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Kashmere's Kisses

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Welcoming My Brother, Cocoa Into Heaven This Morning.

August 1st 2011 5:39 pm
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Early this morning while everyone was asleep, Cocoa made his journey into Heaven so Picasso and I were there to greet him. He gave no indication that he was ready fur the Bridge the night before and it came as a big shock to all of us... Cocoa was diagnosed not too long ago with Hyperthyroidism as well as having Cardiomyopathy for 8-1/2 years. He was almost 16-1/2 years old.

When I met Cocoa in 2001 after being adopted from the shelter, he was such a pawsome kitty and so docile. At that time, Cocoa was the only kitty in the home besides me of course. He and meowmy had a purrry special bond and wow, what a meowmy's boy he was. They held that special bond up until the day he made his journey.

When meowmy came down stairs this morning at 8:15 am, she didn't see Cocoa and he didn't respond when she called him. She then looked over towards the dining room and saw him laying on his side, facing the patio glass doors. She had a bad feeling because he always answers her calls but this time, he didn't. As she approached him, he did not move so she knew something was terribly wrong. She picked him up and then collapsed while holding him in her arms, The night before, her dear furiend, Marie spent the night and everything was fine. Mom was crocheting while Cocoa was sitting on the sofa with her and auntie Rea Rea and they decided to go to bed at 12:30 am. Daddy was already sleeping since he had to get up early fur work. When auntie Marie used the bathroom at 2:15 am, she saw Cocoa in the flyer and he was fine. Daddy had to get up at 3:00 am fur work and there was nothing unusual with any of the boys. Meowmy and auntie Rea Rea took Cocoa to the vet at 8:30 and Doc Wray came up from surgery to check on our situation which was purrry nice. He said that Cocoa showed no signs of struggling to breathe and that he passed away peacefully at approximately 5:30-6:00 am. He also said that it was his heart that took him. He was such a wonderful kitty and such a good boy. We gained a beautiful angel today but I know that my family is feeling so much pain as well as all of his wonderful kitty furiends. Cocoa will be privately cremated and returned back home the following Wednesday.

I will continue to look over my family and furiends *sprinkles pink angel dust*

Angel Purrrrs!


Celebrating My 10th Birthday At The Bridge!

May 1st 2011 8:30 am
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Today is a purry special day because it's my 10th Birthday and there's a big pawty going on. Even my favorite Hello Kitty stopped by to have some cake and food. I know that my family is missing me and I am as well, missing them but I want them to know that I'm ok and that one day, we'll all be together again. There is also another special kitty who I miss with all my heart and that's my darling boyfriend, Bubby. Even though we're not together right now, we're together in our hearts and will always be as one.

The Bridge is a purry beautiful place that's always green with lots of purrty flowers and catnip fields. I meet new angels everyday and it's always a pawty here at the Bridge. Picasso is also doing well and he's always playing with his mousies. I received a cute pink mousie wearing a Birthday hat and a Hello Kitty doll from Picasso this morning *giggles* What a pawsome brother.

Do know that I'm watching over all of you and I think of you each and everyday as well as Picasso... Please try not to cry mommy because Rainbow Bridge really is a wonderful place and one day I'll come running to you, daddy and all of my brothers again with open paws. Until then, remember the sweet times shared when I was on earth *blow kisses*

Thank s to everyone fur your lovely comments & posts and fur thinking of me on my Birthday. Sending a special thanks to the following kitties fur their gifties & rosettes: My Family (tulips), Rufus (angel star), Bubby "boyfriend" (pink daisy), Mojo & Fam (pawty hat), angel Mercy & Fam (tulips), Alex & Fam (rainbow), angel Ava & Fam (tulips), Hondo (tulips).

Angel Purrs!


Celebrating My 2nd Bridge Annifursary!

April 20th 2011 9:30 pm
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First of all, I would like to wish my darling brother, Cocoa a purrry Happy 16th Birthday and many more celebrations to come. It's now April 21st on the east coast.

