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My Human is Such a Sucker

My Weird Morning Adventure

June 19th 2007 11:10 pm
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I had a real scary, confusing morning. It all started when I decided to see what was in the window by the kitchen table Mommy had a big fan in and then I was falling out of the window which was real scary. I had no idea where I was so I started to try to find my way back home but I must have gotten lost because I kept looking and looking and I don't know how long I looked but then I heard Mommy calling me so I went to where I could see her and sat down on the grass. I was real tired and scared and if Mommy wanted me she could come to me so I waited for her and I was so scared by everything I hissed at her when she knelt down to pet me and I growled when she carried me home. I wasted no time running for somewhere safe to hide.

Maya hissed and puffed up real big when she saw me. I guess I smelled weird or something. Mommy brought me food and water and a little while later she brought me some ham. That was good. Mommy let me rest for a while and then let me out of the bedroom and Maya hissed at me again so Mommy took me back into her room and shut the door.

I heard her doing something in the bathroom and then she picked me up and took me in and I heard that scary shower thing spraying something and I wanted to get away but Mommy wouldn't let me and I realized she was going to torture me and give me a bath! I cried real pitiful and loud by Mommy was really mean and washed me and then wrapped me in a towel so I couldn't get away and I was really, really unhappy but she finally let me go.

I'm better now. I must not smell funny to Maya anymore because she doesn't hiss at me and puff up real big. Mommy was real upset she didn't close the window I fell out of, which doesn't have something she calls a 'screen', before she went to bed and that she knew something was wrong when she put food in my and Maya's bowls and I didn't come running because I'm such a pig I always come out when there's food and she says she was real scared and is real, real glad she found me so quickly after she started looking. Maybe I'll sneak outside again sometime and scare her and I'll get more ham and yummy stuff.


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