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December 17th 2006 6:44 am
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Oh Le Sigh, since the last time I have written I seem to have grown more spoile-- ahem cultured... I am able to make the entire human population drop every important thing that they are doing with one meow and seem to get away with attacking the other animals in the house (and get anything that touches me into trouble).

My family says that they are very grateful to everyone who has been emotionally involved with me and says that having people to talk to about what was going on was the best thing ever!

We are sorry about the lack of updates etc, but everything has really been so hectic, and they decided to take some time out this weekend to take new pictures and update these Cat/Dogsters!

P.S. Since we are updating this Catster, you will still be able to find his old photos at (if for some reason Catster adds a space between dmitrikitty, just take that space out)


Snip Snip

November 5th 2006 4:22 am
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Dmitri has been fixed!
The vet can not believe how huge Dmitri is getting!
Everyone there thought that he would stay tiny forever!

He's such a little brat though! My grandma brought two tiny grey kittens home and he holds them down and bites them.

He's so brave too, he keeps trying to run outside (which the vet said is a no no).


Sorry Everyone

August 27th 2006 3:35 pm
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We have been so busy!
My mommy returned to work recently and has barely had the time to take photographs of me :(

But at some point this week, there should be new pictures up at the site.

Dmitri has been to the vet twice since I last wrote.
He had his shots completed last Saturday.

The vet said that he was healing beautifully.
And that he is amazed that Dmitri's hair has already grown back in and wanted to know what we were feeding him.

Dmitri's twitching and jumping has stopped for the most part (the vet was unconcerned with it saying that it would go away, and he seems to be right).

It's almost time for him to get fixed!
How exciting :D

Dmitri also attacks the other cats and dogs in the house.
He plays with them and especially loves Princess Buttercup, I guess since they are the same size.


Picture Gallery

July 21st 2006 2:48 pm
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I created a 'Photo Documentary' on so that more pictures can be seen by everyone and in a timeline. gid=11681312&uid=5952920 rikitty

There's a guestbook and you are able to leave comments at each picture.

I don't think that PictureTrails takes a long time to load, but if it does, please tell me so I can find another place to keep the timeline.



July 21st 2006 11:18 am
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My mom would like to thank everyone for being so kind and sending so many wonderful emails!

She wants all of you to know that she is slowly but surely responding.


Last night I jumped on top of the cat carrier without even looking wobbly.
My mom got a picture of it and will put it up on Catster soon!

(Dmitri also keeps waking up from his sleep and jumping around screaming while his muscles that used to move his leg are pulsing up and down, does anyone know what this could be? Seizure or normal??? He doesn't go back to the vet until Monday.)


From mom:

Most of you have asked what happened to Dmitri to cause him to lose his leg (and now the tip of his tail).

The first vet from the Angels of Mercy Clinic said that, "Anything could have happened, we could go in circles all day and night, and still with no evidence we will never know."

The second vet from the Alamo Clinic said that it could have been caused by a human kicking him, stepping on him, or yanking his leg really hard while he was trying to get away, or he could have even been hit by a car.

The third vet (from (from Alamo Clinic) who is the most experienced with breaks, fractures and x-rays said that what probably happened was that he got his leg caught around a wire (under a house) or something else (yes even being tugged by a human), but that we can't know for sure.

She said that since there's a fracture on the pelvis, that is what makes her think that his leg was tugged on pretty hard by something.

My friend's sister (whose cat he was) said, "He went under the house and came out with his leg dangling like that."

(He was like that for over a week, just laying there on their bed before they called me.)

My friend (the one with the sister) said that might have jumped out of a tree because he liked to climb them.

I don't want to point any fingers... but when I was at their house their little brother was extremely rough with Dmitri. You can also see in the pictures that the fur on the end of his tail was cut off. His whiskers were also cut, but I don't think that you can tell that in the pictures.

I was constantly telling him to be careful, gentle et cetera.
I probably should have stolen Dmitri in the beginning and this woudn't have happened.


Another Vet Visit

July 20th 2006 10:24 am
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I had to go to the Vet's again today! Even though I have been trying to play and have been eating so well, I can't seem to stop licking and biting the stitches closest to my bum!

They've been coming more and more open and my mommy was getting worried, especially since alot of pus was still coming out!!

Well, the doctor said that the black spot is where the blood vessels were damaged after the leg break, so the skin is going to have to fall off on it's own (new skin will have formed).

The doctor lifted up the scab and had alot of pus leak out, and told my mom to let me lick the pus off instead of cleaning it herself because I could do a better job.

There's also a tiny fracture at the end of my tail and my tail was turning black and losing hair, the doctor said that the tip of my tail will fall off!!

The doctor says to watch out for signs of infection (thick, stinky, discolored pus).

Otherwise..... I should be fine!!!

(The last picture on the page is of Dmitri's open wound, if it grosses anyone out let me know.)


My Tail of Devotion for Dmitri

July 17th 2006 9:08 am
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I will always remember the first day I saw you without your hind leg, before that moment I wasn't sure what my reaction would be, panic, nausea or tears, but when you reached out to touch my face with your paws, I knew you would be okay, and that you would soon be back to chasing foil balls across the floor. You have forever changed all of our lives.

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