At 11:45 pm tonight 4/21, it will be 2 years since I made my journey into Heaven. I passed away peacefully in meowmy's arms which was a result from having a blood clot travel through my spine and into my brain. The vet believes that I was born with this clot. Mom will be lighting a candle next to my cherry wood Urn in honor of my Annifursary and I know this will be sad fur her. She does have to take her dear furiend, Marie (also our auntie) to the doctors as Marie was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD! As soon as she gets home, the celebration will begin fur Cocoa and of course a candle burning In Memory of me.

As most of you may know, my pawrents adopted Truffles "In Memory" of me about a month after my passing and he was even adopted at the same shelter that I was. Truffles is also a long haired Tabby kitty just like me.

I just want everyone to know that I'm watching over you and having a wonderful time here at Rainbow Bridge. I have also met so many new angels along the way... One day we will all meet again and as meowmy says "this is not a furever good-bye but just a temporary parting."

Thanks to each of you fur your kind words to meowmy and fur thinking of my on my 2nd Annifursary here in Heaven. Sending a warm thanks to all of my wonderful furiends fur your beautiful gifties & rosies: My Family (cross), Hooch & Fam (angel star), My sweetheart Bubby & Fam (angel star), Hondo & Fam (cross), Shadow "Paws" & Fam (paw), Xnea Princess & Fam (cross), Moonshadow & Fam (rainbow), Alex & Fam (rainbow).

Angel Purrrrs!


Welcoming Hazel Lucy Into Heaven!

March 16th 2011 6:20 pm
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Today was a special day as all of the angels were at the gates waiting to greet auntie Hazel Lucy... I stood next to my brother Picasso along with so many others. I was holding a beautiful Hello Kitty doll fur her and Picasso was holding one of his famous pink mousies to give to her as soon as she arrived. We had a big pawty with lots of treats, toys, catnip and Hazel's favorite, baby food. It is always difficult when our pawrents have to say good bye but I know in my heart that one day, we'll all meet again. Hazel Lucy was the founder of the Purrr Thread here on Catster and her meowmy, Julie is well known fur the beautiful accessories (blankies, hats & scarves) that she knits. Auntie Hazel Lucy has touched our hearts and will leave a lasting impression with everyone that was blessed to know her.

Please keep Hazel Lucy's meowmy in your purrrrs & purrayers during this sad time and know that she's in great paws here in Heaven with her hubby, Buddie as well as many new and old furiends.

Angel Purrrrs!


My Dear Furied, Mercy Has Joined Me In Heaven!

July 18th 2010 7:06 pm
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Yesterday when mom got home from work, she checked her e-mails and was informed by Hooch's meowmy that our dear furiend, *MERCY* had gone to the Bridge. Mom had to read the e-mail several times to make sure she was reading it correctly. She began crying in disbelief that our sweet Mercy was now an Angel. We knew at times that Miss Mercy wasn't feeling well but we had no idea that she would be making her journey... She was just too sick to continue her life here on earth. Her pawrents were with her when she made her journey yesterday morning and that is always comforting but doesn't make it any easier. We really haven't been on Caster all that much lately but mom plans on getting back to it. Sometimes our humans are busy with other things and just don't have the time fur certain other things. The changes to Catster were also discouraging there fur awhile. Mom could relate to auntie Janet & family and how they're hurting as my family had lost Picasso & me within 6 months apart. It is so hard fur our families to accept our passing and there are no words fur the extreme pain that they feel inside. Mom said that when Picasso & I passed away, a part of her died with them. Mom wishes that she could give auntie a big hug, along with her family during this sad and difficult time. I want you to know that Mercy is in good hands with Jesus and so many wonderful angel furiends. Picasso sent my family a little note from Heaven to inform them that he and I greeted Mercy with open paws and helped to show her around Heaven

