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Kenzie's Korner

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Mackenzie's Obituary

February 18th 2013 5:29 pm
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Mackenzie “Miss Priss”, age 16, of Maine, died Thursday, January 24, 2013 after a brief illness, surrounded by her family & medical team.

She was born on or about January 1, 1997, location unknown. She made her way to the town of Raymond, Maine, where she attracted the attention of its caring ACO, who trapped her and brought her to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in June of that same year. It was there that she paw-picked her mama. She was adopted by Stephanie U on June 27, 1997.

Mackenzie’s chosen profession was Mother Attendant and counselor which she did with grace and precision. She made sure that nothing her mother did, felt, or said went without notice. She became an excellent shadow. She was an efficient nurse maid, standing vigil when her mother would get ill. She did her best to protect the home from foster rodent invaders, a task that she executed with great zeal. She commanded the respect of every animal who entered through the door, and got it. She refused to succumb to what she considered a detriment to peaceful coexistence among the family under the influence of cat nip, and exacted order with an expertly swung paw & growls of warning. She is remembered as being fiercely loyal to those close to her heart. To be chosen by her as one of her people was a high honor to be treasured.

She exhibited her artistic skills in tossing hairballs, dragging dingle berries, tossing litter, with a special flair for toilet paper remodeling. She won every battle ever waged against the fearsome rolls of white. She also protected the yard from descending fowls outside of the windows, clattering at them to stay away. She was a legendary drama actress. Her most notable performance was convincing her mother that her kidneys had failed simply because she wouldn’t urinate in front of the new kitten. Every trip to the medical clinic, even for routine check ups, was an occasion to convince the world that she was horribly mistreated.

Her pastimes including chasing the red laser dot, thread, and yarn; conquering plastic shopping bags; hanging out with her mama; eating; and counter surfing. Her favorite foods were deli meat, tuna and water, milk, and sardines.

Survivors include her mother; brothers Sebastian (feline) and Bijou (cavy); and sisters sister Zena (gerbil) and Sandy (hamster). She was predeceased by brothers Milo & Monet (guinea pigs) and sisters Paisley and Taffy (guinea pigs) and Henrietta, Reese, and Melody (hamsters), and her human Papa. She will also be remembered an extended family including her human Memere, aunts, uncles, cousins and her favorite pet sitters, Paulo & Marty.

A memorial was held at her time of death with a paw print to be given to her family.

Family & friends who wish to send donations in Mackenzie’s name may mail them to:
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland
PO Box 336
Westbrook, ME 04098-0336

or drop them off in person at
449 Stroudwater Street
Westbrook, ME 04092


Goodbye, My Baby

January 24th 2013 3:41 pm
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Dear Mackenzie;

Saying a final goodbye to you today is the hardest thing Mama's ever done. You've been with me since the very beginning of me being an adult, living on my own. You've given me a lot of scares through the years, but there was no doubt in my mind this morning that it was your time. You were ready.

I wish you had told me when you first got sick. Maybe I could have made you better? I just didn't know how serious it was when you didn't have the zest for eating like you used to around Thanksgiving '12. I thought you were just being your usual fussy self. But when you stopped eating altogether, I knew something was dreadfully wrong.

I don't even know what made you so ill, but your blood work says that your liver was very sick. At least the rest of you was healthy. I am certain that giving you some of Sab's fluids Christmas Day helped give you another month to play, zip, zag, hiss at Sab, and cuddle with me for another month.

I knew you'd tell me when you were ready to go. I didn't want you to be in pain, but you made it quite clear 2 weeks ago that you didn't want anymore medication, even if it was for pain. This morning, though, I saw it in your eyes: you were ready. I know you hated the ride to the clinic, and you weren't happy to see Dr. Vicki again, but I promised that she would help you feel better, and she did. You died with your dignity & on your own terms, growling at her, nurse Rene, and Sab, but you didn't growl at me. I will always treasure the last kisses you gave me.

