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Running a 5k

April 9th 2014 8:47 pm
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Me? Oh no way!! But I've been busy holding the first down while mom trains for her first 5k in two weeks! She's stressing 'cause she just signed up after being fitted for running shoes. She didn't leave herself much training time but she's been trying to put in 10-12 miles a week.

I'll run to get food, but that's it!

Today I'm a DDP and I'm happy the diary that was selected was the one about my bestest bestie's EVIL situation :( I'm gonna make sure she eats, takes her meds for the illness Murrman inflicted on us, etc.

Keep purring for my Pansy!!!! Do it!!!



April 7th 2014 2:56 pm
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Why is EVIL so evil?! Please stop by my bestest forever and ever's page.

:( times infinity....



DDP yesterday!

March 11th 2014 10:36 am
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D'oh!!! Mom never got around to helping me post about my DDP yesterday!! The weather has been nice so she wanted to take advantage of it. She's bummed it's going to be cooler Thursday as she was planning on running outside.

I'm happy Catster is tentatively staying!! I'm still afraid to touch my bio fields in fear the information will go away.

Things here are good! Mom's been busy getting fit and she has muscles in her arms now! She loves her trainer as he's really transformed and toned her up since she hired him in October.

Me? I'd rather sleep and be pudgy and cute. Someone's gotta do it!!! :)


Last Diary!

February 28th 2014 7:30 am
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Well the time has come and before Catster shuts down, I'm going to do my final diary now. I have been on Catster for more than 7 years and will miss it dearly! Thankfully I can keep an eye on my friends via FB :) Heck, my evil bestest even found me there!! Now THAT is something to be scared of!!

The site has been so helpful, especially during the food recall scare and when any of us were sick. But good things must all come to an end.

Just an update on me. My stinkies are being treated by prescription Purina EN. Forti Flora and Metronidazole 250 mg didn't help (and holy cats, those were HUGE pills!!) so hopefully this works. This means good bye to free feeding times as my food is $30 for 6 lbs and mom said while Fido could eat it, he better get a job if he wants to! MOL!!

I hope all my friends have a wonderful life and I will miss you all!! Love Boogie!!!



February 12th 2014 11:48 am
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So my stinky stinkies are still not right. My vet said that after my Radiation the stinkies should firm up. I had my follow up visit in November and they're still smooshy. So now I'm trying Forti Flora. Mom stocked up on a variety of new moist foods; yup I'm spoiled! She also got the stinky dog some peanut butter treats and some frozen food.


Yup! She needs to unthaw a chunk, but it's that stuff you see in the fridge/freezer area of pet stores. Spoiled brat :)

Anyway, Nurse Pansy might pay me a visit!! Yikes!


Head of the House!

January 21st 2014 4:15 pm
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Yup! I'm the only one who will be keeping my diary updated until Catster closes in a couple months... My siblings have all wrote their last diary 'cause they know I'm Head of the House :) I kid!! It's just easier if mom just updates ONE diary :)

I'm thankful that my closest friends are already friends with us on FB. Ethan even had some of his doggy friend's mom's befriend my mom so they can keep in touch. And mom even created a Boogers the Cat page!!! That's me!!! But I will post (from time to time) stuff on them. Again, Head of House, ahem!!!

So feel free to PM me if you wanna stay in touch!! If not, that just means more snacks for me :)


New Page!

January 17th 2014 4:56 pm
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Pssst!! Mom made me a FB page!! She plans to continue my diary along with my siblings there, post pics, etc.,!

So if you want to follow me or keep in touch, message me!!


Sad day :(

January 16th 2014 12:47 pm
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Mom just read on FB that Catster is closing down in March :(

I've met some amazing people and made friends! Heck, of it weren't for Catster Hondo, Mittens and PorkChop would be separated!! When we were sick, our friends had great suggestions and offered ways to help, things to say to the Vet!

I. Is. Sad.

Most sad about not reading my bestest buds' diaries!! I even managed to find my bestest bestie ever!! Pansy!! How will I keep tabs on her and my nephew?

Feel free to pawmail me if you wanna stay in touch or want to stay connected on FB with us.



Mom's back!!

January 14th 2014 6:01 am
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Dang, my mom left for a week and was in GA! Naturally I threw a party. so glad she came home yesterday :)

I've learned a few bad habits while she was gone: jump on kitchen counter and stare down my fish sister Hermione, paw at the fish tank, go behind tank and try to get fish...

Stupid hood on the tank!!

Ethan was all excited that mom came home and wouldn't let me get mom time!! He's quite annoying.

Mom had fun on her trip and her friend and mom worked out 6x in a row (they're working on building muscle since they're almost at their weight goal). Mom got to train with her friends trainer. Mom is excited to see her trainer on Wednesday as she hasn't seen him in about a month. Well, she's seen him at the gym but with mom being gone for almost 3 weeks the past month, she hasn't trained with him. Fear not trainer, mom kept up her 5x a week workout!

I worked out too! Kept my appetite up and worked my arms on my new scratching post!

Tomorrow is Fido's 8th Birthday so be sure to wish him a. Happy Birthday!!!!


New sister!!

January 1st 2014 2:02 pm
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No, not what you're thinking... Mom went back to PetSmart today as they had Ethan's favorite peanut butter bones on sale for $1.17 each!! So she bought like 5 the other day and went back today to buy 5 more and wiped them out!

While there she bought a reddish female beta fish named "Hermione". The tank, gravel, accessories, food, heater, etc., cost like a billion times more than the fish but mom likes having a splash of color. I personally didn't seem to care about the fish. The tank has a cover so we can't get in there.

Mom smelled suspiciously like spicy CA sushi roll when she came home. Apparently she went and got 2 rolls after her hard weight workout at the gym today.

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