We love you Mercy & family and please know that our love, thoughts, purrrrs and purrayers are with you. Please feel free to call meowmy if you need a furiend to talk to... She'll always be there fur you. Mom is in tears right now as she's helping us to write this diary. You're a purrty angel now Mercy and this is not a furever good-bye, just a temporary parting. We will meet again one day but until then, know that your earth family and furiends are missing you purrry much. Sweet Mercy will furever live in the hearts of those who knew her and in *wipes tears* She was also one of our first furiends here on Catsterland and always so kind, thoughtful and helpful... always there to lend a guiding paw! I'm honored to have such a special angel here in Heaven with me but my heart cries out fur her family & furiends.

Sad Purrrrs!


Happy Daddy's Day To Our Paw!

June 20th 2010 2:05 pm
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Today is Daddy's Day and we would like to wish our paw a wonderful Daddy's Day down from Heaven! Dad's day isn't just any day, it's a day set aside fur all dads, whether furrry or human. We had one of the best in the whole world and we appreciated everything he did fur Picasso and me as well as a wonderful wonderful and loving home. Thanks daddy fur all that you did and still do (fur my siblings) but especially fur the unconditional love that you had shown *blows angel kisses* Picasso and I would also like to wish all of the daddy's out there who are celebrating this special day.

Miss you daddy and one day, we'll meet again and be together furever!



Happy 5th Birthday To Our Monte!

June 15th 2010 7:46 am
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Today, our brother, *MONTE'S* is celebrating his 5th Birthday. He was adopted from mom's Ragdoll breeder after the passing of Picasso. Picasso made his journey on December 8th and Monte was brought home on December 10th. My pawrents decided that adopting him (retired breeder cat) would be a wonderful addition to our home and it would also be extra special to have the legacy of Picasso live on through his daddy. Monte has always been such a friendly boy and is always so sweet to my family. This is something that we believe Picasso would have wanted and so did we. He is actually the daddy of Angel Picasso, Cannoli, Karisma & PorkChop... We could see where those kitties got their good looks from *giggles* Mom is bringing him a cuppie cake tonight after work.

Happy Birthday brother Monte and many more pawsome celebrations to come *sprinkles angel dust from Heaven*

Angel Purrrrs!


Wishing Everyone A Purrry Happy Memorial Day!

May 30th 2010 10:09 am
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First of all, I would like to apawologize fur not being as active on Catster lately. We won't want you to get the impression that we no longer care about our special furiend as that is NOT the case. Mom has been busy and then with Catster having a lot of these sudden changes, we had to get ambitious to jump back on... I think a lot of meowmy's feel this away after the Catsterland changes but we'll get use to it, I'm sure.

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy & Safe Memorial Day and may your summer be lots of fun and exciting. Angel Picasso and I enjoy summertime here at the Bridge with all of our angel furiends along with the yummmy smell of fish cooking on the grill. I saw that Catster was purrry sweet and thoughtful to give us some complimentary gifties fur Memorial Day/summer which will last 7 days. Our pawrents are going to a pawty at dad's sister's so we won't have a chance to send those in return, but please know we will. Mom is off tomorrow so hopes to catch up with everything, if not tonight.

By the way, mom has a surprise waiting fur my siblings but I can't tell you just yet because it's a surprise *giggles* Now what did she get them??? Maybe it's fur Monte's Birthday on June 15th? You'll know soon enough and photos will be posted! Oh, meowmy also bought them a really cool 32" Sisal clawing post from Smarty Cat and they love it.

Sending a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their summertime yummm yummms: Chloe & Fam (flag), Sally "sweet angel" (ice cream), Mouse & Fam (melon), Soc "Paws"(melon), Wanda & Fam (burger), Willie & Fam (burger), Mr D & Fam (burger), Andre' & N'Bkay (burger), Sweet Pea (burger), Angel Calvin (burger), Miles & Fam (burger), Rusty & Fam (burger), Ava Corrine & Fam (burger), Aryeh & Fam (burger), Clawdia "angel" & Fam (burger), Murphy & Fam (burger), Snowflake "angel" & Fam (burger), Tabby "angel" Tabby & Fam (burger), Biscuit "angel" & Fam (hot dog).

