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The Happiest Thanksgiving Day Cat

November 17th 2012 12:00 am
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Tux Cat was never one for crowds or loud busy dinners or the keeping up with " The Jones' " type of cat, so this Thanksgiving Day she decided to spend a quiet laid back day fishing in the nearby lake. The weather was beautiful, all was peaceful and she was happy. After an hour Tux Cat noticed a boater with his small family backing his small jon-boat down the nearby ramp and into the water. She thought as she watched the boat go out into the lake, “Oh cat, I wonder if he knows how lucky he is. He’s not stuck on this dock, like me, waiting and hoping for the fish to come to him. He can fish in one spot and if he doesn’t catch anything there, he can pull up his anchor and go somewhere else. His hard work has awarded him with a nice little boat and I know by continuing to work hard myself that one day I could have a nice little boat like that.”

Jon-Boat Cat was feeling pretty good as he fired up his seven and a half horsepower engine and pulled away. He thought to himself, “I am the captain of this ship. I can go anywhere. I can do anything. If I don’t catch a fish in one spot, I can pull anchor and go somewhere else. I am invincible!" After a while, a cat in a cool bass boat passed him. The bass boat was decked all out with swivel seats, all the gadgets, and about five times the engine that was on the pitiful little jon-boat. Jon-Boat Cat thought to himself, “That guy really has it made. If I could ever get my hands on a boat like that, I would be a happy cat"

Bass Boat Cat was passed a little later by a cat in a great speedboat. Bass Boat Cat thought to himself, “Oh baby, that is one sweet boat. He can fish off it and he can also pull a water skier. That cat go anywhere twice as fast as I can in this old clunker. If only I had a boat like that, I would be a happy cat.”

Speedboat Cat found himself passed soon after by a cat in a cabin cruiser. Speedboat Cat thought to himself, “Now that guy has it made. When he goes out on his boat, he can stay overnight. He doesn’t have to worry about being anywhere by dusk. If he’s still out when it gets dark, he can just throw his anchor over the side and let the water rock him to sleep. If only I had a boat like that, I would be a happy cat.”

Cabin Cruiser Cat had to slow down when he noticed the ultimate waterfront mansion. He throttled down to take a good look. The house was fantastic. Several boats were tied up at the dock, including an oceangoing yacht, a huge speedboat, an incredible fishing boat, and a heavy duty jon-boat. Cabin Cruiser Cat thought to himself, “That cat has it all. He has a boat for whatever mood he’s in. And he doesn’t have to back down a ramp or drive to a marina. He just walks out the back door, down to the dock, gets in whichever boat suits him, and goes. If only I had everything he has, I would be a happy cat!”

At the end of the day Waterfront Mansion Cat stepped to the window, looked out over the lake, and saw Tux Cat on the dock. He stopped tapping on his IPad while his lawyer made excuses on line one, lies shrilled from his accountant through his blackberry, an unhappy client gave the riot act in an email, the wife continued all day complaining how the refrigerator that took up the whole 10 foot kitchen wall was too small to hold the food to serve everyone in town the fanciest Thanksgiving Dinner in the country, and the assignment for the kids that day was tearing at him screaming what they deserve for Christmas this year. As Waterfront Mansion Cat watched Tux Cat pack up her gear and toss her all day catch of two tiny fish in a net over her shoulder, he reminisced about the good old days when he fished from that dock. Waterfront Mansion Cat sighed, “It was so much simpler, back then. Now things are very complicated. I have an unbelievable house with an unbelievable mortgage payment. I have all of these top if the line expensive boats but no time to play with them. And I have a wife and kids who are waiting for anything to happen so they can get their hands on it all for themselves. That Tux Cat on the dock may not know it, but she really has it made! If I could go back in time and spend the rest of my life fishing from that dock, I would be a happy cat.”

Tux Cat walked home with a smile on her face and content. As she climbed into the sunken bed onto her torn sheets and flat pillow that Thanksgiving Day night in her one room shanty with the outhouse in the back wearing her thread-bare PJs, she thought of all the things she was thankful for. She didn't live in a mansion or have a Cadillac car or the latest fashion and electronic gadgets, and it was all she could do to keep her corded 50 year old landline telephone service turned on and she had to fish for her own meals each night. Throughout her life,Tux Cat has held fast to what has been forgotten by many. Hard work and working hard may not get you all the THINGS in the world - but by hard work and working hard, God will bless you with all that you truly NEED in life. Tux Cat smiled as she drifted to sleep. Tux Cat was a happy cat.

Across the U.S. of America families gather on the fourth Thursday of November every year for what is known as Thanksgiving Day. Turkeys and cornucopias and seasoned stuffing hot from the oven. Green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Has it become a chore to truly give thanks on Thanksgiving Day, or all the other days of the year for that matter, and the day is nothing more than a paid day off work to stuff your face until you feel sick and then make shopping lists for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and dropping hints for the latest greatest new high dollar THINGS wanted for Christmas?

How can it be that a nation that has been blessed with so much plenty find some in it that covet for the THINGS of others and envy those who have more THINGS or better THINGS than they and some that are angry at those with too many THINGS more than they have - while they themselves have so much more plenty compared to most in other countries around the world who barely have a spit in comparison to what they have?

Is it that we have forgotten the ethics, prudence, principles, and values of those who came here to the New World or our ancestors who stood in line for many many years to become a United States citizen? Or is it that in our quest to have more than the other guy or being mad he has more than us lead us to neglect teaching ethics, prudence, principles, and values to our following generations?

We teach our children to say "please" and "thank you" as the rudiments of courtesy, yet it is so easy to be rude and unthinking toward God. How often we forget to gratefully acknowledge God's goodness towards us. As a nation we have been fortunate for many years by being blessed, gifted, nurtured, and sustained by God. Even during what some people consider tough economic times, we have been blessed with comparative abundance, wealth, health and prosperity.

The point of Thanksgiving is not to think superiority is the source of our abundance but to acknowledge that ethics, prudence, principles, and values has allowed a divine source to bestow upon us our NEEDS and other goodies thrown in from time to time. This Thanksgiving Day, we truly need to celebrate the intangible as a way of reminding ourselves not only what our gifts - tangible and intangible - from God are, but that God owns all of these things in the first place. It isn't the collection of tangible THINGS that define lives or happiness, but it's being content with what you have and the willingness to work hard for the little you do have that defines a great people.

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November 18th 2012 at 5:17 pm

I believe that the three points which support Wisdom are Intelligence, Knowledge and Reason (logic). I am thankful for many, many things; one of them is having such a wise friend as yourself, Mystery. Thank you for sharing your gift so generously. May you and your family be blessed accordingly!


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