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Sex: Female   Weight: 8 lbs.

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Baby, Beautiful, Big Eyes, Plumey Tail, Silly Girl, Sweetie Pie

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-purebred-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
February 16th 2006

February 16th 2004


Fresh food, fresh water, fresh litter

The opposite of above

Favorite Toy:
Dangling feather on a stick

Favorite Nap Spot:
Window ledge or soft chair

Favorite Food:
Purina Cat Chow Naturals with Vitamins & Minerals

She can do back flips!


Arrival Story:
She was found, by a friend of mine, roaming the streets in a college area so matted and dirty, it was not known she was a white cat. She took care of her for a year but after she got a pug dog, Marta's life became tortured as the dog relentlessly pounced on her any time she came out from under the bed. My friend's other cat tried to protect her but it just became too difficult. My previous cat had died 6 months before at the age of 21 years and I had taken time to grieve my dear Goldie but now couldn't leave this beautiful white cat to any more torment. I took her on a "trial basis" which, of course, turned into her making her forever home with me.

Marta has all the classic indications of a purebred Turkish Angora - regal, elagant, fastidiously clean, extremely intelligent and curious, playful, agile and delicate. She has gorgeous big, green eyes that look yellow in bright light, a tiny grey smudge on top of her head and a brownish-gray spot on her pink nose. She rarely makes any cry but has a variety of soft mews which indicate different needs. Marta is not a lapcat but will sit very nearby on the arm of the chair or on the end table next to the chair. At night, she likes to sleep alone! She has recurrent nightmares (probably from her abandonment and "dog days") which require a soft voice and gentle patting to make her feel safe again. The vet thought she was no more than 2 years old when I brought her there in February so I gave her the day I got her and 2 years before for her "Birthday". On February 8, 2009, my sweet Marta got very ill and went to the emergency room. She could not keep anything down, could not even drink water and was very lethargic. The mobile vet came the next day and prescribed antibiotics and a special meal replacement liquid - both of which I needed to give her with an eye dropper. She barely could swallow that, but, thankfully, she kept it down. Regardless, her condition worsened and she lost four pounds in eight days. The mobile vet came again as the ultrasound and x-ray report had come back with disturbing news She had a rare blood parasite, which was bad enough, but also a mass was found in her liver that was diagnosed as a tumor. She did not have any strength left to fight these two horrible invasions on her system so I allowed her to pass over to the Rainbow Bridge as I held her in my arms. I have never cried so much for any cat and I will never forget this sweetest of all cats. Until we meet again, Marta Beautiful... The most ironic thing was her passing came on the very day I adopted her, February 16, three years before, just five years old. The vet said her horrible abandonment outside probably played a part in her short lifespan as a blood parasite can remain dormant for quite some time before becoming active in its host. One more reason for people to think and be responsible before they abandon any animal. They should not have to suffer the consequences of someone's selfish act of inhumanity. Rest in peace, Marta, and know how much you were loved, and always will be, by your still heartbroken mama.

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Tummy Troubles - Woe is Me!

Note my Address has Changed: The Rainbow Bridge is now my- heavenly home.

December 25th 2011 10:30 am
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Well, I guess I need to update this diary after all these years. I've been a little busy playing with all my friends over the Rainbow Bridge and, sorry, but I kinda was having too much fun to keep in touch with you folks. However, I was just sitting under the gorgeous Christmas Tree they have here, all rainbow-lighted and decorated with people ornaments of all our caregivers so we never will forget about you. It suddenly occurred to me that I had a lot of fun at Christmas when I lived with my caregiver mommy. She sure knew what I liked!

Every time the mailperson came during the Christmas season, mommy would give me the cards to read and I had to move them all around the apartment to get them into the best light to read them. Then she put the neatest toys on the tree for me so I could bat them off and hop on them, spin them around, and chase them all over the room. Then, one special morning she had the neatest sock with pom-poms on it (pom-poms are the best!), filled with my favorite bag of treats and the best cat food plus a super mouse that smells like catnip. I would never have eaten that little guy, 'cuz he was my friend, but some evil cat must have got his tongue since he never said anything, not even a squeak. I just wanted to know what was the cologne he wore. Man, that stuff made me act funny and I still don't know why. My mommy seemed to enjoy watching me, though, and called me "Silly Girl."

