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January 7th 2007 8:36 am
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well this is my first entry and it isn't even about me. But is very important .

this is from my mom

I had a real scarey experience New Years Eve night. I was rushed into the hospital just before midnite.

I had a migraine ( not a bad one ) all day. We had tickets to go out to celebrate and I didn't want to miss it. Anyway, About 11:30 pm we went outside for a smoke and then came in. I had just sat down when the DJ turned on the strobe light and it flashed in my eyes. Then a sharp pain in my head made me feel ill. All I remember from then is standing up and saying I needed some air. (I was told the rest of this) I made it outside and my husband was worried and followed me. I told him I was ok but just needed some air, when all of a sudden my legs buckled from the hips behind me and I went down hitting my head against the brick wall. So not only did I pass out, I was knocked unconscious too. My husband thought I was dead, until he could find my pulse. Then even the EMT's thought I had a stroke ( I couldn't move , talk or anything ) My eyes were open but I couldn't do anything and I don't remember it ) Anyway I woke up 3 hrs later while going for a CT scan.
Turns out good and bad..... I never suffered a stroke or heart attack, I suffered what is called a MIGRAINE EVOLUTION. This is where something triggers the blood vessels NOT to open ( in my case the strobe light )which makes you pass out until they open again. You can be unconscious for 2 - 72 hrs. You look like you had a stroke and even feel like it. If they don't open... in rare cases you can die.
I am still recovering from the headache, the knock on the head and from my legs buckling up behind my back. My speech is getting better along with my walking. I still have memory lapses but that is getting better too.
Just thought I should warn anyone who suffers migraines to watch out for sudden triggers... strobe lights are dangerous to migraines. This can happen even without having a migraine at the time.


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