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2 Year Bridge Anniversary

May 23rd 2013 8:03 pm
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Amazing how fast time is flying! Can't believe it's been 2 years since you left. Things here just aren't the same without you but I hope you're enjoying your time at the bridge. I'm sure you've met the others that have joined you since you left. Just hoping that I'll see you and the others some day when it's my turn to cross that bridge. I love you Tanner! You'll always be my Kiss Kiss kitty. I miss you so much!


1 Year Bridge Anniversary

May 23rd 2012 3:09 pm
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I can't believe it's been a year already since you crossed the bridge. Time flies! I miss you Tanner. You'll always be my kiss-kiss kitty! There will never be another kitty like you!!!


Tanner got his wings today

May 23rd 2011 7:02 pm
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Tanner made his journey across the bridge today. I came home from work and found his body on the floor next to my bed. His tail was all fluffed up like he was startled and his eyes were open. I think he had a heart attack.

Tanner was my FIV baby that was abandoned by his previous owner after Katrina. I saw him and his brother grow up and couldn't bear the thought of something bad happening to them. It took about 6 months but I won Tanner's trust and he became a member of the family. I had him fixed and tested and the tests came back positive for FIV and the vet wanted me to give the ok to put him down. "No" immediately came out of my mouth. Just because he tested positive didn't mean an instant death sentence. If taken care of, he could have a great quality of life even if quantity of life was limited. And that's what he had. He was loved, taken care of and knew he found a furrever home.

He was my kiss-kiss kitty. He loved being loved on. He'd head butt me for kisses and would swing at me if he thought our kiss-kiss time wasn't long enough. But lately things changed. He lost so much weight over a short amount of time. He'd still eat and drink like normal but he was basically skin and bones. I knew his time was coming and I let him do whatever he wanted.

Some of the other kitties would bathe his head and he didn't object like he used to. The signs were there and I knew his days were numbered but I didn't realize it would be this soon. So I got ready for work this morning like I usually do, gave him a head scratch and a kiss on top of his head, told him I loved him and that I was proud of him, kicked all the rowdy animals out of the room and closed the door to give him some peace and quiet.

Not sure when he crossed the bridge but he had been dead for several hours by the time I found him. I hate the fact that I wasn't there for him when he crossed the bridge but I also know that I told him those things this morning before I left. He knows he was loved. I just hope he didn't suffer and wasn't in any pain before he crossed over.

I took him to be cremated. He will be forever in my heart. He had a good life and I'm lucky to have been the human he could call his own. Rest in peace my sweet Kiss-Kiss kitty. I will forever love and miss you. Till we meet again...


Happy Birthday to me!

October 1st 2009 3:59 pm
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Can you believe it? I'm 5 today!!! We just checked the birthday stroll and there's 1111 kitties registered as having a birthday today! That's alot of kitties!!!

Mom got me some presents but I'll share them with the rest of the furbutts cuz I'm such a nice guy! Mom got me a new fountain which Tigger got to drink out of first. That's ok...ladies first. Mom took a picture of Tigger and the fountain and posted it up as Tigger's new profile pic so go check it out.

I also got one of those round things where you bat the ball around in a circle. It has a scratching pad in the middle and it's lined with catnip! Oh boy...catnip!!! The ball has a red light in it too which drives us crazy!

I got treats and more catnip toys too. It's like Christmas time here right now. A few days ago it was Princess, Shelby and Simon's birthday so they got lots of pressies too so we got all kinds of new stuff to play with this last week! Mom says we're spoiled...does anyone know what that means???

Well, time to go play some more so Happy Birthday to all the kitties out there having a birthday today too! Hope you're enjoying your day as much as I'm enjoying mine! Happy Birthday!!!


I'm 3 Today!!!

October 1st 2007 3:19 pm
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Woohoo! I'm the birthday boy today in my furfamily! So far, I can't really say that today is any different than any other day. I've eaten, taken plenty of cat naps and basically laid around all day. I also get lots of kisses from mommie. So, is it my birthday every day then? It sure seems like it.

Today is both a happy day and a sad day for mommie.
Happy moments: it's my 3rd birthday which is a milestone in itself since I was a feral kitty up until a year ago and I'm FIV positive which poses other problems.

Sad moments: it's been 1 year exactly since my brother BW disappeared and never came back. Mom got to feed him and sing him Happy Birthday and he disappeared forever. Mom hopes it wasn't her singing that drove him away.

