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Deep Thoughts.... by Marvin

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Christmas Presents!

January 7th 2012 6:39 am
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So many presents so many furriends. Thanks you everyone for being so generous and sending me holiday wishes!

Purrs & Trills


I've Been Elfed

December 3rd 2010 9:58 am
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Check out my page, my dude furiend, Sir Sonny Bono elfed me and some cool kitties. I'm ready for Christmas now, even though Mom isn't!


I'm a World's Coolest Finalist!

November 19th 2010 6:00 am
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Wow I got a rosette yesterday from my buddy Alfie saying I was a finalist. I headed over to take a look and what happened? Catster had fleas all day and I couldn't view any of the pictures, I didn't know which pictures was the one! Well this morning I had a look and there I was, grooming my sister Minka. I noticed a few of my friends were there too including the cute little Ollie whose big Angel brother sent me the rosette. I'm just so excited, last year Milo was a finalist and this year was my turn, hip hip hooray!


A day of mixed emotions

October 7th 2010 5:53 am
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This morning when we arrived at the community home page, what did I see?.... My good friend Alfie was COTD. I was elated that such a handsome, wonderful orangie dude was being honoured.
But then very next thing I saw was that our friend Aryeh suddenly became an angel kitty. I was devastated. I don't think I've had my such a quick change of emotions ever. Today is a difficult day, I don't know whether to be happy or sad.


Secret exposed! A new baby sister has arrived!

August 11th 2010 12:35 pm
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So a new baby sister Cookie has arrived to keep my family company. Everyone seems to like her, just as I thought they would. I've been watching her from above and I think she is just what everyone needs. If you want to meet Cookie, click on over to her new page, she's waiting to make some new furriends!


Mom's got a secret!

August 11th 2010 6:32 am
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Mom's got a special secret, can you guess what it is?


Thank you for the condolences

May 9th 2010 4:46 am
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I just wanted to quickly thank everyone here for the outpouring of love. What wonderful friends Marvin had, both old and new. I'm having a hard time reading all the lovely sentiments as I come to the realization of life without my sweet little Marvie. I will send more personal thank yous when I'm a little better able to handle it. I know a lot of you are very shocked and are wondering how this happened so suddenly. It's sudden for us here too, it feels like a dream.
Thursday started out a normal day, we were just going to the vet's for a regular check up but by the time we arrived, Marvin was struggling to breath. They tried everything they could but Marvin passed away about 45 minutes after our arrival. The vet explained that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a rare genetic disease that usually presents itself at about 3-5 years of age, with little or no warning since cats lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Our 45 minutes was more than what most get. The muscle wall of his heart had thickened, not allowing his heart to pump the blood properly and what seemed like a routine trip to the vet was too much for his little heart to handle. If it wasn't the trip to the vet it would have been something else that would have tipped the scale. Unfortunately there is no cure, no prevention and really no effective treatment of the condition and there was nothing that anyone could have done. It appears our little Marvie was destined to be a beautiful star that burned extra bright but burned fast.



There is an empty hole in our hearts

May 7th 2010 5:15 pm
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It is with great sadness that I write this diary for Marvie. Yesterday morning our sweet little boy was taken suddenly and unexpectedly away from us. We are still in shock. All I know is that there is a huge hole in our hearts where our little boy was taken away.
I know I haven't been around Catster lately as I am in the process of finishing up my thesis and my time has been stretched to the limit. But I just wanted to let Marvie and my friends here on Catster know about the sad news of his passing to the rainbow bridge.



Bad news about my Nemesis

November 19th 2009 1:39 pm
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I have some bad news. Some of my friends have read about my nemesis "The Mean White Kitty". Well my Mommy's friends were driving over to visit and the car in front of them hit the Mean White Kitty. My Mommy's friend said he didn't look good and he was rushed away in a car to the vet's office. I feel bad for him. We didn't get along on a personal level but even though he was my nemesis nobody wants to see a fellow kitty get hurt. It remains to be seen whether the Mean White Kitty will ever return, but I am hoping for his sake I will see the day when I get to scream at him through the back door window again...


Update on the Mean White Kitty

September 17th 2009 8:15 am
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A few kitties have inquired as to the Mean White Kitty and what he is up to. After all, he is my nemesis and I need to keep a close eye on him. There have been a few late night encounters with him - at the expense of Mom's sleep as she has been woken several times with my intruder screams. He doesn't seem to come around during the day, but Mom does see him in the neighbourhood. He strolls around casually like he owns the place, in no hurry, sometimes down the middle of the street. I think he has a bit of an attitude! One thing I did find funny was that Mom saw he had on a pink collar with a bell. Now you're probably going to say, "its a girl". But I don't think so, he's big and white - not your typical girl. I just rather like to think of him as a boy being forced to dress up in feminine attire *snickers*

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