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It's not easy being the king of all cats...

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Daily Diary Pick!

January 20th 2008 10:51 am
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I was jumping fur joy when I found out I was DDP on the 16th!!! Mommy even made me a special picture fur me, it's on my catser page right now. I was surprised to find out that none of the kittys here on catster were mean about it. I hope everykitty continues to treat me the same. I got a Friskies treats and extra attention from mommy for being a DDP. I am so happy!!! =]


A Little bit about Mommy...

January 13th 2008 5:48 pm
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If any of you have been wondering who takes care of me, who types for me, and who the heck my mommy really is....
Mommy is actually 13 years old..before you say that's too young, she is pretty mature for her age and knows how to do a lot of computer-related things and knows the proper way to act on catster. She's never gotten me in a cat-fight on catster ever!
I thought I would tell you a little bit about her then...well first of all, she goes to High School. She's pretty much a computer geek and wants to be a computer graphics designer when she gets older. She LOVES animals and would probably want to be a vet, but it would be too hard to put precious pets to sleep or do hard operations on them for her. She also loves the great outdoors and goes camping a couple times a year.
As you can see, she loves taking pictures, especially ones of me. I have a few pictures of her on my catster page.
Please don't judge me or Mommy by her age. I don't really act any different then the other cats on catser. :)


November 22nd 2007 2:27 pm
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I have been tagged by my friend Chewbacca!

1. I am thankful for Mommy saving me from the tiny cages at the adoption center and for bringing me into a nice, safe home.

2. I am thankful for the great outdoors, and so many places to explore and run around.

3. I am thankful for yummy food and clean water.

4. I am thankful for a loving catster community and all my friends here!! You are all so friendly and nice. :)

5. Last and most inportantly, I am thankful for Mommy and all her love.

Don't forget to send p-mails to the kitties that you are tagging with a short note about getting tagged!


I have been tagged!

October 24th 2007 12:20 pm
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There is a new tag game going around and I have been tagged by a kitty. The game is played by saying something nice about 10 kittys including the one that tagged you. Then send the 10 cats a p-mail or a rosette telling them they have been tagged.

Kitty who tagged me:
Chewy- ( )
Chewy is a lot of fun to talk to and pmail all the time. She is so funny and has the silliest pictures on her page. :)

Kittys I'm going to tag:
Buddie- ( )
Buddie is such a nice kitty. He is always friendly to all the cats on catster! Please make sure you purr fur him because he hasn't been feeling so good lately, but I think he's doing great right now!! =]

Maizy- ( )
Of caurse I can't forget my girlfriend. ;) Maizy is adorable and mommy thinks so too. =D

Hazel Lucy- ( )
Hazel Lucy was one of my first friend on catster. She was so friendly to me when I was new to catster and still is very friendly today.

Karma Kitty- ( )
She was another one of my first friends on catster and is also very kind and generous!

Purdie- ( )
Purdie is a very very good friedn of mine. We talk and pmail eachother a lot, it's a lot of fun!

Patches- ( )
I am very close with Patches Mommy in real life. I actually introduced her to catster. Ever since, she has made even more feline friends and I am so happy for her.

Mercy - ( )
Mercy is really nice and so friendly, and very active on catster. I love her halloween costume!!!

King Milo - ( )
I don't really talk too often. He is my catster twin, we look so alike!


I've been tagged!!!!

May 24th 2007 12:21 pm
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The rules: If you have been tagged you need to write in your own diary the rules of the game, seven things about yourself, then list the seven cats you want to tag. Don’t forget to send them a P-mail that they have been tagged and to read your diary. Have fun!

1. I love drinking water from the bathtub. Mom draws the line at drinking from the man...=(

2. When I play outside, if I wanna come in, I let mommy know by climbing up the screen door. I can climb really high!

3. When mommy first got Penelope, Penelope was so mean to me, so I ran away!! Mommy found me 2 weeks later. She was so scared!!!!

4. Almost every single night, I sleep with Mommy on her bed.

5. I can climb up latters!! I picked up this skill when Mommy used to sleep in a bunk bed.

6. I can smell catnip from about 20 feet away.

7. When Mommy first adopted me, my original name was Ralph....Mommy thought Buttermilk was much cuter.

The 7 friends that I have tagged are:

Punkin pooh


I have a blog!

February 27th 2007 1:37 pm
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I just made a blog. It's called Buttermilk's Blurbs. I'm going to update it frequently. Click here! Please leave me some comments! Thanks :)



Yesterday I went to the vet...

February 25th 2007 10:21 am
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...and it wasn't fun! Mom just stuffed me in a small little carrier. I tried to get out, but I just ended flipping over 3 times. I meowed and meowed, but mommy wouldn't let me out. So after the horrible car ride, we arrived at the vet. I saw a couple of dogs there. They were barking at me. I didn't like it! When mommy carried me into the office, a woman took me out of the carrier and held me down. She was nice when she was petting me, but when I tried to make a run for it she held me down. The vet came over to weigh me, check my heartbeat, and look in my ears. He did all the normal stuff. I thought it was all over, but then he gave me 3 shots! That's alot of shots! Finally, it was all over. Mommy told me I was a very good boy. At least I don't have to go again fur a while.

~Buttermilk's freezing outside!

January 25th 2007 7:23 am
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I'm an outdoor/indoor cat, but I get most of my exorsize outside. This morning, Mommy let me outside the back door. It was freezing! I looked up and saw giant fluff balls atacking me! It must be snow. I remember having snow last year and the year before, but I didn't know it would come back again! So, the snowballs atacked me, so I took cover. I was still cold. I meowed as loud as I could, and soon Mommy ran to the door and let me back inside. "Aw, Buttermilk! You must be froozen!" Is what she said. I ran inside to warm up alittle. I really wanted to go outside!!!! I thought that maybe if I went through the front door instead of the back door, it wouldn't be snowing anymore. I was wrong. The front door was just as cold as the back door!

From the frozen paws of Buttermilk


Frontline! AHHHH!!!!

November 26th 2006 8:58 am
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Everything was going good, but I should of known it was coming...... Frontline. It's a treatment so I won't get any Ticks or Fleas outside. Mommy puts it right on my neck. It's cold and wet and I don't like it. Right now, I'm trying to hide from Mommy, so she won't put it on me again! I have to get another one next month........! I won't fall for Mommy's tricks ever again!



Sleepy & Lazy Days of Buttermilk

October 6th 2006 3:09 pm
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Dear Catster friends,

*Yawn* I've been sleeping all day. Why haven't I gone outside at all today? Mommy got sick :-( and she's feeling only slightly better. I hope I didn't catch her virus! .....No, I'm probably due fur my 24-hour nap, mol! Well.....*yawn*....I'm still tierd. Well there's nothing left to do but sleep! See you all in a coupla hours....

Purrs and Yawns ,

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