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Annual vet visit!

March 30th 2014 5:49 pm
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Callie, Rose and I had our annual vet visit on Saturday. I managed to escape being put into my carrier by peeing on it Saturday morning. That meant a last minute change in plans to have me on a harness and leash.

Once Mom carried me outside, I let the neighborhood know I was going to the vet by meowing very loudly. I’m sure they really appreciated that because it was before 8:00 am when we left.
I was pretty quiet in the car and just laid next to Mom on the backseat. Once we got to the vet, I let everyone know we were there by meowing really loudly. They must have heard us, because someone came to open the office door for us.

Once we all got in, the girls at the front desk were swooning over my green eyes. Then, once I got into the exam room, the vet swooned over my green eyes too. I was thinking that the visit wasn't going too bad, until I heard them say they were taking me in the back room to get some pre-anesthetic bloodwork. I didn't really panic until I realized that Mom wasn't coming with me. I meowed for Mom, but she just stood there and watched them take me away.

Thankfully, the bloodwork didn't take long and I was back in the exam room pretty quickly. I was kind of mad at Mom for not coming in the back, so I hung out in the sink until it was time to go.
I've since forgiven Mom and have been her little Velcro kitty all weekend.

Cuddly purrs,

Purred by: Hazel Lucy - My Angel (Catster Member)

March 31st 2014 at 1:13 am

I bet you can meow opera too!
Glad it wasn't too bad and that your green eyes won over everyone!
Purred by: Benson - DB #178 (Catster Member)

March 31st 2014 at 12:59 pm

You're so handsome and have such beautiful eyes - no wonder they were swooning over you! It never hurts to announce your arrival, that usually means quicker service!



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