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5 Years

February 21st 2011 6:30 pm
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Today is my 5th bridge day. It only feels like yesterday & my family still misses me all the time. I will always be their darling grumpy girl. But to tell the truth my furless almost forgot, she knew it was coming up but she has just been so busy and such. But when she logged in today she saw my sweet furiends had left me some gifts and remembered what day it was. She then started going through some old pictures & was thinking of her favorite memories. It brought tears to her eyes, but she knows Iam a much happier place. Running around up here at the bridge with all my new friends, young and healthy again.

I would also like to thank some very special pals:
Gump,Pixie and Joshua for my rosettes! And also Leo & The Wee Bees Siamese for their kind pmails! Thanks everyone! You all have made this day much easier.



Emma here....

June 20th 2009 8:49 am
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Wow it has been a bit, hasn't it? Well the human volunteered at the animal shelter twice this week (normally she does it once during the week & once on the weekend) because this weekend is going to be very busy! She went on Wednesday and that is when she learned some sad news.

She walked in and something just felt different, she signed in & put her stuff away and then asked Sharon (who is one of the staff members) about the Sela situation. Only to find out that on Monday Sela started crashing and could barely walk, and then on Tuesday she could walk but crashed again and was very confused and sick. So she was gently helped to the bridge, surrounded by the people who have loved her for many years. You guys probably remember me meowing about Sela here & there, she was the older calico cat at the shelter but what made her special in the furless's heart was she was diabetic just like I was. Sela was so sweet & loving and never caused any trouble and was loved by oh so many. Sela was adopted from the shelter back in 2001 but returned in terrible shape in 2006 and had been there ever since. The furless even sponsored her my latest bridge anniversary. Though about a week before her passing the shelter officially adopted the cat they had grown so fond of over the years. She will be very missed.

Well just wanted to give you all that update! Things at home have been pretty good and nothing much has been going on though like I said this weekend will be very busy! Evan (11) and Grace (8 but not for long...) are going over to their grandparents around four, because the furless mom & dad are going to a special pet humanitarian recognition dinner that the shelter the furless volunteers at is having tonight. And then tomorrow is fathers day but is also little Gracie's 9th brithday! And the peeps also have to wake up a bit early and leave before 9am to go to Carter's boy scout camp family lunch. He has been there for almost a entire week, and still has a few days left! So there will be a lot going on.

*Yawn* Would you look at the time?! It is almost 11am, I need to take my before lunch nap. Will meow at you all later!


P.s Since June is adopt a cat month I have decided to show some sweet cats that are looking for forever homes:
Marcy Mane


Crazy humans....

May 31st 2009 11:01 am
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Hi furiends!
Well I thought I would take a brake for my Sunday all day sun nap and meow a update for you all. The humans have been busy doing some crazy things to the house, dad finally took out almost all of the downstairs carpet. Since about Feb. (I think) we have had half carpet in the basement because of the fridge going crazy one night and the ice maker broke and water flooded the kitchen and then made it's way to the basment and ruined the carpet. Dad also got crazy with the hammer and took out some of the panneling on the walls because they haven't been looking right and then he tore down a wall! There is a "toy room" in the basement with big shelves where all the kids junk & toys are stored and then there is a room right next to it with a desk and a computer and a big bed. When I was an earth kitty it was refered to as "Emma's Bed" hehe. Anywho the humans thought it would make the basement look better & bigger if they took down the wall in the computer room to make it more open and not a room really.
So basically it is just a big mess! MOL. And now the humans have these two strange guys coming in the house. They bring these buckets with smelly white paint and spend hours sticking brushes in the buckets and painting "door trims" whatever that is. Well I just wanted to let you all know what is going on because we might not be able to get on as often.

Oh! And one last piece of news is that when the furless was voltunteering at The Pet Connection and learned some sad news. Our shelter friend Sela, is slowly withering away and the doctors say she doesn't have long now. Sela has been at the shelter for a long time, she is a very old and very big calico girl who is diabetic like I was. She has been having some trouble so the other day she had some tests done and they found that her kidneys where failing and that at the most she has a 2 weeks left and at the least she a week. She is in no pain at the moment and is still her lazy and sweet self, but pals if you could send some purrs her way that would be pawsome. We know that she will be probably going to the bridge in the next few weeks but if you could purr that she stays out of pain and when she does go that is peaceful. Thank you pals.

Well gotta go, meow at you all later!!
Emma Kitty


Happy Birthday To Me!!

May 29th 2009 12:14 pm
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Silly silly humans. So the furless was all ready and a week before my brithday she decided that she would post a birthday bash thread in the forums and a diary entry and just have a great time. Here it is the day after my birthday when she just now remembers yesterday was my birthday! MOL.

