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Pouncin' RULES

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I'm 6 and my Redhead forgot.....

February 14th 2012 8:20 am
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Hiya Furfriends,

Today I turned 6, the day of love.....purrfect for me because I'm a lovebug...I mean lovecat!
My redhead left the house and NEVER said anything, no birthday kisses, no treats, nothing!

I sure hope that changes when she gets home....she hurt my little cat feelings...

*backflips & pounces on GGMMolly* now that is the best present....pouncin' on my fursister....MOL!

Happy Valentines Day Everycat & Happy 6th Birthday to ME!!


I've been CHIPPED!!!!

May 2nd 2011 1:10 pm
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Hiya Furfriends....

long time no meow....well my redhead did it, she took me to the VET and had me & the yucky fursister CHIPPED!
We don't go outside by ourselves, only with the harness & leash with the rh watching us but sometimes I wiggle out of my harness, thou I don't run far......we wanted to be safe rather than sorry!
The VET said I acted like nothing was going on. My redhead couldn't go in with us...:-( The VET notice my shaved 'tattoo' and thought I licked my fur off....NO silly VET, I like the chippers....she didn't even notice my well groomed hiney!!!
I wonder if I could be a furry GPS? redhead is AWFUL with directions.....MOL!!!!
The VET was at the local humane society where I was adopted from. While I was chipped, my redhead went to see the cats....she said they didn't have a lot of kitties but still one without a home is too much!
On the way home as a treat we met Chloe' Mom, she was nice....she pet me & said I look sorta like some of the kitties in her life.....must be because we are all good lookin' orangies.

I did well in the car, only meowed once-I even got out of the carrier and sat in the backseat by myself.

oh yea......I thanked the Humane Society people for doing such a great job! Any I said a little prayer that those kitties to get a furever home real soon.....a good one like I have!!!!

Later furfaces....take care, be safe & sorta good!
Hector the GPS kitty...;-)


Just a little update on my end....

June 27th 2010 7:12 pm
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First and furmost....I missed you cats!!!

My rh is a slacker typist...she visits a DIFFERENT website lately.....and Catster is sorta yucky now...the new format not the cats!!!! Catster Cats RULE!!

Onto holy cat crap yucky fursister & the lovely ORANGE hottie cat(ME)went to our annual *et appt....check up, rabies & we were goin' to be CHIPPED....but my rh saw the needle and needed time to think about....she didn't want us to be in pain because of that. We go on the leash in the yard & camp....but safety first, thats what my rh says....just in case we get out of our harness!!

If any of you chipped cats can let me know if it hurt a lot or only for a short time...

So many furs have been found by the chip!!! even those yucky DOGS!!!!!

The *et said I was one VERY clean kitty......I do my bestest to keep up with my handsomeness!!
I gained a little weight too....18 lbs & 11 ounces of orange to love!! I hardly eat & I exercise a why the weight gain? Guess its just to have more of me to love...MOL!

I hope everycat is having a pawsome summer...ours is going pretty good!!
I'm NOT lookin' forward to the loud booms with weekend....but my redhead said she would keep me safe & it won't be boomin' for too long!
later furfaces....
The BIG orange one.....
ps I DIDN'T meow once at the *ets......even when I saw my rh pettin' other kitties & a pug......she called the pug a hottie....I thought I was her hottie!!! women....MOL!!


Kitty Blog 1

December 10th 2009 7:03 am
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Wow-wee it’s been a long time since I posted a diary!!!

My redhead was cleaning out our junk cabinet and found our kitty blogs!!! That’s right furfriends, we had a kitty blogs before we even knew about Catster, Mr. Kitdee had them for years…..I’m sure he will post a few when he gets some downtime at the bridge.

These blogs were done when my redhead went on vacation or to camp.

I was adopted on May 6, 2006, started the blog on May 20, 2006 and joined Catster on Sept. 12, 2006. We no longer do a blog because we now go to camp with our redhead & have Catster(thou I’ve been slackin’ again) But if she takes a big vacation….I’m sure there will be more pages to fill in that notebook.

I didn’t actually write the blog, my redhead made notes for our sitter, Aunt Chris and AC wrote stuff down in the notebook also….those 2 crazy girls……I love, love, love them both!!

