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Fluffy, not fat!

The origin of my name...

September 6th 2007 9:46 am
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My mommy named me after the opera singer, Pavarotti. This morning, at 5am, he passed away! This is very terrible news. :(

Click to see news article here.


Dress up?

December 14th 2006 9:49 pm
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I don't like playing dress up! The only thing i wear is my purrrrty collar! It is leopard print :) Just cut my nails, comb me and let me sleep. No pictures.



September 22nd 2006 12:13 pm
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I'm not meowing to go outside. I'm meowing because I have no food! Well, I have food, but there are ANTS all over it! I can't eat that crap. My owner finally figured this out after a day of me meowing to get her attention. Eww gross. Thank cats it is all cleaned up now!


Outside and everything that moves

September 20th 2006 12:09 am
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I got to roam around outside today! Oh how I love that. I just really wish i could catch one of the lizards. The wall is too high, so i can't jump on it. They tease me by coming down just a little bit, then crawling back over the wall. Fast little buggers. I suppose they know what i'm going to do when i catch one. Just watch. It will happen one day. And that day... will be the day!

There was a nice huge dragonfly running around the yard this morning as well. Can't stay still for just one darn minute. I mean really. Don't they ever get tired? I just wanna paw it...

Now i have a swollen eye. Always happens when i go outside for extended periods of time. (Usually pretty rare) I'm not sure if it's a mosquito bite, or if i have pink eye. Either way, my owner has touched me a million times trying to comfort me. I'm sure she's gonna catch it. Wait, she already has 19 mosquito bites herself. Meow.


Cooler now, sleep less?

September 17th 2006 7:37 am
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Ok, my owner was smart today and left all the doors and windows open in the house. It's nice and cool this morning! However, I'd really like to go out and catch some of the birds flying by. What a tease!

My owner hasn't been her normal self lately. Normally, she's gone the entire day so I can sleep. But this weekend, she's barely left the house. When she's here, she bugs me every 2-3 hours. I want to sleep! But i do like the attention :)


Fluffy, not cool

September 16th 2006 8:27 am
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My owner just does not get it. I'm not fat. I'm fluffy. What does that mean? It means that i need to be kept in a cool house, with the A/C running all the time. Is the A/C running? No. I suppose it isn't my owner's fault, because it just broke yesterday. But still. It is almost unpawable!

I must have been in 200 different places in the house, in 300 different pawsitions and i still am not comfortable. Get ready for some shedding!


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