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Adventures in Kittyhood

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Back in Black

November 6th 2011 9:47 pm
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We have moved to "the Bay Area". We live in Dublin, but it's not the one in Ireland. It's not even worth saying we moved to Dublin, or we live in Dublin, because people always think of the Irish one. So, we say that we live in Pleasanton, which is very close to Dublin, CA.
The apartment is nice; we have some new furniture, but the balcony is sub-par. I can't see off of it because the railing is solid. The old trick knee/arthritis in the ankle prevent me from jumping all the way up there. But, overall, we've got it all right, pretty spacious. Comfy things on which to lay. Favorite time is laying in bed on the weekend mornings with mom and Zoe snoozing and watching recorded cartoons - the new Voltron Force and Thundercats series. Sometimes reruns of Charmed. Anyway, welcome to le Bay Area to us.



August 25th 2009 6:42 pm
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We missed our Catster anniversary! It was five days ago. Happy anniversary to us. Of course, it doesn't surprise us that we missed it since we've been out of Catster touch so much. The 'rents being out of town, having guests in town... Seems like it never stops.

Anywho, not much new around here. I'm reading I Am a Cat in Book Group right now along with some other Catsters. Love it so far. And I've been keeping up reading the Warriors series, naturally.

Mom bought some slate tiles to put underneath the rug in front of the litter box in hopes that it will prevent Zoe's pee from penetrating into the carpet. Yup, she's still peeing right outside of the litter box sometimes. Mostly when the 'rents are MIA or we have company. Oh goody.

I've been having regular hairballs... My annual check up is apparently drawing near, therefore I'm not terribly excited about going anywhere...

Mom finally took me out on a stroll last night. I miss it! She promised to go more.

Shrimpy treats, freeze dried, are my latest favorite food. And, having witnessed a mass exodus of ants, my automatic feeder has been placed in it's rightful location near the kitchen, once again feeding me every morning before the 'rents are up. And, ahem, I am now able to butter-paw kernels out of the chute at will. Happy day!


I forgot

August 1st 2008 6:25 pm
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what has been going on since I last wrote...

But, stream of consciousness has never steered me wrong in these situations...

Last night I puked up a hairball right after eating my dinner - canned food... Apparently it's very difficult to get out of the carpet, even if it's cleaned up immediately. Mom's been cursing the carpet and the food since it happened. I had a record hairball a couple of weeks ago - it had to be at least an inch in diameter, and 5 inches long. Insane. I hate being brushed, but the 'rents do it every day. And I still have hairballs. Mom thinks it's a wonder I even have any fur left...

We moved a couple of months ago - same complex, bigger apartment. Now I have a nice long runway down the hall. My cat tree has been moved back to its proper spot, next to the sliding glass door by the porch. Much nicer there. This apartment has ants. I don't care for them. They pretty much eat my food. I need my food. I like to eat my food, and I feel extremely hostile toward the little thieves. Touching them is out of the question, however...

I hurt my knee awhile back; I limped around and missed stuff that I jumped up to. I'm mostly better now.

Dang. Wish I could remember more.


Oh, my diary!

August 2nd 2007 12:24 pm
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I seem to have forgotten that I have a diary. Hm, yes, well, my latest activities include administering the Warriors group here on Catster, reading Harry Potter-Book 7 and The Wild Road, and generally trying to irritate the humans.

Last night was amusing... I howled and howled, waiting for the humans to take me out in my chariot (they call it my stroller, but I think chariot sounds better), but alas, to no avail. They ignored me until mom was just getting ready for bed, very tired. Dad opened the door and WHOOSH, I was out of that dump. I flew down the stairs and took off through the underbrush. Dad was hot on my trail watching me while BAM! He ran smack into a post from the overhanging canopy over the walkway. His poor new glasses that he got earlier that day bent so out of shape that he couldn't even use them. Not to mention the red mark on his forehead. Actually it looks like a lightning bolt, Harry Potter style. Anyway, he was out of commission for the moment, and I saw my chance to run - so I did!

Mom heard the loud noise from dad running into the wood post, and came running down. She searched and searched... Then she caught me. Dang - I just stopped to sniff something really quick, and she surprised me. Back to the apartment, and boy was dad angry. He knows it wasn't my fault, but he was still unhappy. Mom felt terrible.

