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Whisker Tales

Bow down before me, lowly peasants!

January 19th 2007 2:42 pm
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My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Baroness Cuddles the Reticent of Piddletrenthide on the Carpet

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I hate the Vet!

November 24th 2006 4:07 pm
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I hate going to the Vet to get my shots! Hate, hate, hate!

First they made me go into the carrier and they put me in that big noisy thing that moves around and makes me feel sick and scared. I meowed to tell my family to help me but they didn't.

Then they took me into a scary place where they poked me in the neck and the leg. And then, there was a scary thing that gave me a shot in my other leg and that hurt so bad and sounded so loud that it scared me back into my carrier.

I was a nervous wreck by the time they put me in the scary moving thing to take me home.

As soon as we got home I hid and didn't come out till later. Then I spent the rest of the evening sleeping on my family's laps because I felt sick and sore. I slept the whole night through in a special bed because the yucky pokey shots gave me a bit of a fever and made my legs hurt. My family was sad because I would cry whenever they tried to pick me up.

After a few days of sleeping I was feeling a lot better but next time I see that Vet I'm going to bite him on the nose!


Happy Birthday to Me!

September 9th 2006 11:07 am
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Today is my birthday and I am 6 years old. Everyone has petted and cuddled me today and wished me a happy birthday. I also got a new red light toy that is so much fun! I love to chase the little red "bug" as it flies around the house.

I'm doing very well on my new food, and I have lots more energy to run around and cause trouble. My mommy also decided to buy me organic treats instead of the regular kind because she noticed that regular treats have lots of yucky stuff in them like "chicken byproducts" and "corn".


I'm so happy that I think I may purr myself apart!

August 21st 2006 3:59 pm
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Today was such a wonderful day for me! First, my Mommy bought me a new kind of cat food (called Innova EVO) that is a lot healthier for me than the Purina junk I had before. Innova smelled soooooooooooooo good that I stuck my nose right into the bag and started licking everything I could reach! Then my Aunty put some of it in my food dish and I ate it right up. YUM!

The second reason today was awesome is that my Aunty (vashsunglasses) helped me to put a profile up here on Catster. When she first told me that there was a site for kitties that was like her MySpace, I didn't believe it! Wow, a whole page dedicated to ME? I'm so happy to be on Catster and I already have 12 friends! I can't wait to make more friends and have lots of fun!

Well, I'm off to go soak up the afternoon sun. Ciao!

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