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"One of my mum's favorite photos of me. I could really turn on the charm!"

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The portrait mum did of Wilson J. Scooter

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"The portrait mum did of Wilson J. Scooter"

My special "moon wings" made by my pal Calvin . Now we are pals at the Bridge.

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"My special "moon wings" made by my pal Calvin . Now we are pals at the Bridge."

Me, Mr. Boombastic, totally fantastic

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"Me, Mr. Boombastic, totally fantastic"

I was the first ever Angel Furt of the Month for April 2011, yahoo!

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"I was the first ever Angel Furt of the Month for April 2011, yahoo!"

Together again at the Bridge

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"Together again at the Bridge"

In honor of Hazel Lucy. I just loved my Trankie Blankie!

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"In honor of Hazel Lucy. I just loved my Trankie Blankie!"

Me and Clyde. He really dug me. He misses my snuggles

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"Me and Clyde. He really dug me. He misses my snuggles"

Three Best Buds on our favorite Skanky Chair. Now we

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"Three Best Buds on our favorite Skanky Chair. Now we're all in Heaven, even the chair"

Me as a little dude, in 1993. Both eyes and enormous ears! Too cute.

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"Me as a little dude, in 1993. Both eyes and enormous ears! Too cute."

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Big Boy, Old Man, Top Cat, TC, Mr T, T-Dawg (Cookie), Boomba (Elsa)

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-mixed breed-disabled -cat rescue

March 1st 1993

Brown Tabby

Sleeping in the bed at night, resting in the shade, watching F1 Racing with my Dad, hanging out with Blanca the nice lady across the street

Nothing - I'm cool as a cucumber... OK, I don't really like being woken up

Favorite Toy:
I'm not one for playing much any more - I'm getting on a bit now. But I do like my big stuffed "scratchy mouse", it makes a good pillow. And I LURVE empty boxes, yeah!

Favorite Nap Spot:
The disgusting old armchair that can't be thrown out because it belongs to the cats

Favorite Food:
Tuna and raw chacken when I can get it, Fancy Feast.

I can open doors - I know how to push bi-folds, pull cabinet doors, even slide shower doors (I like to sleep in the bath tub). I'm a genius!

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
I was born in the Cayman Islands and my Mum chose me from a cage of dirt-covered flea infested kittens at a vet's office. I made sure she picked me by going up and kissing her fingers through the wire. I know she wanted to take us all but simply couldn't, so when she picked me, I felt very special. We have loved each other ever since, through bad times and good. I've been around longer than all her relationships to date! I have lived in 3 different countries and have air miles to prove it. Now I have a dad too and the funny thing is he didn't like cats until he met me. I'm a charmer, what can I tell you. Now we sit and watch TV together while the other cats that he's adopted since race around being childish...

When I was only a year old, I got shot in the eye with a bb gun by some nasty kids. My mum didn't know for a couple of days because I did a bunk for a while. When I finally felt well enough to make it home, my mum took me to the vet where the nice lady removed my injured eye and made me better. Now, I only have one eye and I'd like to say it doesn't make any difference, but perhaps it's because I know my limitations and just don't let them show:) Please don't tell anyone I said that... UPDATE: After braving surgery to remove two cancerous masses, and recuperating quite well, my boy decided to end things on his own terms 8-6-09. Despite a prognosis of many more months with us, I know in my heart he wanted to be with his beloved sister Missy, and to spare me more pain. Godspeed my best friend, fly high and free with your angel friends xxx

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They call me Mr Boombastic

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August 19th 2006 More than 10 years!

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A Special Visit

May 18th 2011 7:41 am
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Firends, a funny thing happened yesterday, and I have been chuckling about it ever since. It's not the first time I've done this, but I admit it's been a while because things have been quite busy both at the Bridge and in my old home on earth. And you know that old saying - Time Flies.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, mum took a few minutes to sit in the back garden by my pond to watch Frankie and the visiting doggies do their "thing". The water was bubbling pleasantly, the sun was shining, and there was a gentle breeze in the air. Butterflies few by, a dragonfly hovered over the water, and distant birds were chirping.

It was then that I chose my moment to appear to her under the patio table, just for a second or two. I wound myself around the table legs as I always used to, and lifted my smiling face to the sun. Then I was gone, in a flash. At first, mum thought she was just tired, but then she realized that she wasn't the only one to have seen me. Lucy, the big brown visiting dog who I used to like to nap with during her visits, wandered over to the table and bent down to sniff the ground and the table legs.
Then she lay down in that very spot, and looked at my mum with her big brown eyes. Then they smiled at each other.

The my dad came outside and mum told him what had happened. He gave her "that look" (you know the one, halfway between wonderment and "I think you're out of your mind" mol). She said "what's wrong, don't you think it's a wonderful thing?". He replied "It would be if Tyler was still alive".

Poor dad, he misses me and Missy and Pooh in his earthly life. Mum admits to being a little peculiar, so she's an easy target mol, but dad is a tougher nut to crack. I'm going to have to work on him.


Woohoo, I am Angel Olde Furt of the Month!