Another sad moment: it's been 6 months since Orange was killed. Orange was my brother BW's girlfriend that was killed less than a week after having kittens that mom could never find. Her story is in one of my earlier diaries.

Another sad moment: it's been 4 long weeks since Whitey disappeared and mom is afraid that she'll never see him again either.

Then there's Thomas, my son. Mom hasn't seen him in a week and worries that something bad happened to him. Mom hasn't listed him as missing yet because she's trying to stay positive and hoping that he just hasn't been around at the same time mom has been.

But on a positive note today, Kiwi has plopped himself into a special place in mom's heart by climbing into her lap this morning and was more interested in lap time than eating. He's been skirting the idea of climbing in her lap these last few days but he literally kept trying to trip mom up this morning until she sat down. As soon as she sat down, he jumped right up and plopped himself down. He acted like he's laid in mom's lap all his life. He made mom's day today! Maybe he knows that today is a sad day in general for mommie and just wanted her to know that everything will be okay. Isn't he a sweetie?

Talking of being a sweetie, mommie is home from work now. So now it's my turn to be a sweetie and go give mommie some much needed headbutts. I think she needs them. I'm her kiss magnet so I know there'll be lots of kisses in it for me. Mom says she can't help it. Can you blame her? I'm adorable! Happy Birthday to me! I'm 3 today!!!


Annual Vet Visit

September 21st 2007 11:29 am
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Well, my day started so nicely until mom got out the carriers! What did I do wrong to deserve this? Haven't I been a good boy? Mom always tells me that I'm such a good boy, but with her shoving me in that carrier, I'm beginning to wonder if she actually believes what she says!

As soon as she trapped me in the carrier, I started vocalizing my unhappiness. In doing so, it attracted some of the other furbutts so they had to come investigate. Even the mutt got in on the action. Any time one of us gets put in the carrier, the mutt starts crying, and today was no different.

So mom loaded me and Simon into that thing on wheels and drove us to the vet. I was very vocal the entire way. Then Simon and I started talking to eachother. I'd cry, then Simon would cry, then I'd cry and then Simon would cry again. This went on the entire 20 mile drive to the vet. At times we got a chuckle out of mom as we talked back and forth.

We get to the vet and I weighed in at 16.2 pounds. Everyone commented on how "big" I am. The vet lady asked mom if I'm on a diet. Of course I'm not! Do I look like I'm on a diet? So mom explained how I was a feral kitty and I have FIV. Mom said she's not going to put me on a diet. The vet lady understood. She gave me my shots and did my exam. No worms! She said that I'm doing very well in spite of my rather large size.

So I got back in my carrier and waited for Simon to get his shots and have his exam. He was not a happy kitty!!! Then we all got back in that thing on wheels and I did not make one sound the entire ride home. I've had an exhausting day so far and I really think I need a nap. I'm sure everyone understands. So, on that note, I'll chat with everyone later. Meow!


My 1 Year Anniversary As An Indoor Cat!!!

August 10th 2007 1:08 pm
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Can you believe it? It's been exactly 1 year today that I waltzed inside and made myself at home! Time sure has flown. A year already!!!

I didn't know what I was missing while I was a feral kitty, but I sure don't miss it! I have a human that loves me and takes care of me (and didn't have me put to sleep just because I tested positive for FIV), a roof over my head, climate control, a comfortable place to sleep, food 24/7, a continuous water supply, toys galore, a dog to beat up...what more could a kitty ask for? I hit the jackpot and all I had to do was to take a chance on this human that started feeding me after my previous feeder abandoned me, my brother BW and Orange. Who knew?!!!

We found out that I love to be loved on and I can be very affectionate to my human. She calls me her "kiss magnet" cuz I love when she gives me kisses on my head! I have my bi-polar moments but not as many as I had a year ago. I guess "love and trust" changes things.

I put on a few pounds (more like 15) since coming inside. I love to eat and eat and eat! I'm fat and happy and mom is very proud of me. I'm a very lucky kitty but can you believe it's been a year already?


4th of July Date

July 4th 2007 3:06 pm
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It's the 4th of July and I'm on a date with Popeye. Woo Hoo!!! We're having a blast but we seem to like it best hanging out together under the bed. The thunder is a little loud at times so we decided to take refuge under the bed. I'm just hoping that we don't get stuck under there. I'm not exactly "little" (more like a "little" chunky) but Popeye doesn't seem to mind. I guess there's just more of me to love, right?

