hope I get to be on that site too like the one she just made. Anyway that's what I've been up to, and oh, playing with Blue Belle's beautiful bushy tail!


I'm turning 3 tomorrow!

February 7th 2007 8:59 pm
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Well tomorrow I turn 3 years old! It seems like yesterday that I was just a little scared kitten. I had so much distrust of all people. I thought they were all going to kick or stomp on me. Mom sure changed that for me. She never gave up on me even though I bit her and daddy and acted like such a wild cat. She was always the same to me. Mom has always been so sweet to me and I totally trust her.
One of my birthday wishes came true. I wanted her scan to be good and make her happy and that seems to have happened. I'm so thankful for all the sweet people and kitties, and doggies who prayed for my mommy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think I will sleep next to mommy's ear tonight and purr into her ear until she falls asleep and then I will help her get ready in the morning as usual.


Mommy needs prayers!!!!!!

February 1st 2007 7:54 pm
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I'm so worried about my mommy. I can just tell that she isn't feeling herself today and she isn't eating that much either. I went over to the fridge and cried and cried so that hopefully she would go over and open it, she went over a few times while I was crying and kept telling me to shut up. I lean into when she pulls out the water.
As soon as she goes to sleep, I'm going to sleep next to her and purr in her ear.
Me and Blue Belle are both convinced that she is sick. We both followed her everywhere she is at home. We think she is worried and daddy seems to be worried too, and this make us worry. Toonces doesn't seem as worried. He said that he's been through this many times, he keeps telling us about worse situations than right now. I can't imagine that. Although I remember this one time when she screamed and cried and all these people with flashing lights came and picked her up in this rolling bed! But yes, something is happening to my mommy.
We both keep hearing about some sort of PET/CT Scan on Sat. We heard her and daddy talk about it, and hug each other. They have done this alot in the past week. I go over each time and lean into them to give them my own hug. I heard them say that if the cancer has shrunk then she stays on this drug which doesn't make her hair fall out, but does seem to make her sick sometimes and makes her itch. If the cancer is gone, then she is back in remission and mommy will all better. I hope that's what happens.
Toonces says that mommy has been going through since Aug. (kemoteropee)I think that's what he said. Blue Belle told me that when daddy drives away with her and mommy that they both drop her off at this huge white building. She is there for several hours and then daddy takes Blue Belle to the dog park and then back home. They go to pick her up later on and then mommy sleeps the rest of the day.
Anyway, I want my mommy to be better and to live a long time.


It's Raining Again!

December 12th 2006 9:00 am
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How I love the rain! It so neet to see all those fun little ripples in the puddles. I just want to jump right in and pat at the fun water and catch all those drops. It's been kind of sad for me lately because Toonce has been picking on me like crazy and Blue Belle just wants to lick my butt ALL THE TIME. She gets too involved with that and won't stop. I cry and mom comes over and tells her to stop, but when she is at work, both of them pick on me. If I try to play with my curler, Blue Belle thinks I want to wrestle and she runs over to me and then runs over me and it makes me run and she is fast! I can't outrun her but I can jump up high on the cat tree. I can't jump on the table or counter tops because mommie won't let me and I know I'm bad if I do that and I don't want to be bad. At least it's raining and I can play outside while Toonces and Blue Belle stay inside. They both don't like getting wet so much so it's really a good thing that it's raining. Sometime birds will come down to try to play with me and I can catch them. Anyways, gotta go play in those puddles!


Caught a Bird...It got away...

November 18th 2006 12:47 am
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Well today, I finally caught another bird. I decided that I would very much like to enjoy my bird and torture it to death while watching TV. I brought the bird inside and Blue Belle flipped out and started crying. Not sure why, but she kept telling me I needed to let it go. I ignored her and just held the bird in my mouth. She wimpered and cried like she was the one that was hurt and she ran upstairs to go get Dad. Dad came downstairs and found me enjoying my bird on the floor. He freaked a little but Blue Belle seemed very upset and continued to wimper and demanded that I let the bird go. Dad didn't care, he just wanted me to get outside of the house with the bird. I got confused and dropped the bird. It flew up to the ceiling and kept bumping itself. It finally hit the ceiling and fell to the ground and I picked it up and ran through the kittie door. Blue Belle followed me and kept crying. She ran around hysterically and then bumped me with her nose finally and then I accidently dropped it and the bird got away. We both were mad at other the rest of the day. Finally when mom got home from work, she took both of us on a walk and we made up.


New Costume and the Intruder!!!!

November 1st 2006 11:32 am
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It's been a while since I updated you all. I had a really fun Halloween; I got to wear Toonces Pumpkin outfit because he simply can not fit in it and I look much better in it. Blue Belle tried it on and it was too small for her too and it fit me perfectly. My tummy just added more roundness to the costume. There weren't a whole lot of kids trick or treating much to my disappointment, I really wanted to show off my sportin costume. Check out my photo album for pics of my new costume.

Well this morning, I woke Mom and Dad up defending our home from an intruder trying to crawl through the kitty/doggie door from the back patio. Toonces was sound asleep and so was Blue Belle. At 4am this morning I was on patrol and noticed a brown tabby ferral cat who looked very suspicious trying to come through the door to my home. I smacked and growled at this intruder, so much so that I woke up mom and dad. Mom raced downstairs to see what was happening because she saw Toonces sleeping at the top of the stairs, she immediately knew that it couldn't have been the two of us bickering. Lucky for me, I was making extra sure that this intruder didn't make his way into our home. Mom came into the dining room to find me guarding the kitty/doggie door. She came over and pet me and she told me what a good kitty I was, and I was not phased at all. I just continued to growl at this unfearful cat in front of my mommie. Mom opened the patio door and chased the would be intruder off with a broom and then she locked up the kitty/doggie door until this morning. She gave me a piece of deli turkey and pet me and then told me how proud she was of me. I am a hero and daddy even said I was too! I'm a good kitty!


3 Walks today and a bunch this week!

October 15th 2006 10:16 pm
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Well now I know that all I have to do is pitch a fit when ever Blue Belle gets to go on a walk. Everytime mom grabbed the leash for Blue Belle I cried and got off the cat tree and ran for the front door. It was my special way of telling mom that I wanted to go on walk. Now my baby sister is better when we walk and doesn't punch me in the butt or face with her long nose.
The weekend is already over just like that. Mom did get us all some really good food and we'll see if this works on making me healthier and thinner. I don't know about the thinner part because Salmon is pretty yummy and hard to put down. It's by that company Nature's Variety. They make raw food or natural. Mom was giving me this stuff from the vet and it really wasn't that good. I have to loose 5 lbs. That's almost a whole cat. It seems to make me have more energy because I got to go on not 1, not 2, but 3 walks today. Well I gotta go chase my baby sister.


My chores! 1 more day till Friday!

October 5th 2006 8:54 am
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I have been waking up my mom every morning and helping her get ready in the bathroom. I sit in the bathroom while she showers and puts on her moisterizer and make-up. This is my ritual and I get to spend quality time with her. My baby sister sleeps in with Dad while she is getting ready. After she is done, we both go downstairs and I help her make coffee, feed my sister and brother and I eat my breakfast while she changes our waterbowls and gives us fresh water. My brother and I get to eat in peace while mom takes baby sister for her walk. Then I go upstairs and help dad get out of bed and get ready. Well gotta go, the birds are putting on a show for me and I get to play in the fresh rain puddles. It finally started raining! Check out my video soon! Mom will put it up tonight for all to watch. I love to play in the rain!

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