The apartment is so empty now. Both Sab & I have looked for you; just can't help it. I expect to see you behind my desk chair, or in your Morgan's bed next to my desk. You were always there to comfort me when I was so upset. Not having you here to bury my face in your shoulder, to hear you purring so hard you choke yourself, having you touch & knead my tear-stained cheeks... just reinforces that you're gone, because you would never let me be alone when I was sad. It is going to be very hard going to sleep tonight without you next to my pillow. I will shed a lot of tears because I miss you so much, but they're also happy tears.

I am so blessed that you chose me all those years ago. It has been a privilege to be chosen to be your mama, to love you, and be loved by you for 15.5 years, and it is an honor that I will cherish forever. I love you, my Baby. Thank you for the lifetime of memories you've given me to cherish & hold close to my heart until its my time to go.

Love, Mama


Thank You Secret Santa!

December 24th 2009 11:23 am
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I haven't had this much fun in a long time! First came the envelope. Sab attacked the contents when Mama emptied it but she put the envelope on the floor and well.... it makes a purfect sprawling mat!

I was all stretched out on that when she showed me the place mat and the feather. OMC did she wave a feather in front of my face? How did you know I love feathers? I've only destroyed two of them before because they are such so awesome to pounce, chew, and attack!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, I noticed the package ribbon had fallen to the floor. SCORE! I attacked it and bit it and licked it and Mama said "that's enough" but oh my goodness both Sab and I loved it.

I went to the bed to enjoy the afternoon sun and wowsers there was more! Sab had stepped away from the catnip banana and whoa I sure surprised Mama! I attacked it and flipped it and tunneled it under the tissue paper and have only stopped long enough to tell you thank you very much! I've still got some serious playing to do!


Stuffy Noses

November 24th 2009 7:30 pm
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What a dirty trick I tell you.... Mama getting me up and giving me lovin this morning and then putting me in the cat carrier & locking the door!

Off to see Dr. Vicky we went. This time, though, Mama did not bring me right in with her; she left me in the car and the heat. When she came out, we went through a side door instead of the regular place where they have the birds and I can visit with the front desk girls. Well, they visit and I inform them, loudly, I might add, how badly I have been mistreated by that establishment yet again.

Mama and Dr. Vicky seemed to know each other and did some chatting but I've never sniffed her before. I know Carol though, and she was quite impressed with how good my coat looked and I've lost another 10 ounces, which everyone was quite pleased to hear.

So what did Carol do? She held me down so Dr. Vicky could stick that thing where the sun should never shine and she poked my belly and felt me up and listened to every howl I made. I tried so hard to get out of their grips but man those ladies are good!

Dr. Vicky says that my lungs sound good so she's happy about that. My nose is not running either, and that's good. My nose is stuffy, though, something Mama called "URI" and so she and Dr. Vicky talked about that. Mama was feeling guilty for bringing that URI thing home from the animal shelter but Dr. Vicky told her that even though Mama is very careful with her clothes, she's not surprised I got it because it happens to her cats too.

Dr. Vicky gave Mama a tube of lie gel to give to Sab and me and back out the side door I went.

This lying jelly cream isn't all bad, though. Mama went and bought us CANNED FOOD to help it go down.




November 23rd 2009 10:28 pm
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Pardon me while I sneeze. Wowsers I hate tickles in my nose.

The other day the tickle was so bad I coughed. Mama jumped out of her chair and came over to the bed, thinking it was Sab having another asthma attack. That mean cough woke me up from a peaceful nap. It's a good thing I fall asleep easily.

Sneezes are not fun. They sneak right up on you and catch you by surprise, much like Sab when he's in stealth mode and attacks me from behind. One minute you're fine and the next minute WHAM! there it is!

Its not like it happens all the time, either. Good thing that sneeze has only shown up a couple times.

Bad news for me, though, is that Mama was around when they all happened and well... I imagine you can guess where this is going!