The BBQ grill is fired up and the steaks are getting ready to be grilled. Yum!!! Popeye's parents bought us a huge steak to share. Popeye doesn't think that we'll be able to finish it, but I'm sure it won't be that hard. I've been practicing for months at eating any chance I get. I think I've set a record in our house. I don't know... Tigger's a close second at eating.

I sent mommie a pmail from Popeye's house letting her know that we're doing great (Popeye and her mommie told me to send it). I'm a guy...I don't think about things like that. Mommie has this saying "no news is good news" and it works for me, but I didn't want to upset Popeye.

Well, it's time to get back to the celebration with Popeye and her family. We'll enjoy the fireworks later and I'll go home sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'm really enjoying myself and I know Popeye is too.

I think the food is almost ready so it's time for me to go. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!!! Happy Birthday America!


I've Been Tagged

May 24th 2007 12:39 pm
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The Rules

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven random facts and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My Seven Random Facts:

1. I chirp at mom every time I see her and then have to follow her around

2. I don't like the dog and I attack her every chance I get

3. I love to eat, eat, and eat (I must weigh 20 pounds now)

4. I weigh so much that I broke the lid on the litter box with my hefty weight

5. Sunny is the only animal in the house that I get along with

6. I'm so big that I can't sit on the window ledge anymore. Mom had to put a table in front of the window for me to sit on and look out the window

7. I absolutely love being brushed (of course I have to bite the brush every chance I get)

Now I tag these 7 kitties:

1. Felony
2. Damien
3. Patches
4. Roadkill
5. Kanji
6. Crash
7. Kioko


Somebody Killed Orange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 30th 2007 5:03 pm
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A little over a year ago, mom started feeding me, my brother BW and Orange who was BW's girlfriend. Mom took me in last August but still continued to feed BW and Orange. BW disappeared on October 1, 2006 and mom continued to feed Orange. Orange loved my mom and meowed at mom and would follow her everywhere when mom was outside. Orange got pregnant and disappeared for a week to have her kittens which mom thinks she gave birth to this last weekend. Orange finally showed up to greet mom 2 nights ago and she waited for mom last night. She was so full of life! Mom went over to the usual feeding spot and Orange walked along side her, of course meowing along the way. Mom put the food down for Orange, pet her on the head and went home.

Mom was on her way to work this afternoon, and when she turned out onto the main road, something told mom to look to the left in the brush. As soon as mom turned to look, she saw Orange laid out on a piece of cardboard about 10 feet from the road. Mom turned around and pulled over. It was Orange. She had liquid coming out of her nose and when mom tried to pick her up by the scruff of her neck, blood came out of her mouth. Her body was a little stiff. Mom cried and cried. She thinks someone poisoned Orange. She had no physical signs of being attacked by something or being hit by a car. Mom's outside baby is dead. With Orange gone, Mom knows that the kittens will be dead shortly too because she has no idea where they are at.

Mom came home at dinner time and took the dog out for a walk. She took her out to where Orange is. The dog confirmed that it's Orange. Orange and the dog were friends. They always greeted eachother by stiffing noses and the dog would always wag her tail. She was very protective of Orange. The dog started wagging her tail when she sniffed Orange's body but then she stopped wagging her tail. She smelled and knew that Orange is dead. She nudged Orange's body a few times. Then she turned around and just looked at mom with that confused look and those sad puppy dog eyes. Mom lost it.

Orange knew that she was loved. Mom had planned on taking her with us when we move in a week. She never made it. The complex manager had just asked mom the other day if she was going to take the cats with her when she moved. Mom also knows that the maintenance guy said that he would either poison or shoot the cats that mom doesn't take with her. I guess mom didn't get a chance to do anything with Orange. Now mom is worried about the other kitties that she feeds. Hopefully nothing will happen to them!

I don't know which is worse, your cat disappearing never to be seen again (where you hope that someone took her in and gave her a good home) or seeing them dead and hoping that they didn't suffer or have a slow painful death but knowing that they probably did and were alone when they died.

We love you Orange! God speed little one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will never forget you and you will be greatly and forever missed!!!

Update: 31 Mar 07. Mom got up today and went to go bury Orange's body, but when she went out there, Orange has already been taken away. Mom and the dog walked around the brush to make sure she wasn't dragged off but she didn't find her. We hope that she wasn't just thrown in the trash like garbage. Now mom is really upset and feeling guilty that she didn't give Orange the respect and dignity of being buried. Mom hopes that Orange will forgive her. We love you Orange and will never forget you!!! Mom hopes that Orange will wait for her at the Bridge and someday they will be reunited once again. Until next time little you and miss you terribly!

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