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"New" Pictures

July 12th 2007 8:57 am
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Momba has been working on a project this week. She is going to a 40th anniversary party for one of her cousins and her husband. Actually, the wife was Momba's Mommy's first Momba is her first cousin once removed. Momba is very up on this geneology stuff. I met them once or twice...they even slept over the house...and they were very nice people.
Anyway, for some reason, Momba seems to be the person in the extended family that gets ALL of the old pictures that no one else wants. Momba thinks pictures are important.
One of the couple's children (Momba's 2nd cousin) asked Momba to put together a 'little something' to present at to the crowd at the party (a poem or story, etc...) So, the project was to find some fun old pictures, scan them and print them, and think of funny captions so Momba can show the pictures and tell a little story about the party and being married.
She went through a BIG plastic box of assorted pictures...and then, last night...when she was all done with the project, she found some (new) old pictures of me. Momba was so happy to see them. She came right upstairs and put them on my page.
She hopes she finds more pictures of me as she tries to better organize her photo boxes. I hope she does, too, because Momba was so pleased to see the new pictures and I don't want her to forget how pretty or fun or special I was.


Diary Pick of the Day!!!

June 1st 2007 4:55 pm
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Wow! How exciting it is for an angel cat to be chosen as Diary Pick of the Day!

This just capped off a very exciting day for my Momba.

The humane society people called her last night...and again early this morning because she wanted to think about see if she would take a special needs Mommy cat and her two three-week-old kittens to foster for the next five weeks.
I guess they are calling Momba the "Super-Foster-Mom" now at the shelter, but I always knew my Momba was super.
So, Momba spent a good part of the day making sure the 3 new fosters settled in and are comfortable.

Anyway, what made Momba's day even happier is that Marshal, Chester, and Lyla, the three from her first litter of fosters who had been in the medical ward since last Friday, were pronounced healthy and ready to go to forever homes while Momba was there picking up the new foster family.
Momba even met the first adopter. She was a nice woman with a one year old male cat at home. (Momba found out that) it took her an hour and a half to choose from among the three, but after spending time with all of them alone, she took Chester. Marshal was next, and then Lyla. The Adoption Coordinator called Momba to tell her about all of the forever homes at about 6PM tonight. Momba was so happy.

Then, Momba came up to put 'Adopted' on the pages for Marshal, Lyla, and Chester, and found that I was Diary Pick of the Day.

What a nice day for my Momba!
Thank you all for the rosettes and p-mails. I am very glad to be part of the Catster community!


Two Year Anniversary

May 27th 2007 5:15 pm
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Today is the second anniversary of the day I had to go to heaven.
Momba knew that it was the right time and she spent the whole afternoon with me on her lap before it was time for me to go to the vet. She carried me in my favorite blanket in the car. It was a cloudy day, but just as we got out of the car, the sun peeked through the clouds. I was very drowsy by then, but I felt the sun...and lifted my face to the sky for a moment as if to tell Momba that I was ready to go and the sun was shining to welcome me to the rainbow bridge.
Momba will never forget me and still misses me very much.


I tagged someone...

May 26th 2007 7:46 am
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Today, I tagged Sunny because he is feeling better and because I am an angel cat, so I can make up my own rules! I just want Sunny (and maybe Moona) to put some me-me things in their diary. Moona looks like Sam, who is one of the kittens in Momba's foster litter. Sunny looks more like Lyla.


Seven Things About Me-Me

May 25th 2007 7:09 am
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I was NOT tagged, but Momba decided to start a diary and list seven random things about me, anyway. She can not believe that Sunday is the two year anniversary of the day I had to leave her and go to heaven.

Seven Random Things About Me

1. I met Momba's Mommy. She died of cancer in 1989, but was still well enough to get out when Momba adopted me. I remember sitting on a couch with her. She was a very special lady and she liked me. Momba hopes that I get to see her in heaven sometimes.

2. Momba made up silly songs for me and gave me a 'voice' to have me hold 'conversations.' My human cousins always got a kick out of it when I 'said' something. Much later, my oldest human cousin, Matthew, realized that my 'voice' was just like the one Hattie McDaniel used when she played Mammy in "Gone With the Wind."

3. I once left a poopie on the bed when Momba and Daddee were away. Momba learned that meant that I was afraid they were 'lost' and that by leaving that there, the scent would help them find their way home.
It worked.

4. I knew how to sigh. Since I did not meow, I would communicate with my 'looks.' Momba usually knew what I was saying by the look on my face and the posture of my body. But, if I didn't think she was getting the message fast enough, I would let out a kind of disgusted, huffy sigh.

5. I used to love to lay on top of Momba. I could even stay on top of her if she rolled over in bed. I was so light, Momba never minded. I also loved to sit with her at night on the couch and we would watch TV together. I also took care of Momba when she was sick. I always stayed right with her until she felt better.

6. I only missed my litter box once during all of my time here.

7. Momba built the sunporch for ME. I was quite old when she put it on in 2004, but I spent MANY enjoyable days out there during the summer of 2004. It was a very special place for an older lady who still liked to see the things going on outside. So, Phoebe might think it is HER porch, but it is really MINE.

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