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Home:San Francisco Bay Area, CA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 10 lbs.

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stinky baby, stinky one, little stinky, stinky, stinky-kins

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

May 14th 2006


making stinkies wherever she goes

new female kitten buddies at home :(

Favorite Toy:
bright orange foam ear plugs, paper and plastic bags, mouse-y furry toys that roll or wiggle, tubey thingy on a stick, binder clips, toilet paper rolls

Favorite Nap Spot:
middle of the sofa where the cushions all meet

Favorite Food:
anything edible! this one's a little piggie

making extreme stinkies


Arrival Story:
went to the sf spca to adopt 2 little furries (aka kittens)! stinky came along with me so that he could help me choose and to help me bring them home with his car. last week i had swung by to just visit, so i already knew from which group of kittens i wanted to revisit/play with. there was 't-bone', a ~2lb black medium-haired domestic boy kitty about 3 months old with a roommate similar in appearance. t-bone was the first kittie i held when i got there this day, and i knew i wanted to take him home because he was somewhat playful when held, and he gave me a kiss/sniff when he smelled my face :D the other kittie was 'talia', of about the same age but black-brown short-haired domestic and female. she was also a bit smaller. she was just so teeny and cute, especially in comparison to her roommates, two kitties that were black and white, and smoky grey-black and white. so she stood out in her teeniness and cuteness. she was the other choice. in between playing/holding t-bone and talia, i maybe held/tried to play with 5-7 other kitties. all from the kittens' room in hall 10 on the second floor. these kitties, unlike the others in the building, were in cages grouped 1 to 3 in each, depending on their background/space/disposition, i presume. i was prepared with the paperwork (letter from landlord that pets ok, pg&e bill that noted my current address, sf spca adoption application, driver's license), and the consultation with the woman at the information desk took about maybe an hour at most. then the kitties came out in a small maybe 8"x18"x24"? close-able cardboard box each and off stinky and i were to the car with the little furries!! i was super duper excited. in walking to the car, one of them started making sad but cute little meowy sounds! 'which one is it?' i wondered happily and curiously. 'is it the girl or the boy?' then once in the car with both boxes in my lap, they both started meow-ing! and i was sad for them and pleased at the adoption at the same time. furries yay!!!!! they didn't like the car ride so much. after a quick stop in sf for lunch and stuff at stinky's, we were off to my place. suddenly on the bridge, someone made a stinky!! then it became super stinky oh no!! it smelled liked tuna. then it got really gross and stinky. we opened up the stinky box a little, and a little teeny head squeezed out. the girl really really wanted to get out! but we couldn't let her so i got her head and paws back in the box and closed it. but then she was crying and sad. maybe because it was stinky? maybe she made a mess oh no!! she sounded very sad. the boy was a little more behaved and meow'ed only a little. we got home and oh my the girl made a super mess in her box! we cleaned her up with some wet wipes, careful not to get her tummy wet since the spca lady said i had to keep her spayed area dry for healing. but boy was she stinky!

