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I was one of the Daily Diary Pick!

May 11th 2007 10:04 pm
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I was one of the 5 Daily Diary Picks last sunday! Okay, I just realise it today.

As far as I know I got to be featured all day at Diary Central. Basically, I did nothing that day except to be me. Yes, the sweet me.

Thanks to the catster team, I think they missed me like my mama does.


I'm Missed

May 2nd 2007 8:07 am
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"No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch."

Leo Dworken


Where is the rainbow bridge?

March 6th 2007 5:46 am
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I know I got to get there somehow.

I decided to leave for rainbow bridge on 4 Mar 2007, when Mama and Papa were away for dinner.

I tell them not to mourn for me, for I'm in a better place. My visions and vigor will return.

I promised them I will always be there for them, in their hearts and in their memories.


Counting each day as blessing

February 25th 2007 8:15 am
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It has been more than 2 months, and past the timeline that vet Dr. DOOM said I would live. I know I had shed almost 5lbs. I used to be a healthy chubby kitty weighing in 11.2lbs. Today, I am probably 7.5lbs on the scale.

I know, Mama doesn't like to weigh me, she doesn't like to see my weight's downward trend.

So when I refused to eat anything from her hand, when I always will (because I don't want to eat unless she handfeeds me), she brought me back to vet. During the visit, the vet (not Dr. DOOM this time) Dr. GENTLE thought that probably it is hypertension causing a drop in appetite, she said that if my blood pressure is high is would prove that I do not have FIP (because low / normal blood pressure is one of FIP symptoms).

That was a ray of light for Mama and me.... but 30 minutes after the blood pressure test, we were told that my blood pressure is norm. (Is that a good news or bad news? Well, if you know FIP is a death sentences, at least hypertension doesn't sound that bad.) Dr. GENTLE said that at this juncture, it is more important to make sure I get food through some means.

Anyhow, I just want Mama to continue to provide me tender loving care, and stop being so perservance in f orcing food / vitamin syrup / anti-inflammation syrup down my throat through a syringe.

I hope she counts each day I'm alive as a blessing, and not each oz. I gain as blessing.


Outlive, outlast

January 28th 2007 2:13 am
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I'm a Survivor. That's what mama has been telling me.

I'd seen the doom and groom vet twice. On the review visit, there was no schedule of revisiting, and my parents never brought me back. Oh my, I was glad!

Despite being tested medium positive FIP 6 weeks ago, I'm still hanging around in the house.

Mama and Papa says that I can hang around the house as long as I like. They have since give me the whole house to roam. Yipee!


My ordeal at the vets and at the hospital

December 18th 2006 5:51 am
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OK, so I lost. And I had to be in that carrier, took a car ride to the vet with papa and mama.

At the vet, she first gave me a jab, and mentioned about next boaster to be a year later. Next she pushed my eye libs to check my eyes, and examined my bloated belly. She said something about jaundice, and liver problem, and the vet wrote a referral letter and suggested that I be brought to the hospital for a blood test.

My papa and mama took me on another car ride to the hospital, and we had to wait for a couple of hours, at that time, I was in the carrier, and people who saw me, praised that I'm a good looking cat.

But when the vet at the hospital examined me, he said I'm too boney and abit anorexic. Mama agreed, because I lost half a pound since 1 month ago, and would only eat when she hand feeds me. And when he felt the bloated belly, he thinks that I may have liver problem and then he noticed that my eyes are bleeding a bit and so he advised a blood test on me.

So off I went to have my blood taken. An hour later, the vet said the test shows that my liver is fine, and for the symptoms that I suffer, after some possible cause elimination, he concluded that I may have FIP, a fatal incurable disease, the vet is all gloomy about my condition, think that I have only 1-2 months left. My mama could not believe what she heard, and so did I. She didn't think I was in such a bad shape and asked I had been brought in earlier, would that have save me?

He said that most probably not. I'm an unfortunate cat, who has a corona virus which mutated to be FIP. FIP is not going to be contagious through sharing of litter bin and food bowl. So mama and papa was glad that Niwa should be OK.

The vet suggested that I should be left in the hospital for a further diagnosis and to give me a drip to improve my condition. But hello, I wasn't that bad shape was I? Too bad, I was left in the hospital anyway, they shaved my belly, gave me an ultrasound, and a series of test.

The test result shows that my liver and kidney are both fine, but I am medium positive FIP.

Now, rusty's mom told me that being tested FIP positive, may not mean that I got FIP. Also any resident catsters had lived with FIP for a few years, another for a few months. So, I hope for the best.

Since I returned from hospital, I have not feel more lethargic, I think it's all the pills that they forced me. Now I'm just glad to be at home, to lie in the comfort of my fave large cushion. I noticed that mama and papa are especially nice to me, I think they felt bad for leaving me alone in the hospital.

OK, I want to thank everyone from BOCU who given me their prayers, please continue to pray for me. May the force be with me.


Not in my optimum state

December 18th 2006 5:31 am
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For quite a few months, I have been feeling moody, and lethargic. A typical day for me would be to rush out of my room in the morning when mama opens my door, and I would hang around outside the room. I normally lie around, sit around until it is time fo bed at night. If mama opens the door to the study room, I would simply want to jump to one corner on mama's writing desk, or next to her, and rest there. She would give me a head rub, and tell me that I'm a good boy, and she loves me. I would respond by looking sweet, and appreciative for the head rub, so that she would give me more. But mama never knew I'm not in my optimum state, she simply thinks that I'm a gentle and rather introvert cat and becoming lazier by the day.

Then this Sunday, she noticed that I hesitated to jump onto her writing desk, but still have the strength to fight getting into the carrier. I hate the carrier, I remember the last time I gone in there, they brought me to the vet to remove my nuts. Anyhow, she and papa managed to push me into the carrier, and that is when my ordeal started.


Vote for me!

October 29th 2006 1:21 am
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Mama thinks that I'm the best cat in town. She wants to reward me with an upgraded litterbin for being so well-mannered and cool, and entered me to the 2nd annual world's coolest cat show. Help her to reward me, by voting for me ! Click here !
Vote for me !
Vote for me !
Vote for me !


Vote for me!

October 29th 2006 1:11 am
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Vote for Nikko in the 2nd annual world's coolest dog and cat show.


Spring back to life!

September 28th 2006 5:46 am
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I know, I had looked so depressed when she gave me some R**** Canine food, please the brand name is just not for kitty like me.

Luckily, my Mama is smart, somehow, she reads my mind that I crave for Avoderm. Yummy. To show her that I love Avoderm, I have sprung back to life once she obliged to my fave food.

I zip around the house, chase any strings she brings around, jump onto tabletop... and I almost leap over the moon!

Now mama couldn't capture a decent photos of me as I'm just zipping around too fast.

She's starting to think that I'm like Superman :) *purrrr*... I'm fast! Now, she's been practising on this url to improve her speed. s_Game/index.html Superman Stop Press

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