And later that night I escaped again, but this time with less drama. Ah well, freedom has a price, but not mine.


I've been tagged!

May 23rd 2007 9:20 am
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I've been tagged by Apollo!

The rules: Each player picks seven random facts about themselves, and writes the seven things and the rules in their own diary. Next choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Send the seven cats you chose a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary. My seven random facts:

1. I weigh twice as much as my little sis Zoe.

2. My mom calls me Sausage 'cause she gets tongue-twisted saying my name sometimes.

3. The next best thing to going outside is to stroll in my stroller. I sleep in my stroller, and when I want to go for a stroll I hop in and howl!!

4. I love to eat; I extract food from my automatic feeder with my paws.

5. I pretend not to like my little sis Zoe, but I'll protect her if she's upset or in trouble.

6. I get car sick; I hate car rides.

7. I love my friends on Catster!

The cats I tagged are:


Hope they have as much fun as I did!
Love ya guys!!!!!


Thanks everycat! But check this out -

April 6th 2007 10:29 am
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I really want to thank all of the Babes in Blue that have given me rosettes. It means so much to me, and I'm so glad that I was able to meet so many sweet and wonderful kitties throughout the contest. I want to thank you all personally, but it will take a little time to catch up!

And remember that the rosettes and gifts are from ALL of the judges. So, to get your thanks across to all of them, go to this thread: ual_Play_Dates/thread/395878>

and leave a message!

Most of the credit belongs to several other kitties that really brought the contest together. This includes not only the contest organizers, but also the kitties that donated their time, gifts, and money to make it all happen.

Thanks to all my fellow judges, for everything.

Purrs for now.


Foster kitty, Babes in Blue

April 2nd 2007 7:18 pm
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We have a foster kitty living with us. Has been for a few days now, since Thursday night. I've seen him, and sniffed his nose today. I'm relatively unconcerned with him, though we haven't been properly introduced. I kind of don't mind the whole thing because there's extra food in the bathroom, where he sleeps at night. I knocked over the food bag and scored once today. The other day the bowl was conveniently on the counter waiting for me! Keep the food coming, he can stay for as long as he wants.

Babes in Blue! Wow, what a great thing to be a part of... I was honored to be one of the judges of the contest, and I'll tell you it was one of the hardest things I've ever done! All of the entries were fantastic. The organizers have my greatest respect for doing such a spectacular job. Cheers, fellas!


Our computer blew up!

March 5th 2007 9:30 am
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Well, not really, but almost. The power source died and this little transistor-type thingy was flopping around inside the box... Anyway, we've been without a computer at home for nearly a week! The repair to the old one seems to be pointless, and we're not getting a new one for another couple of weeks! So, our Catster time is super limited right now. Forgive us for not playing with all of you - we're suffering Catster withdrawal!

Other news, while I have your attention... Mom and Dad bought a sofa cover for, well, the sofa, and boy is it exciting! The cover hangs down behind the sofa, and the sofa is slanted so the top sort of hangs over the bottom, so there's a nice little area for me to hide under the cover. I love to run under it and hide, lying in wait for my next victim to walk by... My paws are so quick, they never know what hit 'em! We won't have any photos of it until we get the home computer...

Purrs for now, fluffy friends!


Check me out!

January 18th 2007 4:59 pm
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Hey, check my page out, and Zoe's!

Thanks to Boogers, I pimped my page, and Zoe's! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!

Thank you Boogie, for the tips.

Notice my page has rocks in the background (Mom is a geologist, MOL. She has rocks in her head.)... and I have cute little red hearts falling! Too Cute!

Last but not least, I wanted to give a shout out and wish my Mom a Happy Birthday! She's silly and is shy about it, so she doesn't usually tell anyone...


Presents for me!

December 21st 2006 2:45 pm
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My Super Strollers Secret Santa was pawsome! I got my favorite Greenies treats, a potent bag of 'nip, some fun toys, and get this... (drumroll)... A REMOTE CONTROLLED MOUSE!!! I love it! It's so fun to watch (and mom and dad love to drive it), then all of a sudden, whoosh, I slam my paw down on it and it stops! Heh heh heh. Very entertaining. So, THANK YOU OREO, for being such a wonderful Secret Santa, I love everything!

I'll write more after Christmas, I'm bound to get even more gifts from grammy and mom. Although, it is going to be VERY tough to top the mouse...


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