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Not another One

July 27th 2007 4:10 pm
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Hello again!

Wolfie here with the latest breaking news in my household...

Mum is fostering a semi-blind kitten - a little grey and white female tabby. I'm gong crazy because I'm not allowed to play with her yet. She is getting over a URI - like I had - and needs to be quarantined for 2 weeks! I can hear her playing behind the bathroom door and it's driving me nuts.

Mum is going to make a page for her in a little while so make sure you look for her!




Another Vet-tastrophy and a Sad Day

January 16th 2007 3:20 pm
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Well Mum said she thought I was wheezing and dragged me off to the vet today. It was very scary as we had to wait 30 minutes for our appointment and there was a very excited doggie in the waiting room with me. Well I hid under the blanket in my carrier - mum said I was acting just like Natasha! When we got in the appointment itself wasn't too bad - I guess I wasn't paying too much attention there were so many fun things to sniff and the vet let me play in the sink! I love water! When we got home mum gave me this gross stuff called clavamox - i think thats the name - yuck! I should have payed attention more apparently the vet thinks I'm coming down with another URI and put me on antibac and antiviral meds - bleck - ! Also I have put on 1 1/2 lbs in just over a month - making me what mummy calls a fatty boom-batty and I have to eat a better diet. The vet told mum she was doing the right thing keeping us on senior food due to Jabba's special diet needs but said to take away my kibble between meals! NO what a meanie! Mum also switching us onto a higher quality cat food - NOOOOOO I love my meow mix! The vet also suggested putting Natasha on kitten food to help her gain weight as she's so tiny - no fair I'm the kitten she's 3 years old! All around bad bad bad visit.

Mum's bit - On a sad note while walking in my neighborhood today I came across a local stray that some neighbors had been feeding that had been struck down and mortally injured in the road. Some cruel person had driven off leaving this beautiful girl to bleed to death in the street. By the time i found her there was nothing that could be done although I did call animal control to come help. I was mortified by their slow response time as it took me 20 minutes on hold before I could even talk to a person. The dispatch assured me they would send someone out immediately however it took over an hour for anyone to arrive, when they did I asked why they took so long and I was informed that they had only received the call from dispatch a few minutes earlier. While I understand the underfunded nature of their work I am horrified by either the lie from the dispatcher or the incompetence that caused me to have to wait so long. However I would not eave the cat as I did not want the local kids to do something cruel or other car to run her over again. Only 3 people pulled over to offer assistance and I thank them very much. I went round to the lady's house who had been feeding the cat and she thanked me for looking after it. I tried t otalk to her about TNR but as she was an older lady and we were both a bit upset I don't think I was entirely clear as to what TNR was and she appeared confused about it, although she said I was welcome to bring around some more info. Although the kitty may not have had a name she was clearly once a pet and although she never especially warmed up to me she will still be missed.


The Horror

November 30th 2006 7:19 am
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Well as the title aptly explains I went to the vet again. They keep poking me with needles and telling me that its for my own good, idiots! Well after the stabbing was over the vet comes out of his hidey whole to visit with me. New guy I havent met before so I was NOT happy. He starts sticking his fingers inym mouth, my god, do they have no shame! Then he tells daddy that I have all my adult teeth so I'm a year old - WHAT! Wait theres more... he tells daddy that I weigh 10lbs and that is..... FAT, Yes I'm officailly overweight, mum and da have to stop giving me treats. Well the thing is I havent got used to this good life yet, I was on the street for only a mathematician knows as this point how long, and if I see fodd I eat food! That means Ieat my food finish off Jabba's food and Tashas too, then I ask for more. I'm starting ot get finicky and when I overeat I puke - done that twice - so bulimia is not for me - but I'm just a hungry kitty! Mum calls me fatty boombatty now - not funny mum, and dad calls me a piemuncher - whatever that is! Wah I've been framed - its that Natasha she resents me! Help!


Update Sept. 25th

September 25th 2006 8:38 pm
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Well I've had the surgery and apart from that not getting to eat for 12 hours rule cant say I'm too bothered. I've become very rambuncious and my meows are getting louder too. Today mum was so pleased because I learned to fetch with a wadded up piece of paper, I look extra cute doing it beacuse after I bat it around a bit I pick it up in my mouth and come trotting back to mum for her to throw it again. In other news I've grown sooooo much! I am at least the size of Natasha now though she still beats me up - thats what big sisters are for! Now that I've commandeered the cat toys Natasha doesn't get to play without me joining in and that always leads to a row! I'm so big I've graduated to adult food - which still leaves me with stinkie pooties and farts - and I eat so much I can finish a tin all by myself, mum has to lock me in the bathroom - not there again - to eat my part in private or I'll nick ALL the food. It's not my fault Tasha eats so slow. Also I've taken to sleeping with mum and dad at least for part of the night, I like ot curl up under an arm and snuggle my head down, sometimes they let me get under the blankets with them which I love but then I get distracted by those fun wiggly bits at the end of their paws and have to attack! Well thats everything, happy hunting!