April 1st 2011 7:40 am
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Meows my friends! I am furry excited today... I have been picked as the very first Angel Olde Furt of the Month for April! I was even interviewed for this great honor by Pixiebelle, one of the admins, and I have recorded the interview to share (coz I'm furry excited!) Here it is...


PixieBelle: What is something you did that always was guaranteed to make your humans smile?

Tyler: Hmmm, I did many things to make my humans smile. The thing my mum remembers best is that I was such a show off, hence my nick-name Mr. Boombastic. I would wait until I knew people were watching, and then do something daring, like run up a tree in the garden - even when I was in my mid-teens. I would also open cupboard and closet doors, just because I "could". But I think my greatest accomplishment was being able to make mum smile even when she was upset, just by cuddling with her.

P: While you were on earth you used to nap in a "disgusting old armchair." Have any of your siblings claimed the chair, or what has happened to it?

T: Ah, yes The Skanky Chair. I wrote a poem about it once.

(P: After some research, a dedicated archivist found the poem, titled "I love my Skanky Chair!"
Dedicated to Olde Furts everywhere.

I love my skanky cat chair,
Don’t move it mummy, don’t you dare!
You’ve moved the furniture all around
And now I’m worried it won’t be found.

It’s been in the corner by the TV,
But that wasn’t a favorite spot for me
I told you not to put it there,
And refused to use it, to be contraire.

Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?
How forgetful can you get?
Olde Furts know better where to sleep,
And play with toys and company keep.

Now it’s back where it should be
All along it was best for me,
By the window, in the sun
That’s the best place for it – bar none!)

T: You might like to know that chairs also go to Heaven, and it now resides here with me. I am pleased to say that Missy, Pooh and I (the Three Musketeers) still hang in it, as we always did. And the chair is once again in perfect condition of course MOL.

P: You have been active on Catster and in Olde Furts for a very long time - over 4 years. What is your most memorable experience of the group, or on Catster?

T: Olde Furts was always a blessing to me and my mum, a very special and supportive place. I have very fond memories of many great friends and lots of MOLS. We poked fun at our old selves with the Nekkid pictures and the Skinny Butt contest. Some of my best memories are of Isaac and Maxi's boas, the Conga, writing poems with Simon, Alex's traveling sweater, and Scooter's walks in the garden among the Plumbago... The day we all "Talked like Ze Isaac" was one of the funniest ever. Those were happy days and I treasure the memories. It seems fitting that we all decided to go to the Bridge together, within a year.

P: You were born in the Cayman Islands, and collected quite a few stamps on your kitty passport. Did you enjoy your youthful international travels? Do you have any memorable travel stories?

T: Oh yes! When we lived in Tortola I was the spider-killer King! Mum used to send me into her bedroom at night as "advanced guard", to clear the area of the tarantulas that used to live on our mountain. Unfortunately for her, it was pretty good sport for me and it takes some time to pull spider legs off one by one... expcially when they are 2 or 3 inches long MOL. I also saved her life one night by finding a black scorpion in her bed... oh yes, I had lots of fun back in the Tropics.

P: How has the world changed since you were a kitten?

T: Well the world is a busier place nowadays. My brothers and sisters mostly stay indoors now - perhaps that's the big change. Since Missy came to the Bridge, mum worries about the road, and all the other dangers that seem to lurk outside.

P: How would you like to be remembered?

T: With love, and for being ME - Mr Boombastic Fantastic MOL. I am... irreplaceable. I would also like to be remembered for my poems which I dictated to mum when on earth. When Scootie Patootie created the thread called "Tyler's Poems" it was one of the great honors of my life.

(P: Note: the "Tyler's Rhymes for the Tymes" thread has been made visible again for this month, as part of our celebration of all things Boombastic. )

P: Is there anything else you want your fellow Olde Furts to know about you?

T: I was a great Big Brother! I was the anchor to my sister Missy's world, and I like to think that I raised Clyde to be a good man cat. I can also proudly claim to be THE cat that converted my dad into a total cat lover. But most of all I would like everyone to always remember that I loved my family and friends and still watch over you earth-bound ones from the Bridge

P: Thanks for a wonderful interview from the Bridge, Tyler! We hope you enjoy being Angel Furt of the Month!

T: Thank you Pixie - I am deeply honored.

YOWZA!!! Thanks Olde Furt Admins!

I would also like to concatulate my furry good friend and fellow SoFla cat Big Harry for being voted Olde Furt of the Month. He has just been diagnosed with diabetes, so hopefully this award will perk him up a bit http://www.catster.com/cats/1072617

Now I'm off to find Dude Kitty to see if he want to take me to the Happee Herring for a little celebratory fish-fest and catnip juice.... all OF angels are welcome to join us!


Birthday Thank Yous

March 1st 2011 2:14 pm
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I'm a very happy and thankful angel-cat today - thankful that so many remembered me and sent me rosies, pmails and comments! Thanks to all of you! Meet me later at the Happee Herring for a pint and tuna fish samiches, courtesy of Dude Kitteh. Unfortunately he's been there all day and is now sleeping it off in the corner!

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