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Jazzi's special thoughts and share with you all

Look to the sun, even if hidden behind the clouds, and know- I am with you always

November 9th 2008 8:55 am
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Tomorrow it has been two weeks since I will have left the loving comfort of my mommy's arms and was flown ever so gently away by caring angels to the bridge. After 18 years of being with my family, this change is very difficult for us all...

I have a new picture and I hope it fills your heart with warmth and sunshine.....and hopefully one day it will also bring my family peace.

My heart is still so very sad, I miss all of you....and I see my family's hearts filled with sadness.....each moment of each day, I will try to help them know I am okay. Thank you for your contined support.

Kablili Gibran said,

" knows not its own depth until the hour of sepatation."

How true is this...more true than most realize until that hour comes. In my memory, please make a special effort to love all those special to you in every moment of every day as if it is the last....for we never know when that last hour will come.

"Today is a gift....that is why it is called the present."

Angel Cats by Bonnie Altenhein:

"Angel cats wear the brightest halos of all our feline friends. They always seem to know how you feel--nestled softely on your lap when you need a gentle hug, and never laughing at your baggy at-home sweats. Cats are non-judgmental, and love you just the weight you are. They share your good times and not so good times, your dish of ice cream, your love of re-runs and they always purr at your jokes.
So next time Fluffy or Bunky or Kitty-poo plays catch with your designer glasses, or sweet little kitten rearranges all our socks, remember that kittens are a delightful way to start angel cats...and all cats are the angels' way of sending you love."

Our hearts are connected by sunshine and paws, Jazzi


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