nori's birthdate was 05-14-06. she's definitely still a baby from the way she behaves. she's very playful, superbly hyper, chases after and bats every other thing in sight from blinds' cords/strings? to plastic bags to binder clips. she makes a lot of stinkies! both farts and mooshy poo (tmi, i'm sure). her poo seems mushier than nibbler's, but i'm guessing it's because she eats more wet food than he does. speaking of eating, she's a little piggie: she eats her 3oz+/- a meal of wet food twice a day, cleaning off her plate very well, and eating up nibbler's 1oz of leftovers afterwards! once she was mewing late at night so i gave her an extra ounce of wet food. she seems to eat anything in sight, whether it be the hill's science diet kitten chicken and liver that i started her out with since that's what they gave her at the society, or the nutro max cat chicken and oceanfish for kittens that i've changed her over to for awhile. she'll eat from her plate and will get distracted by nibbler's even though she hasn't finished her own! sigh, little piggie. i have to watch them usually to make sure that nibbler gets his fill before nori gets to his food. she doesn't seem to discriminate not only her food/water plates/bowls, but also litter boxes. she'll just go wherever is maybe cleaner? at the time to do her businesses. often times after her #2 business, she trails a scent of stinkiness with her, hence the nickname 'stinky one', 'little stinky', or 'stinky nori', or just 'stinky'. or 'stinky baby'. she tends to like small roundy furry toys most. but she likes chasing long things attached to wands too, like the rubber tubey thing attached to the end of a wooden stick that i got from the humane society. but as i mentioned above, she's happy with random household objects like the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper. she's curious about everything, even when i'm scooping up her poo from the litter box into the garbage, or the giant bag of johnny tidy cat clay litter bag. she started out more independent, sleeping wherever pleased her, at times on the soft velvety green blanket i have on the sofa, and at times on the bed near me but off to the side close enough to feel warmth from me i suppose, but far off enough to seem quite independent. she seemed to be rather indifferent to my existence, except as the meal provider for the first week or so. lately though, she's gotten a little more fond of or attached to or interested in me. if i'm sitting down, she'll come onto my lap, or follow me wherever i wander at home, or come running if i'm petting/cuddling with nibbler. maybe she's gotten more aware of me as a parental-like figure? she's quite feisty though. she doesn't like her paws' claws squeezed, her paws petted/touched. she thinks you are trying to play with her and will bat at you with claws or nip. i was amazed she actually let me clip her claws in her sleepy state a few weeks ago. she's not afraid so easily, is more curious about her surroundings than fearful. she doesn't react to seemingly sudden noises as often or as much as nibbler does. she's swift! so i have to be careful when i return home and open the front door. i barely trip over her often times as she hovers near my feet while i wash the dishes or am preparing food for me/them at the counters. the other day, i think i stepped on her right? paw accidentally as i didn't see/hear/feel her at my feet while in the closet :( i felt so very badly, as she limped for a few seconds, before she was back romping around as her feisty self again. she has so much speed and energy to chase after toys, it's no wonder she eats so much i suppose. she's short-haired, and seems to clean herself regularly. drinks her water. looks at me with those big dark eyes of hers and tilts her head at me, i just can't resist cuddling with her or petting her with affection. when it's mealtime, she mews like there's no tomorrow in her cute heartbreaking voice, and she occasionally claws at the kitchen rug waiting next to me to get some wet food. when she's done eating, or if there's a little food left, she'll scratch at the floor, trying to cover her tracks, or trying to save food for later? she's a funny one. she'll let you hold her. when i pick her up under her arms with one hand wrapped around her chest/tummy, she relaxes and seems okay about getting picked up. she's happy about staying in your arms/lap until she gets in her playful hyperactive mode at which time she'll spring to play with nibbler. she'll let me carry her in my arms walking around, curious about the 'higher-up world'. why/how did i choose nori from the plethora of cute cuddly furries in the kitten room at the spca? because: -she was so tiny compared to others her age and littermates -she was playful when i tried to get her to play with the kittie toy at the spca (to compare: there was another female kitten about the same age, a beautful soft grey looking one, who really was a princess as she was named, as she would just watch you and the toy as if she was saying, why are you waving that toy around at me?). today she made me laugh really hard. she ran and ran after the tubey-thing-on-stick, then she crash-landed on the empty pet club paper bag that i had open near the window in the main room. it was hilarious because she was confused and it was quite sudden. i guess you had to be there. nori's my little stinky.

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baby sister

September 20th 2006 6:21 pm
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so our parent got nibbler and me a new baby sister. meh! i didn't ask for one, but there she was, grey and peach and other colors, small, and trying to invade my space. hmph! i'm the big girl boss kittie around here!

meh. i gave it about three days of letting the baby sister know who was boss with hissing and growling, but it's true she is pretty cute.. when she's not trying to eat MY wet food. i guess i'll play with her now. as long as she doesn't forget who's the boss girl and who's our parent's favorite girl kittie. hmph!

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