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The Jungle Book

My Tail of Devotion for Pebbles

August 22nd 2006 6:49 pm
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Pebbles, my little moon-eyed prowess, my beautiful jungle kitty, you have such a wonderful disposition. You’re sugar and spice and everything nice because that’s what little girls are made of. One minute you can be aloof and the next meowing for attention. My favorite times are when you come into the bathroom after I have taken a shower and lick the water off my feet to get my attention.
You have the same eyes as your brother, big, beautiful orbs that pierce the soul. There will never be anyone like you my little woobie. My heart is yours…Mommy

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For The Love Of Ice Cubes

August 8th 2006 8:49 pm
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I guess Mom had mentioned somewhere in my bio that I like ice cubes. Ah, what fun they are to play with on the kitchen floor on a hot summer day. My brother, Sabastian, and of course myself , would wait in anticipation for the freezer door to open and in a flash we would be there, hunched over and ready for an ice cube or two to hit the floor.
It was time to play ice hockey. Yay!!!!
I was usually the one to get the first swat. It would go sliding across the floor with Sabastian running after it and then a swat and it was my turn. We would usually play till the ice cube melted or I would get tired of playing. Most of the time I didn’t want to play anymore so I would pick it up and find a place to hide the ice cube so we could use it later.
I was pretty good at finding places to hide it so no one would ever find them. Well almost no one, except for Mom. She always got mad because they usually ended up melted in her shoes. Every time I would go back to look for them, they were gone. Go figure…

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