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Something special

Oh no - my precious nephew Jazzpurr

January 16th 2011 2:11 pm
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I should have written earlier, but I had quite a shock when I realized that my precious nephew Jazzpurr was coming to the bridge this morning. I'm so very worried about Mommy - she didn't do well when I came here, and Jazzpurr was completely her boy...he really only adored her. I can only imagine what she is feeling right now - it wasn't supposed to be his time just wasn't.


A new baby! Welcome Kodiak

April 1st 2008 1:00 pm
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Fred and I are proud to announce the arrival of our newly adopted son, Kodiak. Kodi crossed the bridge at the age of 1 month, and looks just like his new Daddy Fred. Please see his picture above.

Fred and I are absolutely thrilled to be calling this precious little boy our son!


One Year Annifursary at the Rainbow Bridge

January 2nd 2008 11:18 am
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Looking down from the clouds I see my mom crying again, and this time for good reason! It was one year ago today that I left her - unexpectedly - and came to the Rainbow Bridge. I see my furrblings on earth sense that something is wrong with Mom and Dad, and I even went down there and made Jazzpurr flop for them - Lucky-style - to let them know that I am there in spirit.

What helps mom get through is knowing that I am healthy, whole, and happy on the other side, and that one day, when her time comes, I will be there to meet her so that we can be together for eternity.

In the meantime, I have made some wonderful furriends here at the Bridge in the past year, and we manage to hold each other - and our humans back on earth - up with our support. I don't know what Meowmy would do without efurryone...


All I want for Christmas

December 17th 2007 2:00 pm
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Okay - thanks for tagging me Sparky! I always love this kind of thing...

1. I wish my pawrents, Mom and Justin, the best of luck in their new careers.
2. I hope that my human sister, Nicky, can find a job so that she can stay in Amarillo and finish her degree
3. I wish my beloved Fred's family a blessed Christmas
4. I wish all my earth feline contingent family good luck with moving - efurryone was born in that house and it will be confusing to them.
5. I wish all of my furriends at the bridge a safe and happy Christmas!

I now tag the following kitties:



Happiest Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge

November 10th 2007 2:38 pm
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Wow - this has been quite a week! I have adopted two adorable kits - EmberLenore and Cinderpaw - who are both quite young to be at the bridge alone. I love being a Momma kitty, and it makes my meowmy feel better about me being here knowing that I am able to share my love with these little angels.

But the news doesn't stop there! The same day that the kits came to live with me, my darling Fred proposed to me! I am truly the happiest kitty at the bridge...and the luckiest as well!


Bridge Anniversary

November 2nd 2007 8:59 am
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Today is my bridge anniversary. I have been here for 10 months as of this afternoon. When I crossed the bridge, it devastated Mom because she had no idea I was sick...although in hindsight, it is pretty obvious to Mom and Dad that something was really wrong with me... Today, mom is pretty numb. She had a restless night where she dreamed about me repeatedly - I tried to go spend the night with her to make her feel better. Today is not much better, although my furblings are taking really good care of her.


Closing in on 10 months at the bridge

September 27th 2007 8:44 pm
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I am closing in on my 10 month anniversary at the bridge, and I wanted to take a moment to think about everything that has happened in the past year for my family. One year ago, my mommy only had us kitties to keep her company as Daddy was still only a friend who happened to be a roommate. That obviously changed close to a year ago, but nevertheless - a year ago she was all mine. Bedtime was all mine. Bedtime was when she would curl up and I would jump on the bed and give her my very best flop to get her attention. If I didn't feel like I did a good enough job the first time, I would flop again then roll around and purr loudly and wrap myself around mommy's arm when she tried to pet me. This was our ritual. This is what mommy misses the most. Now, she has daddy and the other kitties to keep her company, but I peek down from the bridge and I still see her hiding tears every night at bedtime. My nephew Jazzpurr tries to fill in, but its just not the same - he even tries to flop like I taught him to, but it just doesn't quite fill the void. Daddy does help a lot. He really adores all the kitties and I adored him when I was alive, but first and foremost, I was Mommy's little floppy angel. I filled the void when my kitty daddy Jethro left, and no other kitty has completely stepped up to fill the void that I have left. I'm sorry I had to go - I'm sorry I couldn't tell you that I was sick. I know that you sense me at bedtime sometimes and when i try to whisper to you in the hallway, and someday the pain might lessen, but it will never truly disappear, and one day we will be together again.


I met someone

July 8th 2007 4:45 pm
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This afternoon - at a pawty at the rainbow bridge, I met a handsome fellow named Fred. I think he might even like me. I have been so lonely since crossing the bridge in January, missing my meowmy and my furrmily, and now maybe I don't have to feel quite so alone any more!

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