Now see where I went with this, just remembering my life back with my mommy? Well, they are getting ready to feed us our Christmas Feast and I don't want to miss that because it is heavenly! Everyone loves it here 'cuz we are treated like the royalty we are and it is so nice that they know it and fulfill our every wish on the stars here. Now don't anybody feel sad for us that we left you 'cuz we are all very happy here and just waiting for the day when you can join us. Then you can be treated like the royalty you are, too, and get all your wishes on these stars to come true.

I love you all for being there for my mommy and me. Enjoy life every day, adopt more pets and give them happy homes while you can and know we will all be together again someday when you cross the Rainbow Bridge and we find you as you arrive. Give lots of love to all the pets still there in your care. By doing that, we know you will never forget us as we will never forget you. Merry Christmas!


Gacking it up and not lovin' it!

December 28th 2006 10:27 pm
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Oh, woe is me! It is Sunday, November 26, and I got troubles, honey! Since this morning I have not felt quite right, if you know what I mean, in my tummy. I am sore and I am so tired and then all of a sudden out of the blue I'm out of my chair and gacking like crazy. But you know how those hairballs usually come up (and oh, my, that is so embarrassing, too) but this time was WOULDN'T come up! All I "deposited" shall we say, is this awful clear foam like egg white (I'll never eat eggs again!). I can't eat, I can't even drink water...nothing will go down; this awful stuff is all that will come up. Woe is me.

My person is being so nice about cleaning up for me and telling me I'm so wonderful anyway but I sense in her voice she is as concerned as I am. OK, this is getting real old, now. It has been going on all day and part of the evening and I think my person has had enough. What about me? I've had enough too! She has been on the phone talking to people and I know it's about me because I hear her say my name a lot. My bestest person friend in all the world just showed up and now she is telling me how wonderful I am, too (she always does that, but there's a tone to her voice that is different this time).

Now what? Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! CAT CARRIER! They tricked me. I'll never trust them again. What are they thinking taking me out in the cold, after dark, on a long ride I didn't ask for? OK, folks, then I am going to howl all the way there and back. See how you like that! Yeow!
Yeowl! Ye-owwwwww-l!

Oh, I know this smell. I am at the VETS! If I could fix this myself I would, but you know I am just so sick of being sick I can't fight them anymore. Maybe they can make me feel better. I have hope. The girl who picked me up and wisked me away seemed nice. She even knew just how to pick me up so it didn't hurt my tummy. I wonder what that sign means: E-m-e-r-g-e-n-c-y?

I don't know what that was all about but I just had pictures taken of me and they didn't even ask me to "smile". Gee, fine time for portraits, honey, and this is NOT my best side. What was that pinch on the back of my neck? Can I GO now?? Nope, they seem to like to hug the pets here. Excuse me, I don't know you very well, could we tone down the touchy, feely stuff? Finally, I am being returned to my person and my friend, but they don't seem any less concerned. WILL SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON?

Ahh, on my way home and I can make them miserable again all the way home by howling my head off (not literally, of course). Yeow! Yeowl! Ye-owww-l!

Home again, I hide under the bed so they can't see me and hopefully will leave me alone. I feel even worse than before and, oh, no, I am going to gack again. It's going to be a long night.....

Monday, Novemnber 27:

I am still gacking and getting weaker by the minute. This is not fun and now I am getting scared. I can hardly stand up. It hurts to walk. Matter of fact, I ache all over. I don't even care anymore about cleaning myself and that is just not like me. I'm only 2 1/2 and I want my M-o-m-m-y!

Oooh, boy, here it comes again...CAT CARRIER! My person must be as worried as I am and this time I am going to go without a struggle. Somebody has GOT to do something! I can't even howl. Mwow..mwoah..that's it.