Mama calls Dr. David's office and talked to Rene. The first question Rene asked her was "what's going around the shelter these days?" because she knows Mama works at the animal shelter where she got me oh so long ago. Mama scratched her head and said nothing but the ordinary coughing that the dogs have but she doesn't touch the dogs. Then Mama remembered that she'd been hugging kittens last week and, what do you know....

Sab thinks I don't know, but I do. Mama is going to drag me to see Dr. David tomorrow, right before the turkey holiday. Poor Dr. David! I'm sure he's got things to do and needs to get ready. After all, I know he's got cats living at his house and someone has to cook their turkey! I can't believe she's going to interrupt Dr. David's food-making schedule just because I had a tickle in my nose.

She can't make me go! I would never sniff out a URI, I know better!


I Still Got It!

October 4th 2009 4:03 am
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I'm telling you, living with Sebastian is quite a trial. Nothing is sacred to that cat! He has no morals, either. He's bored? Must be time to pick a fight!

Yesterday Mama was home with another one of her really bad migraines and I had been trying to help her but Mama said that my paws and claws in her face weren't appurciated so she put her pillow on her head.

I was quite annoyed by that; what does she mean that I am not helping? So I got off the bed.

Sab was nearby and decided it was time to take me on. He pounced on me and it was a free for all.

He's been doing this lately; Mama says he's bored and feeling better with the weather getting cooler. I wish his asthma would be hard every day and he'd be quiet and sedate! I decided to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget.

I bit his back paw. I got him good. I also howled, hissed, and took a big slap at it.

Mama was no happy. "I said SHUT UP!" she yelled.

Sab dashed off, wounded. I got him good. Later Mama was up and about and saw the blood on the glider chair and she got all worried and woke me up to check me over. Then she checked Sab over and then she found the damage.

Guess who got scolded? It wasn't me!


I'm Normal!!!!

September 12th 2009 7:22 pm
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On Thursday Mama pulled a fast one on me and hauled me off to the vet. It's bad enough to get dragged out there, but then I had to endure a whippersnapper of a black kitten, on a leash, who tried to make friends by coming up to my carrier and sticking her nose inside!

Boy I'm telling you... I taught that kit a thing or two about respecting her elders!

Then Miss Carole came out and put me on the scale and then she stole my blood again. Said it was time to check my thyroid level.

The good news is that I've lost over two pounds since March, when it was discovered that I'd gained 3 pounds in 6 months. Miss Carole and Dr. David are very pleased with me!

And the coolest news of all - or so says Mama - is that my thyroid level is dead center in the normal range! I knew there was a reason I've been feeling more like myself. My beautiful fur is looking sleek again and I've had enough energy to spare; I've been beating up on that Sebastian who think's he's in charge and putting him in his place. I've been leaving clumps of orange hair for Mama to find. Even though she scolds me, I think she's proud that I can still put him in his place!


We Made it!

August 24th 2009 8:56 am
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I'm telling you, it was a very scary Friday we had.

Mama had been keeping an eye on the TV, watching someone named Bill who was making waves in the ocean and no one was sure he wouldn't come visit us, but he didn't, or so Mama says.

Instead, on Friday afternoon, there was no sun in my windows. That's not surprising since this year is the wettest summer ever, the weather people say. Mama took out our cat carrier and the guinea pig carrier and she moved Reese the hamster's cage and put all of this stuff next to the door to go outside. She also had the TV on loud so she could hear it.

We had supper, and just after that, it got very, very dark. It's not the right time of year for it to get nighttime dark when we eat supper. Mama took her camera outside to take pictures. She wasn't gone for very long before she came racing up the stairs. She put her camera down, yelled out "Sab! Kenzie!" really scared like, scooped up the guinea pigs and threw them in their carrier. Sab was already over sniffing things and shoved him in the carrier. I wasn't about to let Mama put me in there but she was quicker than I was and she picked me up - not gently, I might add - and threw me in the carrier with Sab. Mama put all of us in the stairs in the hall. She covered her head with a towel and sat next to us and we waited and waited and waited.

