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Simon Says:

Every day is a gift...Life is a gift

October 31st 2008 5:02 pm
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Simon is sitting in a quiet spot by the lake. His angel friend Ralphie sits
by him and they quietly watch the ripples glide across the water. "you know
how you always say Life is a Gift, Ralphie, well it really is, isn't it, and
we should treasure every second of it." "Yes, " answers Ralphie " the gift
of life is not a defined space or size..we never know when we are given it
how large it is, how long it will last. But, you know, that doesn't even
matter...for we can fill a very small space with all the love and life in
the universe or, conversely, we can have a very empty hollow huge space
that is worth nothing at all. " "ahhh...and then there is the ribbon
around the gift" muses Simon 'that is sort of like the rainbow bridge isnt
it...the link to the other side, the ribbon contains the gift of life..the
two go together...they are part of each other. the ribbon contains all the
memories and the joys and sadness of the life". 'Right "says Ralphie "and
when you leave the container of life behind you cross over that ribbon
bridge of memories and into the everlasting freedom of heaven, the rainbow
bridge, where the pain and the suffering and the mistakes made in life are
gone and you can only remember the joy you knew in life ..the love.. the
happiness. And for those sweet souls who knew no joy in life there will be
joy across the bridge. " They sit there silently.
Simon sighs, " Several of my and Marybeths dearest friends crossed the
bridge this week, it has been a week of loss. " "No Simon, you are not
quite getting it" says Ralphie "They are not lost, they have just completed
their circle of life, their gift is complete. and now their angel selves can
share that gift by spreading love. You feel love in so many ways...we always
think love should just be fun and jolly but love is true feeling and can be pain and loss and sadness because those feelings make
the feelings of joy and gladness that much sweeter and stronger. Love is not
easy, Simon, but it is not hard either...Love just is...all is what we is life and love is beyond life
too. So fill your "gift" to full capacity and wrap it in a ribbon with all
the colors of the rainbow" .
The swans glide by , slowly and there is a ripple wake behind them. Slowly
it makes its way to the shore and laps ever so slightly at the feet of Simon
and Ralphie. They turn and smile at each other.


Happy to be alive

August 16th 2008 1:04 am
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Today is my tenth birthday and I am so grateful to be here and healthy and have such a loving furmily and such great furrends...there are so many kitties with no forever home and I feel so fortunate that my mom happend by the rescue booth ten years ago on her birthday. There I was..a scrawny yeowling kitten. I guess I looked so much like her Joseph she had recently lost, she burst into tears ,picked me up and kissed me. Her daughter bought me on the spot. I sure love to pick on my sisfurs Jacquelyn and we just play..that is what it is...My favorite thing to eat is shrimp and I bet I will get a big one or two today...Thank you all my furrends for my collars and treats and all the well wishes..Birthday are great!


tagged by Chessie and Alfie

May 13th 2008 5:37 pm
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4 jobs I have
My main job is to taste the shrimps and see if they are OK
I also have to help Mom brush her teeth and try to lick her lips
I also have to chase my sister Jacquelyn around so she gets exercise
and I have to sit on Mom while she watchs TV or movies

4 places i have lived or slept
I don't remember where I lived before my MOm but I was skinney and hungry when she took me home forever
I like to sleep on Moms Bed
I like to sleep on the railing of the deck
I like to sleep in the basket next to Moms computer while she works

4 places i would rather be..
outside if i am in
inside if i am out
up if i am down and down if i am up

what would i rather be doing////
eating shrimp
eating shrimp
eating shrimp


Thanksgiving Tags game

November 18th 2007 10:11 pm
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I've been tagged by my friend , Little Bit. Since it is almost Thanksgiving she decided to modify the game a bit and talk about being Thankful. So here goes...

I am thankful that I have such a wonderful family who loves me and my sisfurrs and woofers and whinniers. I am thankful to have such wonderful friends on catster and dogster. I am thankful for shrimp.

I am tagging these five kitties and ask each to post what they are thankful for in their diary then tag 5 kitties to do the same.

1. Athena
3. Alfie
4. Maggie
5. Angel


Oct 23,2007

October 23rd 2007 1:19 am
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I have been tagged by !.Roo, who is so sweet and pink and beautiful, 2.Lucy , who is so giving and caring and talented 3. Playful, who is so lovely and funny and caring,4. Macaroni, who is so big and handsome and funny,5.Squid, who is the handsome tux cat, 6. Jules Vern, who is very caring, sharing and giving and 7. Chadwick, who makes me laugh and listens to my kvetches * My little demon, who is busy and helpful and makes me laugh

What great furrends i have...what great furrends...

I pick to tag and the you hve to tell who tagged you and something nice about them and pick ten new taggies and tell something nice about them and go tell them to read your diary and that they have been tagged...i think that is how it works...
1.Socks, who is funny and silly and strong
2. Tom,so handsome and strong
3. Felix, i admire and love to spend time with
4.Little Bit, who is beautiful and funny and fun to be with
5.Leonidas, who is strong and handsome and swashbuckling
6.Sophie, who is so pretty and humourous and fun
7Oreo, who is so giving and helpful and such a good friend
8.Athena, bringer of joy and treats to the tea pawties
9.Fudge..who is always so supportive and funny
10. Luca...who is handsome and funny and bright
11. last but not least, Alfie, without whom a day would not be worthwhile waking up to


Come see my blog...

August 5th 2007 8:18 pm
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Simons Blog on my meowms website


Simon Says: I have been tagged...

May 25th 2007 10:49 pm
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by Cali, Catmander Teal'C, Amber and Fridayand Alfie
The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.
My seven facts about myself are:
1. I love the taste of toothpaste (doesn't that bring odd pictures to mind)
2. I do not like Jacquelyn, my sister cat and i attack her whenever I can get away with it.
3.I love to get up on the stove and see if there is anything to lick
4.I like to break the door in and sleep with my mom after she has thrown me out of the bedroom for romping on them too much.
5. I love to eat 4 times a day at least and i will tease for treats
6. I like to chase snakes in the garden even though my mom doesn't like me to do that becasue she likes them
7. I like to sneak outside if someone opens a door...I usually only get to go out in the garden in the morning, and i would never ever go out at night...coyotes
I am going to attempt to tag
Francis A Sinatra

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