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Our longtime friend Skeezix has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

June 22nd 2013 3:28 pm
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Our hearts are saddened with the recent news that our longtime friend Skeezix has crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 6/18/13. We left the following tribute comment on his webpage today:


So many happy memories that we recall since we first met on the Innernet in 2006, and joined as original members of the Friend of Skeezix club. We were so honored to be a small part of your world. We would visit your website for our daily laugh (or our daily cry when one of your followers made the trip across the Bridge). We will never forget the wonderful movies that you made and we very much cherished, especially the one with you chasing Mao out of his cardboard box, and the JibJab movies of you dancing with Daisy the Curly Cat. Who could top the awesome birthday party that you coordinated on 9/12/06 when you had an entire cat community dancing together, and then playing games like "Pin the Tail on Mao" or hosting a wonderful hat contest (Kalin participated and wore a hat made of feathers). We remember that Kalin enjoyed some dances with Skeezix, and Shabby met a kitty that he adored -- Princess Ziporah. It was very fun and memorable.
You were the BEST at honoring the cats who made their trips across the Rainbow Bridge, with nice and heart-warming wishes on your homepage. It touched our hearts so much when you created a little tribute to our baby girl Kalin who crossed the Bridge on 1/13/09. That was so beautiful. I'm sorry that the best that we can do for you is leave this small tribute on your page, and also some angel wings on your Catster page. You have touched the lives of so many cats and people, and we especially are grateful that you thought of us as your friends.
May the Food Lady and Mr. Tasty Face be reminded of your constant presence in their lives with the Susan Faye drawings that we hope you enjoyed as a present from our family to yours.
Shabby will be eternally indebted to you for showing him how to wear a colorful and fashionable tuxedo.
We miss you and love you dearly like one of our own.

"Your family chain is broken,
And nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
The chain will link again."


My CatDad will be on da WIPEOUT tv show on ABC!

August 15th 2011 9:09 pm
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My CatDad will be on da WIPEOUT tv show on ABC (trying to win the grand prize of 50,000 feathers for the National Cat Protection Society and the Baja Animal Sanctuary)! Da one-hour (family contestants only) episode was filmed on 3 non-consecutive days: 5/9, 5/18, 5/27. Keep your paws crossed for us please and watch for us on 8/25/11 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC! Family spectators were allowed on dis particular episode, so watch for: Flat Skeezix, Gidget stuffed toy (Taco Bell chihauhau), fake Shabby cat, and fake Katie Tulip cat! =^..^=


7/11/11 - Caughts me anudder birdie and ates em

July 14th 2011 1:15 pm
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Today I caughts me anudder birdie in da back yard and ates em. I left his head and beak as a prezent for Catmom and Catdad.


Happy CatMoms' Day

May 7th 2011 9:55 pm
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Dis afternoon I helped CatDad find a perfect rose (from the backyard garden) to place in a water dish as an early CatMoms' Day present. I don't know why dey were laffing and laffing at me when, in da evening, I tot da soft rose petals would make a nice little snack for me.
Today CatDad finished making a copy of Flat Skeezix to take wif him to da Wipeout filming at Sable Ranch on 5/9/11. Flat Skeezix will join stuffed animal versions of me and Katie Tulip and Gidget da Taco Bell chihuahua as televised spectators in da bleachers.
Purr-ray dat CatDad wins as he will be donating all winnings to both National Cat Protection Society and Baja Animal Sanctuary (sister Katie Tulip's former home)!


It's my birfday tomorrow (3/29/11)

March 28th 2011 3:22 pm
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It's my birfday tomorrow (3/29/11) and I just found out dat I was NOM NOM nominated for Diary of Da Day (DOTD) last Saturday -- what a purr-fect present! I was so happy because I didn't know dat other kitties would be interested in me eating a little birdie! I also greatly appreciated all da support from da kitties when dey heard dat my younger sister Colonel Katie Tulip recommended my promotion to Ociffer rank. I have to make sure now dat I don't get demoted again.
My CatDad and CatMom bought me a sign for my birfday dat dey put in da backyard to warn all da little birdies in da future about me -- it says: "Caution -- Attack Cat on Duty", and it has a mug shot of me so dey know who da new Sheriff is in town now. I will post a photo for all my Catster friends. Purrs and rubs to all who left kind greetings! ^..^


I got promoted today and received a medal!

March 22nd 2011 10:55 am
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Today I officially gotz promoted in da household, getting a battlefield commission from Corporal to Lieutenant. I wuz recognized also with da highest medal (The Cat Medal of Honor)for using my stealth, cunning, and fat cat paws in capturing and totally eating a little birdie that had trespassed and invaded our backyard during my afternoon outdoor patrol. Cat Mom and Cat Dad told me though that I could get demoted again if I cause trouble and get in another cat fight with Colonel Katie Tulip.


I caughts a bird today and ate 'em

March 18th 2011 8:54 pm
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Today Cat Dad and Cat Mom were very proudz of me when I caughts a little bird in the back yard dis afternoon and den I took it upstairs to gobble 'em all up. Ate da whole bird. Beaks, fedders, legs, head, everything. Since I recently got promoted to Corporal in da household, and I've proven myself on cat patrol now, I tink I just might get my Sergeant stripes from Colonel Katie Tulip very soon! :-)


I got a new lion's cut shave yesterday (7/6/09)

July 7th 2009 10:52 am
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I had a spensive lion's cut yesterday (80 feathers for the shave + 115 feathers for the anesthesia = 195 feathers!)
I like my new designer boots and I still have my shabby tail which is nice.


"Shabby" Poem by Rebecca Strecker

June 8th 2009 5:37 pm
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Rebecca Strecker [ ] is a friend of all cats who has her own business composing poems, including poems about cats. She composed the following poem about me:

by Rebecca Strecker (6/7/09)

Nobody knows where I came from,
and I'm not about to tell.
It's a story I keep to myself,
but it turned out quite well.

I found myself where Rick works
and I know I was a mess.
I was hungry and so dirty---
I'll be the first to confess.

Then Rick took me home to Cyndi,
and much to their surprise
I became a handsome kitty,
right before their eyes.

I grew to be nineteen big pounds—
a friendly ball of love.
And fit into their happy home
like a hand fits in a glove.

They say I'm not intelligent,
but how dumb can I be
when I arranged for Rick to take me in
and be a Dad to me?

I have such simple tastes it's true.
Dry Friskies suits me fine.
And unlike other Maine Coon Cats
on richer foods I will not dine.

My older sister, Kalin
left for Rainbow Bridge this year.
And even though I cannot see her,
I feel that she is near.

My new sister Katie Tulip
is as shy as she can be.
Why I often wonder
do the lady cats avoid me?

I love my daily brushing
and I really must admit
that getting shaved on my rear end
makes it chilly where I sit.

If your watching something on TV,
I hope the show is long
for I love to sit upon your lap
where we both know I belong.

I guess I'm just a big dumb guy
who had one great idea:
to get rescued and live happily
with Cyndi and Rick Garcia.

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