Vet Again 2

September 1st 2006 11:39 pm
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Went back to the vets yesterday and boy do I have some news! First off teh vets think I am FIVE months old, she said it's beacuse I've got my big teeth in now. She even said I'm big for my age, guess I was just really scrawny and malnourished when mum and dad rescued me. Remember i've only been here a month mum and dad thought I was not 4 months yet! I guess that explains my agressiveness I'm full into horny male kitty mode. Mum made an appointment for me next week but wont say why, dad keeps saying 'poor little guy', wonder what's up there. I have my first kitten shots and got my first rabies since I'm old enough. Vet said my eyes look good and I dont need to be on meds anymore. Mum put us all back on wet food yesterday, though it was Jabba's special k/d food, but no smells poos so today I go to eat real kitten food again - hurrah - I didn't even mind being locked in the bathroom to eat it - so Jabba doesnt get at it - well I didn't mind that much anyway.

Note from Mum - Smells poos are back again - have to experiment with brands

Mum bought me a new toy and bouncy light up ball but I dont really care for it much, I prefer my mousies - and the old laundry bag and dad's shoelaces and chewing on the pillows on the couch and mum slippers... you get the point. I've been sleeping with mum and dad at night and I'm getting better, less attacking and more cuddles. I really like to cuddle up to dad in the crook of his back when he sleeps, I just have to move quick when he decides to roll over!

Wish me luck next week, off to cuddle with dad,

XOXO Wolfwood


Vet again!

August 17th 2006 5:09 pm
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Mummy took me o the vet today because I was still all sneezie. The vet said I might have Feline Bartonella which is spread through fleas and thats why my Upper respiratory infection isnt clearing up. So I have to take a pill - yuk and new eyedrops. About the stinky poos the vert said I might have bacteria in my interstines and gave me another liquid med to atke it's soooooooo gross - it made me drool everywhere!

I'm going to be on these for 1 week. Oh and apparently I have some spots where my hair is thinning the vet says I may be overlicking and mummy has to monitor them. Fortunately Feline Bartonella is not contagious, its spread through flea bites and as my sisters both had their flea medicine before I came in the house there's nothing to worry about!

Note from Mum - Wolfie is waking us up many many times a night wanting cuddles - which is fine - but then he starts attacking feet, fingers and anything else he can - he's TOO playful - I have to get up and wave mousies in fron of his face to distract him so we can get a few hours sleep before he starts it again - I dont want to just shut the door because thats where my two girls like to hang out - Quietly - at night. Oh well maybe he'll grow out of it!



Days 12-14

August 9th 2006 10:31 am
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Well I have spent this time fully assimilating intot he environment. My sis Natasha have a routine of chase down pat - I have perfected waking mum and dad up at ungodly hours of night for no reason and Jabba lets me get up right next to her before hissing now. Mum gave me a name - Wolfwood - apparently he is a gunfighting priest - she just got fed up with trying to figure one out and picked one.

PS from Mum - he is still sneezing sometimes - now that I have some money in the bank I can take him back to the vet next week to get a check up. He also has developed the STINKIEST farts - puts Jabba to shame - may have already mentioned this but it needs repeating - must be a stray thing - any ideas?


Day 10 & 11

August 6th 2006 12:06 pm
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I'm spending the weekend trying to make friends with my sisters, I'm officially using the main litter box - mum says my poops are as smelly as Jabba's and I'm sneaking their food - well its only fair they’re sneaking mine! I think I'm growing on them - Jabba lets me get closer before she hisses and Tasha and I play chase around the house, it’s so much fun to have someone to play with but I also like spending time with mum and dad laps are great!

PS from Mum - he's still sneezing so I guess he's not entirely over his infection and we're still giving him the medicine. When he is over it I'm going to have to see about having him spade. If you look close at the pics you can see that the black smudge under his nose is a scar, it's starting to heal now. I think he's starting to realize he doesn't need to eat everything in front of his in one swoop - it will still be there if he leaves it - still no name we're thinking of Caer bannog after the rabbit know to inhabit that vicinity - =) - I wanted to call him Mr. Flibble but Dad said that too silly. Oh well the quest goes on.....


Day 9 - No more quarantine

August 4th 2006 3:05 pm
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Wow now I can explore the whole place and the hallway without getting into trouble - I've foudn some great hiding places - on top of the DVD player is a particular fav right now. I've decided that I want more wet food - mum was giving me a pouch after she came home from work - but I want more so I started eating the big girls food - mmm its good!

PS from Mum - well he is getting into everything - keeping him away form the girls food is impossible - and I think he's starting to get their finicky habits - despite going mental for wet food this mornig and sneaking the girls food he only ate half of what I gave him. Also he decided to explore the girls litter box by having a pee pee - woah stinky pee I thought Jabba was bad - I hope he wasn't marking I dont want the girls to stop using their box! So yesterdays plan to keep him away from ther girls food and litter box has failed. Natasha has expressed her dissent by having a poo in the living room - her usual method of expressing her displeasure - fun for mummy to clear up in the morning before work!


Day 8 - Heat Wave part 3

August 3rd 2006 3:03 pm
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Well it's official I'm out of quarantine, still keeping to myself mostly but I can go wherever I please in the apartment. Mum is tring ot keep me away from the girls food and them away from mine though. AND I got a enw cat toy - it was one of Natasha's but mum said it was okay because Tash nevr played with it - wow I cant figure out why this blue mousie is GREAT!

Another accomplishment just this moment - I have climbed up onto the couch onto my own - must be getting my spring back!

PS from Mum - Little guy is going mental with that new mousie, havent heard any sneezing or coughing out of him and both girls are up to date woth their FVRCP vaccine so he's out of Quarantine, still keeping his food and litter box seperate just to be on the safe side though.


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