It was very hot out there. Sab was digging at the door and howling; I didn't blame him at all. I was howling too. It was getting scary! The guinea pigs were chattering their teeth, and the hamster was just plain curious. Just as Mama sat next to us, horrible noises started to come from outside and I could see Mama praying for all of us to be safe. It was so dark but the lightening was flashing and the thunder was the loudest I had ever heard; Mama says she hadn't heard anything like that before either. The rain came down so hard it sounded like banging on the roof. It was so loud! I was scared! I hate to admit it, but I was glad to be hiding with Sebastian so I wouldn't be alone, but all I wanted to do was curl up in Mama's arms!

Finally the storm went away and Mama got up. She brought our carriers into the apartment again and let us out. Mama says that when she went to take photos of the dark clouds coming in, she had looked up into the sky above her head and saw a funnel starting to form right over our building; that's why she was so scared and made us wait in the hallway. Later she heard on the news that it was confirmed that there was a funnel next to our building but it didn't touch the ground or anything around it.

Mama says we were very fortunate, because tornadoes don't come here much but we've had six in Maine this year. There was another one about an hour away from us that did a lot of damage and people got hurt but no one died.

I, for one, want the sun to come back!


I am Stylin!!!

July 26th 2009 3:37 am
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Mama took a very special trip yesterday. She picked up a couple baby rats that someone she knew had, and she went to some place to meet Morgan the PirateGato's mom because she and Morgan were adopting them!

Mama says that Morgan has a wonderful mommy and they had a short but lovely time at the park where they stopped and they are both sure that Morgan is going to fall in love with his new brothers. Poor Morgan woke up a few days ago to find that his last rat sister had died during the night and he was so sad. I hope he's not so sad now!

Mama also didn't tell us she was coming home with a surprise. She's talked about it for a while, and Sab and I have whined for a couple for a while, but finally we are proud owners of a genuine, original Morgan's Bed! I would have chosen pink, but you know, after napping so comfy in the red one, I have to admit, I think it matches my fur just purfectly!

Sab, however, is such a sore loser; do you see his face in my new picture, showing off my bed? Its not my fault that he sniffed it and turned his back; I know a good opportunity when I see it! I'm telling you, if you don't have a Morgan's Bed yet, then you don't know how much better your naps can be with one!

Mama says that she'll keep it in the kitchen for now so the foster rabbits don't use it (and chew it; that Shorite girl chews almost everything!) so now we've got another soft spot to use while we hide from rabbits!

PS: thank you, Diary Gal, for making me a diary pick today! What a way to wake up after sleeping in a Morgan's Bed


Three Entire Years!

July 22nd 2009 5:27 pm
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That's how long its been since Mama found a place called "Catster" and said "let's check this place out!"

I can't believe that we all missed that important anniversary - it was last Wednesday! Mama's been busy and I've just been lazy and trying to get as much love out of her as I can.

Mama's not been easy to distract, though. A friend of hers that she's worked with on church stuff for years lost her dog a couple weeks ago. To hear Mama tell it, her friend had gone to Flo Ri D'oh to pick up this dog and they got all the way to the town next to us and that big, silly dog slipped her collar and hasn't been captured since. Mama's helping her friend to find the dog because this friend lives a couple hours north of us and doesn't feel good, but she's been driving to our area every day to look for her dog. The police have seen the dog but she's too scared to get caught. Rescue people have seen the dog and tried to trap her, but she got out of that, too, got hurt, and now won't come near people at all. Mama says its a female, tan Great Dane and that those are big dogs and hard to miss.

Ahem, Mama, I don't miss dogs at all. Dogs are the enemy! But I don't like the idea of a dog being lost and being hurt and not having a place to sleep or anything to eat. So please purr that Mama and her friend Chris can find her dog!

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