Please always know that my beloved brother Picasso and I are watching over you each and everyday and we love & miss you purrry much *blows angel kisses*

UPDATE: Just in case we don't get to write your names in our diaries fur the num numms... please know how much we appreciate it. We did our best to thank each and everyone in return with a burger, hot dog, ice cream or melon but sometimes, we fall a bit behind. We will try to keep up with it the best we can. Thanks again fur thinking of us!

Angel Purrrrs!


Happy Birthday To Our Meowmy (from Heaven)!

May 15th 2010 11:08 am
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Today is a purrry special day as it's our meowmy's 47th Birthday celebration. Last night, daddy took her out fur a delicious dinner and tonight, her sister "auntie" Lillian is taking her out to a Japanese restaurant. Afterwards, they're going back to auntie's fur the big cake celebration and pressies. Hummm... pressies??? Mom told dad to go ahead and watch the games with his buddies since she'll be out with her sister tonight. Dad bought mom a beautiful gift basket of her favorite perfume (Ralph Lauren "Romance" 3.4 oz), along with the shower gel & body cream and cute card. Mom was so excited and couldn't wait to wear it. Actually, he gave it to her last night before they went out to dinner. Guess what??? As some of you may know, daddy is away during the week with a job in Connecticut and he leaves on Monday Morning "purrry early" and arrives back home on Friday. That means he has the entire weekend with mom & siblings. Tomorrow, dad is taking mom to the Casino fur a nice lunch and of course, some of that slot playing. Maybe they'll win millions? Wishful thinking but hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

From Meowmy Barbi: I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for your beautiful Birthday wishes (on Catster and Facebook)... Sending a special thanks My Babies (pink cupcake), Hunter & Fam (big cake), Chris Kizer & Family "Bitta's mom" for the lovely Birthday card, Karisma & Fam (cupcake), Mittens & Fam (rose), Murphy & Fam (tulips) & Margo & Fam (rose). You are such wonderful friends and you have each made my day even more special. Love you lots and thanks again for thinking of me *blows kisses*



Celebrating My 9th Birthday In Heaven!

May 1st 2010 9:10 am
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Today is a purrry special day because it's my Birthday. All of my beautiful Angel furiends here in Heaven have already planned a big Hello Kitty pawty fur me and I can't wait. The pawty starts at 1:00 pm and will go on all day long *does happy dance* I bet Hello Kitty will be there because as you all know, she's my favorite. Mom has always liked Hello Kitty, even in Grammar School.

As some of you may remember, I made my journey last year on Cocoa's 14th Birthday which was 10 days before my 8th Birthday celebration. I passed away peacefully in meowmy's arms. Unfortunately, she has to work today but plans on lighting a candle next to my Urn as soon as she gets home. Not a day does by that my family isn't missing me and of course, I miss each of them terribly. I do know that one day. we'll meet again but that doesn't take away the pain that my family feels. Mom still cries when I come up in conversation, as well as Picasso. I just want my meowmy, daddy, siblings and furiends know that everything is ok and Heaven is such a beautiful place with so many wonderful Angel furiends.

I would like to send a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their lovely gifties & rosettes: My Family (diamond), Mainline Gang (angel star), Angel Clawdia (pink cuppie cake), Hondo & Fam (pink cuppie cake), Mercy & Fam (hat), Nikko & Scooter (tulips), Angel Simi (tulips), Angel Calvin (rainbow) & Quinn C & Fam (heart). I will continue to watch over each and every one of you *sprinkles pink angel dust* Happy Birthday to all of the pawsome kitties who are also celebrating a May 1st Birthday as well...

Angel Purrrrs!

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