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Another Vet-tastrophy and a Sad Day

January 16th 2007 3:20 pm
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Well Mum said she thought I was wheezing and dragged me off to the vet today. It was very scary as we had to wait 30 minutes for our appointment and there was a very excited doggie in the waiting room with me. Well I hid under the blanket in my carrier - mum said I was acting just like Natasha! When we got in the appointment itself wasn't too bad - I guess I wasn't paying too much attention there were so many fun things to sniff and the vet let me play in the sink! I love water! When we got home mum gave me this gross stuff called clavamox - i think thats the name - yuck! I should have payed attention more apparently the vet thinks I'm coming down with another URI and put me on antibac and antiviral meds - bleck - ! Also I have put on 1 1/2 lbs in just over a month - making me what mummy calls a fatty boom-batty and I have to eat a better diet. The vet told mum she was doing the right thing keeping us on senior food due to Jabba's special diet needs but said to take away my kibble between meals! NO what a meanie! Mum also switching us onto a higher quality cat food - NOOOOOO I love my meow mix! The vet also suggested putting Natasha on kitten food to help her gain weight as she's so tiny - no fair I'm the kitten she's 3 years old! All around bad bad bad visit.

Mum's bit - On a sad note while walking in my neighborhood today I came across a local stray that some neighbors had been feeding that had been struck down and mortally injured in the road. Some cruel person had driven off leaving this beautiful girl to bleed to death in the street. By the time i found her there was nothing that could be done although I did call animal control to come help. I was mortified by their slow response time as it took me 20 minutes on hold before I could even talk to a person. The dispatch assured me they would send someone out immediately however it took over an hour for anyone to arrive, when they did I asked why they took so long and I was informed that they had only received the call from dispatch a few minutes earlier. While I understand the underfunded nature of their work I am horrified by either the lie from the dispatcher or the incompetence that caused me to have to wait so long. However I would not eave the cat as I did not want the local kids to do something cruel or other car to run her over again. Only 3 people pulled over to offer assistance and I thank them very much. I went round to the lady's house who had been feeding the cat and she thanked me for looking after it. I tried t otalk to her about TNR but as she was an older lady and we were both a bit upset I don't think I was entirely clear as to what TNR was and she appeared confused about it, although she said I was welcome to bring around some more info. Although the kitty may not have had a name she was clearly once a pet and although she never especially warmed up to me she will still be missed.


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