Here is our first entry done while our redhead went to open up our camp on May 20-21, 2006
On the front of the notebook it says, ‘Hector & Good Golly Miss Mollys Kitty Blog’

Redhead writes:
Scoop poop….THANKS!
If they are near plants or anything that is a NO-NO spray them with the water bottle (on table)

Aunt Chris writes:
5/20/06 Aunt Chris is babysitting.
This is their first time alone for a day without their Mommy. They are doing good. I wonder how they’re going to do tonight without their Mom; I will come back later to check on them.
Ok, I’m back its 9:30pm; these 2 poop more than I do all week long. I changed the bag in the bathroom because it was very full! I am going to play with the kitties for a little while, call me when you return….Aunt Chris
Ps OMG they are too cute, they love that toy, they should sleep good tonight. She is such a heller, he is more laid back. They are still playing as I write this.
5/21/06 9am
The kids are good, it looks like they didn’t get into any trouble. I played with them to get them tired. Hector only played a little, he is such a wussy! Molly played A LOT!!
Later in the day…..
They are CRAZY!! They spilt their water, one of them was playing in the plant & knocked off the plastic whale, that threw them in & the fact there was dirt (OH NO!) They finally went potty. Molly is up on my lap right now with her butt in my face, purring like *ell, rubbing against me. She misses you, I can tell. Hector is still being a wussy!
They were both hanging out in the bathroom sink, they are too funny!!

And that furfriends is the start of my kitty blog…..even before I knew it was cool to have a blog…..MOL!


Who rules the house.....I do of course!!

April 18th 2009 7:20 am
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Hey Furfriends,

My redhead is in the middle of her spring cleain' frenzy....the livin' room is done, the bathroom is done and the bedroom is done but......I don't like it!!!
I usually help make the bed EVERYtime she washes the sheets but this time....I purred no way...I don't like the bedroom like this. Imagine her sadness, havin' to make OUR bed alone!

The bed is in a different spot...I'm not used to it!
This pass week I was in kitty protest...I refused to cuddle with her in bed....I did go in each night around 3 am to knead on her head but she didn't like that a compromise has been made....she is changin' the bedroom back the way it was.......I RULE!
I can't wait to have a good night sleep..well I always have a good night sleep but I haven't had a nighttime belly rub in a seems like furever!

As the headin' above states......I rule the house and strong paw my redhead to do what I want.....change the bedroom back!

Hector, hopin' for the most pawsome belly rub about 10 est tonight.....MOL!


Laundry Day

December 31st 2008 6:54 am
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Oh for the love of freshly washed and dried laundry……..

I love when my redhead puts all the laundry on the bed to fold, I jump up on the bed….oh snuggly warm….rollin' all over her unmentionables….her granny panties….MOL!

The bestest part comes when she starts to make the bed….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to help her make the bed!!!
She throws the fitted sheet onto the bed and I scurry to get under it….she pulls me out….…:(
Then the flat sheet goes flyin'….the excitement builds…..I do the runnin' jump and get under just in time for the hospital corners…….
Sometimes she will make the whole bed and I will be tucked in under the covers……I love to be under the covers….oh the joy of laundry day!
GGMMolly tried to help with the bed makin' this past time but she was clueless on what to do…..I am an expert bed maker!
I will have to give her pointers…only problem is..…she doesn't like to be under the covers like I do...…her loss….my furgain…..:)

My redhead thanks me for all the help I give her……she rubs my big furbutt and gives squeaky kisses while makin' the bed, sometimes we wrestle too….but she also giggles at me….not sure why thou…..

Laundry day RULES!


I like dog food....YIKES!!!

October 25th 2008 4:04 pm
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Hiya Furfriends,

No diary lately but I had to purr about this one....its crazy!!!!

Every Saturday, my redhead feeds us can food....I'm not a big fan of can food thou!

Well this mornin' she said to me and the yucky one....'you want some can food?' to which I played the game and meowed....the yucky one on the other paw.....WENT CRAZY!

We had no can food, so the redhead decided we could have tuna....I like tuna...its ok....we only get it when there is no can food.
Well we had no tuna either....the yucky one meowed and meowed...finally my redhead remembered Aunt Chris had dog food someone gave to her...she doesn't have a dog but she took it anyway & gave us a can.

My redhead opened the was big chucks of chicken stuff....she cut it into small pieces for us....I usually only get a little since I don't even eat can food.....I LIKED it thou....I ate it ALL and licked the juice too!!!

I wanted more....YIKES!!!! Lots of people say I am like a dog but to like dog food....furfriends was I a dog before I became a cat? will I turn back?....I don't know but YIKES! I like dog food.....better than any food I've ever had...and I'm very picky!