Here we are at a different Vet, I guess. Oh, I remember these people. They gave me my tests and shots and shaved my tummy (disgraceful!) to see if I was spayed (of course, I was! Do you think I want kittens?) when my person brought me in to be checked after I adopted her. Well, I wonder what they are going to do with me. I hope, make me feel better. Oh, there goes that pinch, but this time it's in my leg....whooo, that burns!

Well, where is she! I'm fine! She left me and now I'm ready to go home. Hmm, the lady in the white coat is talking to the lady in the blue coat and she is saying I did very well in surgery. Surgery, what surgery? I don't remember any surgery. I was on this shiny table and....what was that pinch?

They are talking about this "thing" they saved to give my person, saying she will never believe the size of the hairball that they found in my tummy. Huh? How did they find a hairball in my tummy? Is it see-through? Lemme check!

WHAT!!!!!! I have NO FUR on my tummy. It is all gone! Oh, the ignomony!
I am disgraced, I am damaged goods, I am...ooh, hey, maybe I look kinda cute. I could start a new style. I'm I pretty in pink? I think so! And what is this fur glove on my paw? Oh, that 's me, where I felt the pinch. Gee did they have to shave that, too? Well, a lady does wear formal gloves, you know, so maybe I'll just flaunt my new "putting on the ritz" style and enjoy it.

Tuesday, November 28:

Finally, my person shows up. Could she spare the time? I had to spend the night here and it was dark and scary. Really weird sounds. I know what Dorothy meant when she said ,"This isn't Kansas anymore, Toto!" I'm going home, I'm going home...outta here, baby!

I feel so much better inside, but I am so tired on the outside and, strangely, not hungry. I just want to sleep. I found a place on the floor out of the way but my person brought out my basket with the nice soft blanket in it and I just couldn't resist. She put it ruight next to her chair so I could keep an eye on her.

Wednesday, November 29:

I still feel out of sorts and I am sore where they did this surgery-thing. The Vet gave me a collar to wear to keep me from licking these little metal bars
(what, did they install a zipper in me???) but I am not interested in these chunky things. They smell funny and hurt my teeth, so I am just going to ignore them until they go away. I guess that it's good I decided that since I do NOT want a collar and my person hasn't made me wear it.

Good grief! Maybe the collar would have been better! What is this awful stuff they are cramming down my throat? Just as I thought I could trust them again! My person and my "bestest" (yeah, right!) friend are giving me POISON!
First, they use a syringe, then a dropper. I am not going to take this lying down. Oh, yeah, I AM lying down! No matter, I know how to flip my head and spray it all over them , the blanket, the furniture, the rug, even me...I don't care as long as it isn't IN me!

Thursday, November 30:

Still taking it easy and sleeping a lot, except when they pounce on me and try to give me poison again. They keep trying, but I think I am winning. They seem to have a lot more laundry to do! It's OK, they can give up any time.

I am eating now and it does taste good again. I tried to jump up on the bench to look out my favorite window at the birds and I am embarassed to say I fell backwards on the floor. Whew. That hurt. I can jump down OK from all the little stairs my person made for me with newspaper piles and step stools, but up is not an option. I hope THAT doesn't last long! I need to harass the birds!

Friday, December 1:

I WON! I WON! They decided I was well enough. Personally, I think they had just HAD enough. I love it when I win! My person told my friend she didn't have to come over today special since there was no "'fection", I think she said.
That's good, because after all this, I have no "affection", either. So there! Now maybe they will just LEAVE ME ALONE!

Saturday, December 2:

What a week this was! I sure hope I don't have to go through this again. I don't ever want to see another Vet again and I still am OFF eggs! I keep ignoring these little zipper teeth but they aren't going away yet. Wonder when that will happen... YAWN, time for my nap. Then I am going to bother the birds outside the window again. This time I am going to make it to the window! Yup, nyup, mmmmm, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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