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An Open Letter To Our Catster Friends

June 13th 2008 11:47 am
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To our dear Catster friends....

This will appear in each of our diaries, and I hope it reaches everyone.
We all have been silent for several months, appearing for a few hours, now and then. Some of you know what has been going on, but many probably wonder what has happened to us all. Catster was our second home, and now we are all but ghosts here.

Nearly three months ago now, our grandpaw (Mom's daddy) found out he had lung cancer. While bad, he had the easiest kind to treat, and it had not spread. Grandpaw is 80 years old, and lives alone since grandma died in 1998. For two months, he was in the hospital, and mom had to take care of his house, finances, and still visit him several times a day. She and dad work together, in their small wiring business, and they lost much work during this time. Times have been very tough.

Grandpaw is now home, but needs assistance. Mom is so tired, she can barely think straight. To make matters worse, grandpaw had some unsavory "friends" who have been taking advantage of him. While he was hospitalized, they ran up a thousand dollar gas bill, and a $700 cell phone bill, plus stole items from his house. Mom changed the locks, but no sooner was he home, then grandpaw let them right back in. He is lonely, and thinks they are his friends, but they are not.
There is also a great deal of money missing from his retirement account, and mom and dad are trying to find out where that has disappeared to. That amount is over two hundred thousand dollars. The police are involved, but so far have been of no help.
Mom realizes that grandpaw is no longer able to make responsible judgments, but his doctors say he is competent, so she cannot get power of attorney. We are not sure what will happen next.
So this is where our time has been spent.
It was a hard decision for mom to make, to tell everyone our personal problems, and we will probably delete this entry after it has been viewed.

We want to send special love to those kitties that are our romantic interests, and who have been so patient when they have not heard from their loves in so long. That means you, Kiwi, Zack's beautiful girl, and you Arwen, so kindly waiting for Stinky, and to Annabelle's fiancee, N'bikay, for not rushing the wedding plans, and to Wally, our dear friend, and Sophie's soulmate, who has faithfully been here for all of us, and to our Uncle Oscar, who we all love, and whose mom keeps mine sane, and to our multitude of caring friends, too numerous to list, but all so loved, and so missed.
Thank you for not forgetting us.
We will be back...soon, I hope.

With forever love, purrs, and of course, hugs,
Sissy and Zack, Harry, Riley, Jack, Hannah, Enzo, Sophie, Stinky, Xerox, Angus, Annabelle, Cary, Kate, Queso, Copy, Wally, Lily, Ivy, Charlie, Matilda, Bubba, Pete, Emme, Violet, Claire, Lucy, Kira, DC, Griffin & Lizzy the dog !


Oooh! Dragons!

October 2nd 2007 10:55 pm
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Thanks Mom, for my new wallpaper!

Mom and I just LOVE dragons!
When she was a little girl, about seven or eight, she drew one for a school contest, and it got picked to be displayed in a downtown bank!

Do you think it's okay for a girl to like dragons? They are not mean dragons. There isn't even any fire...or smoke.
Maybe I should get meaner dragons since it is nearly Howlerween?

I'm going to go to bed now and dream about being a Princess in a magical land...

Nite, Nite, kitties



September 3rd 2006 10:43 am
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Dad is taking me to get shot. I'm done for...What's that, Momma, oh, shots, I'm not sure I like that much better...
Well, that wasn't so bad. Our vet uses that new pnuematic shot thingy, and it shoots the vaccines under the skin with air! No needles! I growled a little, but it didn't hurt. Dad says I'm good for another year. Does that mean I have to be good for a whole year??? See Ya, Sissy


We're giving momma grey hair!

August 19th 2006 10:45 pm
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I guess having all of us to deal with every day finally did it. Tonight Dad took Mom to Golden Corral to eat. After they had paid she noticed on the bill that the young cashier had charged for a "senior meal", and Mom is barely over 50! Time to buy the hair color. Hey Mom, I think you're swell even if you do look like a Grandma.


Finally on Catster!

August 17th 2006 7:41 pm
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Happy Day!!! Today mom and dad got home from work early, and instead of doing their chores, they decided to add me to Catster! They have held some of us back because we have such a large family, and it's hard for people to understand how any sane person could live with so many cats. It does get crazy at times, and mommy doesn't get new shoes very often, but they say we are worth every penny. I will tell you more next entry. Sissy

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