Besides likin' dog food there is another side to the story, there were no leftovers in my bowl for the yucky one to steal....MOL!
Oh yea we stil have 1/2 can left....leftovers tomorrow.....oh yea! oopsy I mean YIKES I like dog food....;-)


(-: Happy News :-)

September 27th 2008 1:00 pm
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Long time, no diary!!!

My redhead went to a townwide garage sale today in Choles rh told her Mom maybe she would stop by for a quick visit....I couldn't go, it would be too long without a litter box...:(
Chole' Mom wasn't home...:-( but her Dad let the rh in anyway...silly man...;-)

Let me purr to ya....I think my Mom scared Chole', Petey and Charlie....she didn't mean too thou.....

My redhead said Chole is sooo pretty and TINY.....I'm 4 of her....MOL!

My rh says we are very similar in color...oh hes tiny too but he will get bigger I'm sure!
He looked at my redhead and was like....'who the heck are you?'

Charlie, he isn't orange but my Mom said he melted her with his eyes.....they were cat sexy...he is just sexy she said!!!!
What about the big H??

See even seen Zeke tree in the yard!

I wish I could have met them in catson but I'll have my rh give me the play by play again later.

There should be a Catster convention....were all cats & people could meet....there are so many nice furfaces and families out there.....

Gotta go......
My rh says sorry if she scared you cats.....she scares me too sometimes....especially with the vacuum!
ps raincheck on the squeaky kisses she said...;-)
pss my redhead got me a CatSpa today and it has to cleaned it before we use it....YEA!!


Worst Weekend....well sort of!

August 7th 2008 8:04 am
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Well my redhead decided to have a garage sale this past weekend…I have no idea what that is but…..she had loads of stuff on the lawn.

As she was setting stuff up, she left the one of the hallway doors open, this was so I could look out…but imagine my surprise when I WASN’T allowed in the yard! Usually I can look out the door and my rh gets me harnessed up and out I go!

This time I was totally ignored as I begged to go in the yard!
I saw so many people comin’ and goin’….I wanted out….I’m a people cat….I love to mingle and spread my handsomeness around!
I was treated like a red-headed step cat that day!!
When things finally slowed down, she took me out in the yard. But things got worse!
She hooked my leash in a different part of the yard because of all her junk was in MY spot!! I meowed and meowed…I didn’t like being treated this way!
This is MY yard and I want to go in my normal spot!
I did get to meet a few people but I kept meowing....I wanted to be in my regular spot!

Not only was I on backyard restriction all weekend but then my redhead went and did something I’m not likin’….and I don’t think I will like it for a long time!!!
At night when its time for bed, I like to get comfortable with my redhead and to do this I like to knead on her red head…..ohh that long thick hair comforts me!
I knead, I pull, I hide under and sometimes even chew on her locks….well furfriends do you know where I am goin’ with this?….well let me tell ya!

She donated her hair to Locks of Love….she cut it all off!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a very nice thing she did but there is no long hair to knead…...

This weekend hopefully it will be all about ME!!


Hector the Mouse Whisperer

April 30th 2008 11:31 am
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Oh where shall I start……I caught another mouse, that’s where I’ll start!!!!!

I was in the yard with my redhead & Aunt Chris….oh yea GGMMolly was there too.

I was just walkin’ around smellin’ the grass and listenin’ to the birdies chirp.

Aunt Chris saw something hop in the grass and said, “Hector has a mouse” my redhead said, “No it’s just a bug”…..Aunt Chris was insistent….”It’s a MOUSE!”
So my redhead grabs the camera and walked over to me….yupper I got another one!

He was a bouncy little guy….bouncin’ here and bouncin’ there! But he was always within’ my reach!
I just wanted to play with him…I kept tappin’ him with my paw and he kept tappin’ me with his.
My redhead said he was scared because his little chest was goin’ in & out so fast. Then my redhead noticed a little blood on his tail…..I like to catch them by the tail and then I can do double duty and floss while I’m at it…..MOL! I like good dental hygiene.

My redhead picked up GGMMolly put her right next to the mouse but she didn’t even notice it….she was too busy gobblin’ down the grass.

My redhead let me play with the mousie for al little while….you know for a pix session!
She took pix & video…..since we can’t post videos, we need to find a friend to do it for us….hopefully soon!
I think I’m a catch & release type of cat….I only bit him once (on his tail) and that was to catch him. At one point it looked like we were playing ‘patty cake’ whatever that is.
After that I just let him hop away and live his little mouse life in my yard....actually he went into Aunt Chriss' yard but don't tell her....MOL!!!

I am gettin’ good at this mouse thing; I’ve got 3 under my fatsack and more to follow!

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