But I guess she has been kinda busy, on the 26th my dog brothers Murphy & Josh where chosen as dogster's diary of the day but you all still have to remember that I was diary of the day before them so I am more special(mol). And instead of spending some time on catster she got hooked in some crazy dogster thread and had to go somewhere and when she finally got home the furless was really sad because three dogs (all in the same family) that where pals with my dog siblings where poisened by antifreeze by a heartless soul and they all came to the bridge. Even though the only dogs I ever liked where Rosie & Nelson I do feel for their mom who must be heartbroken saying goodbye to Joey, Nari (who was her owner's service dog) & Jake.

Well even though the furless forgot my big 19th birthday us bridge kitties had a big bash with cat nip heaps, turkey & salmon cake, and so many toys you can't count them all! So with all that party hardy time it is now time for a good long nap in the sun.
Headbonks & Love


It's a coming.....

May 22nd 2009 2:58 pm
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Yup, my 19th meow day is almost here!! On the 28th we are going to have a huge birthday bash here at the bridge! I want it to be extra special because it will be my pal Zack's first pawty here at the bridge. And boy to us angels now have to throw parties (mol) we have toys everywhere, catnip heaps, and of course gigantic food buffets! And then when pawty time is over the sun shines bright and we all take a nice sunny nap in the grass for a few hours!
Well I gotta go Zack, Moo, myself and all my angel furiends are going to go down to the koi ponds and are going to try and catch one!
Headbonks & Purrs


Welcoming Zack

May 16th 2009 7:54 pm
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Dear pals,
It is with a heavy heart that I meow that a very sweet & loving furiend joined me at the bridge today. Zack grew his wings today after spending 14 wonderful years with them. Zack fought till the end until it was finally his time and he died surrounded by his loving family, his mom is simply heartbroken and so are we. Please pals if you can send him & his mom some love in this terrible time, she loved her beloved Zack so very much.
Zack's entire furmily is so amazing, there are so many cats in his family 20+!!!But they are all spoiled rotten & are taken so greatly of, all of these cats are taken better care of then cats we have seen in a single feline household.
We feel so much for Teri, Zack's mom, and are sending great vibes to her in this hard time and we hope you will join us.
Thank you
Emma Kitty


Cat Bib

April 29th 2009 5:47 pm
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Thought you guys might like this;
The Cat Bib.


Im Baaack!

April 28th 2009 2:12 pm
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Oh my furiends! It has been about a month since I have written. A month!!?! Oh how ever did you all survive with out knowing what is going on with me? Well no more worries my furiends, the human must have just forgot that catster is number one on the list. Some how she got in her mind that assignments and learning is number one on this magical list. Mol.Silly humans, plus the little bark balls of fluff (the dogs) have been computer hogs lately always on dogster and barking with their buddies.
Anymew everything has been pretty nice here, the weather is finally looking nice out it was freezin this morning but of course it didn't last long because spring in finally here! WOOHOO! Now if only summer would get here...............

Your Pal


Welcome new angels.

March 23rd 2009 3:17 pm
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Well recently new a few new kitties have joined me at the bridge. Jesse crossed the bridge oh so young, only five years old! Her loving furmily found her on the side of the road and found she was hit by a car and made her way to the bridge to get her new wings. Jesse doesn't get on catster a lot because her doggy siblings seem to hog it to go on dogster. I can understand that! MOL. Well please send purrs and loving to Jesse's fumily in this hard time.

Simi is also a young angel he was just four years old when he got his wings today. Little Simi, run free handsome boy!!

And then there is a true hero, Shep. We just became pals a few days ago but Shep is such a brave & kind hearted cat. You can't help but fall in love with him! Well at the age of 12 years old Shep crossed the bridge after a long fight with cancer. Sheppy, you will forever be loved & will never ever be forgotten!!

I Only Wanted You

"They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Author Unknown"

Run free beloved angels.
Heavenly Headbonks



March 1st 2009 3:58 pm
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I think the diary lady must really like my cute face or maybe it is my additude? Well she must like me because I am another DDP. Woohoo, I am purrsonaly becoming a fan of the diary lady myself! MOL. Well thank you very much diary purrrrrson & all of the cool cats and people at HQ fur making me another Daily Diary Pick! I am definatly enjoying my 15 minutes of fame. Oooh and before I forget here is a new update on my pal Zack, he wasn't feeling very good today-

"I am not feeling so great this morning. I am a lot quieter than I have been, and now I've got mom more worried.
I also wasn't very intersted in breakfast. I ate about half my normal amount, but soon after, I threw it up. Not good...
I rarely ever lose my supper, but when I do, I always go into the litter box to do it. I have done this since I was a kitten. They say I have the manners of a gentleman. Still, I can't afford to lose any calories right now.Hopefully this was just a one time incident. Too many chicken treats maybe?
Well, I just had time for a quick note, now the humans have to go and work. I will nap until they get back. Daddy has arranged his work schedule so they can check back a few times during the day.
I send my continued thanks for all the purrs.
Soon I will get started on those "O' Fish Eel" thank you's.
Loving purrs to my girl, Kiwi too. I'll write soon, honey.
Sleepy purrs.
>^,,^< Zack"

So keep on purrrrring fur him pals!!
Sandpaper kisses & Maine Coon Headbonks

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