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Jazzi's special thoughts and share with you all

Tomorrow...1-27-09, Look to the sun...I am there

January 26th 2009 4:34 pm
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Tomorrow, 1-27-09, as the sunrises...look to the sky and know I am with you always. I am the sunshine you see everyday and feel warming your heart and soul...

It is my third month anniversary at the bridge. It' s had to imagine it has been three months since I last laid in my mommy's arms and peacefully went to sleep for the last time. I can still see her face with tears in her eyes as she held me and we said good-bye....all the rainbow bridge doggie and kitty angels swooped from above and as I drew my last breathe, they took me peacefully back to the bridge with them....I didn't want to go, I didn't want to family was devestated and missing me. WE belong together for eternity...then I realized death is not good-bye, it is simply letting go until we are reunited with another again...someday...someway....we will be together again.

I had such a wonderful life...more than most kitties could ever ask for and yet...if only I could have one more day to simply be in my mommy's loving arms again....I truly believe my family knows the love between us is so incredibly strong and not even death can take that away.

I want to thank all my wonderfully supportive catster/dogster friends for helping us through these past few months....they haven't been easy and yet, each of you has made the unbearbable...bearable for us all. I thank you....

Sissy and CK, thank you for loving me and being the best furfamily I could have. I want you to know I am with my sisters, CheyAnne and Sugar now, and we have found peace. I would love to be there with you again to lay in front of the fire and just be....but now things have to be different as I here and you are simply can't be....

So I ask each of you to please take an extra moment to look to the sun and see my face glowing in the radiant beauty it brings to earth...feel the warmth of the sun on your face as it warms your heart and soul...know that is me, loving you and thanking you for being such incredible parts of my life.

In my memory, take an extra moment to truly share your heart with others...take time to say I love you to someone you have meant to, but haven't....more importantly take time to cuddle your furbabies, give them big hugs and extra treats and let them know how much you love them and how they contribute so greatly to your life....reach out today just a little more than usual and think me....make sure you share your heart and look to the sun wtih a big smile....

As the sunrises...take time to love one another fully, laugh until it hurts, cry until the tears are gone, dream until you reach your potential....and never forget...I am with you always....for nothing, not even death, can truly separate us.

Mommy, I am always the sunhine of your life....and you are mine.

Please stop by my page and listen to the song...really listen. The lyrics are below:

Artist: Bonoff Karla
Song: Good-Bye My Friend
Album: All My Life-Best of Karla Bono Karla Bonoff Sheet Music
Karla Bonoff CDs

"Oh, we never know where life will take us
We know it's just a ride on the wheel
And we never know when death will shake us
And we wonder how it will feel, so

Good-bye, my friend
I know I'll never see you again
But the time together through all the years
Will take away the tears
It's ok now
Good-bye, my friend

I've seen alot of things that made me crazy
And I guess I held on to you
I could have run away and left, well maybe,
But it wasn't time and we both knew, so

Good-bye, my friend
I know I'll never see you again
But the love you gave me through all the years
Will take away my tears
I'm ok now
Good-bye, my friend

Life's so fragile and love's so pure
We can't hold on but we try
We watch how quickly it disappears
And we'll never know why
But I'm ok now
Good-bye, my friend
You can go now
Good-bye, my friend "

Look to the sun, even behind the clouds, and I am always there...

Today I thank each of you for being so special...I remind each of you how loved you are....and I smile as I think of you...and I hold close in my heart....

Love, Jazzi Sunshine Angel


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