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Stuffy Noses

November 24th 2009 7:30 pm
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What a dirty trick I tell you.... Mama getting me up and giving me lovin this morning and then putting me in the cat carrier & locking the door!

Off to see Dr. Vicky we went. This time, though, Mama did not bring me right in with her; she left me in the car and the heat. When she came out, we went through a side door instead of the regular place where they have the birds and I can visit with the front desk girls. Well, they visit and I inform them, loudly, I might add, how badly I have been mistreated by that establishment yet again.

Mama and Dr. Vicky seemed to know each other and did some chatting but I've never sniffed her before. I know Carol though, and she was quite impressed with how good my coat looked and I've lost another 10 ounces, which everyone was quite pleased to hear.

So what did Carol do? She held me down so Dr. Vicky could stick that thing where the sun should never shine and she poked my belly and felt me up and listened to every howl I made. I tried so hard to get out of their grips but man those ladies are good!

Dr. Vicky says that my lungs sound good so she's happy about that. My nose is not running either, and that's good. My nose is stuffy, though, something Mama called "URI" and so she and Dr. Vicky talked about that. Mama was feeling guilty for bringing that URI thing home from the animal shelter but Dr. Vicky told her that even though Mama is very careful with her clothes, she's not surprised I got it because it happens to her cats too.

Dr. Vicky gave Mama a tube of lie gel to give to Sab and me and back out the side door I went.

This lying jelly cream isn't all bad, though. Mama went and bought us CANNED FOOD to help it go down.



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