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The life of Boogers!

Back from the Vet!

June 4th 2012 9:24 am
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I'm back from the vet!! Well the Vet said mom has nothing to worry about my breathing as my lungs sound good, no heart murmur. You see Mom's paranoid due to Tiski having a heart condition...

So, I'm back on Doxycycline liquid tuna flavored again, a compound formula that Professional Arts in MD is making me, (.9ml vs 4.5 FULL ML which is crazy). I'm not as bad as I was about 3 months ago which is good news. The nice thing is Dr. Hersh has some refills on this medicine so mom doesn't have to keep coming back for the same thing. I'm a healthy cat otherwise but the wheezing and boogies flown on the wall urk mom :)

The next step if mom chooses is to do a "Scope", although the Vet said she didn't think that "last resort" step along with a CAT would be needed due to my age. She said that she had a patient that was a kitten and had a scope as the CAT and MRI showed something (mom forgot the scientific term).

So, I'm going to go on the meds for 3 weeks again (can stop after a week if it clears up) and then I might need to be on this for a week once a month for maintenance reasons.

Also dad had an appointment and needs to get 3 teeth pulled. 2 wisdom and an extra tooth BEYOND the wisdom! I wonder if he'll be as hungry as I was when I go home from my oral surgery???

Pic of my vet visit to come!

Purred by: Callie (Catster Member)

June 4th 2012 at 11:28 am

Glad things went okay at the vet. You're way braver at the vet than I am. I'm usually cowering in the sink or a corner of the exam room.
Purred by: Colleen (Forever Loved) (Catster Member)

June 4th 2012 at 1:55 pm

Good luck to your daddy with his wisdom tooth extraction. Meowmy's were impacted and they put her on Vicodin afterwards. It made her nauseus and she could only eat very soft and liquid foods. She only took the pain meds for a couple of days and switched to Tylenol as she couldn't stand the side effects. Her mouth was hurting for about 2 weeks. Make sure you have plenty of jello, casseroles and ice cream on hand for your daddy!

Glad you are o.k.
Purred by: Pansy (Catster Member)

June 5th 2012 at 3:47 pm

Get all better soon, Boogers!

Maybe you should quit smoking?


P.S. Stay away from here. The dust is flying. OMC!
Purred by: Murray DB #36a (Catster Member)

June 6th 2012 at 10:20 pm

Tuna flavored meds!! Yum yum! Hope you feel better soon.
Tell Dad good luck with the wisdom teeth. Dad says he can pretty much guarantee that your Dad will not be hungry when he gets home. He will be packing on the pain killers. Rest up and feel better soon, the both of you.




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