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Jazzi's special thoughts and share with you all

My Tail of Devotion for Jasmine...Jazzi for short

July 16th 2006 11:52 am
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I was born somewhere in the Kiamichi Mountains in SE Oklahoma. I lived outside and was pretty wild. I have sensed learned, I was feral. I loved the pines trees, the outdoor adventures, and all the country living...but it was hard finding food and shelter. One day this really nice lady moved onto 80 acres of beautiful land, full of trees, wildlife and fun hiding places. She really enjoyed wildlife and would feed the deer, squirrles, raccoons, etc. I especially loved all the different bird feeders she put out..made my meals easier to find. hee hee! I was a great hunter!! One day I was hiding underneath her ground dove feeder snatching her doves and enjoying them for lunch. It was so easy...all I had to do was lay in the shade and reach up and grab the unsuspecting birds. She hated that and tried to distract me by throwing tennis balls...she put out food for me, but I didn't trust her at I just kept eating the doves. She was really frustrated with the situation. We made eye contact across the front yard a few times, but she could not come close to me since she was in a horrible accident and was not able to able to walk at that time. When her mother visited to help her, I got caught...The lady (now Granny Joy) went out to that feeder and grabbed me up...I put all my crawls and teeth in her thigh and bite through her jeans. I was scared. We laugh now, cause her came Granny Joy into the house with a feral scared cat attached to her thigh!! What a sight. The two of them put me in the glass spa room. It was a beautiful room with all glass windows and cedar...but it was all so new. I really didn't feel like hot tubbing!! They put in a litter box and lots of food and water...they would come in a talk to me, but I wasn't too much into the human thing. After a few days, I tammed down some and decided that getting petted was okay. I was then put in a carrier and driven to this person called a vet...UGH!!!! I got shots, dewormed, spayed, wow....lots of horrible stuff!! I survived it all. That didn't do a lot for my trust level. I still make nasty noises at the vet now...need to always let them know who is in charge. I had two sisters, CheyAnne and Sugar. They were my best friends. They were Lhaso Apsos. We all kept mommy happy and helped her through a very difficult time in her life. Although this people thing was new to me, I was catching on quickly and beginning to realize I was loved and needed. I became the Queen....Queen Jasmine that is. When mom's husband left her because she was too "injured" from her accident, it was hard...we didn't have money and weren't sure where our lives would lead. ..but we had each other. We packed and headed for Dallas to live with our Granny Joy and Grandpa Frank. They had two dogs and a kitty in their house so that was quite an adjustment for us all. Mom had several more surgeries and I would come out to see her, but spent a lot of time under the bed. I was terrified of that darn door bell and stangers who would come over. Wow, what a culture shock. Mom got a little better and we got a condo of our own. It was close to Granny Joy and Grandpa Frank 's so they could care for mommy...she will always be fragile and require assistance. She is a really strong and determined woman...her courage taught me to trust and be brave...I began to blossom and experience the world of being a domesticated cat. Wow!! I love it. ..especially "the Queen" part. A few years later, my sister Sugar was taken to the vet and never returned. My mommy cried for days and was so sad...Sugar had cancer. Mommy said losing a best friend will always hurt. Sugar is waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. After Sugar was gone, it was just us three girls. Mommy met a really nice man, but he terrified me. (Now, he is my super daddy and I love him alot.) He really helpd mommy. He and mommy rescued an abused feral kitty used as bait and named him CK. Unfortunately CK and I never adjusted to one another because his behavior is so unpreditable. He is really mean sometimes, not cause he wants to be but because he knows nothing else. Mom and dad told me we needed to give him a chance cause no one would take him and they didn't think he should go to the rainbow bridge since none of this was his he still lives with us. We have learned patience and the ability to tolerate each other, but never bonded as real buddies. I understand my mommy's need to help other animals like she helped me and I love her for that. A few years later, my sweet CheyAnne got chronic renal failure and despite all our efforts and many years of medical treatments, the day came when we had to let her go. A day we will all remember. CheyAnne was my mom's first real "baby" and they were inseperable. It broke my mom's heart, but I was strong for her. I really missed her, too. The house was so empty and my mommy's face lost the smile I loved seeing. She and I really grew close. I would do silly things to make her laugh. I knew she needed me more than ever. I started sleeping in bed with her and cuddling with her. I still sleep next to her now and even tap her shoulder if she is not getting up in time for work. Mommy suffers from lots of health issues and I know when she needs help. For instance, my mommy was not feeling well yesterdayand I knew I gave her lots of kitties kisses and laid next to her. When I am really concerned I go get my daddy and stare at him and meow until he gets it!! My mommy tells me I "am incredible..." what ever that means. We have a very unique and close connection. Our hearts are now one. Mommy rescued my new sister, Sissy, and she is cool. We get along good. Mom and daddy got married and now it is one big happy family. Daddy is so wonderful...I now really trust and love him. He feds me treats and plays with me. I have really learned to trust and I am truly the Queen of the household............My 10 year journey (with extra mileage) is one of hardships, growing, bonding, loss, change... and more importantly, learning the unique gift of unconditional love. Hopefully this road I am traveling will continue to bless me and my family for as long as possible. Mom and daddy get a little uneasy cause I have recently developed chronic pancretitis which makes me really sick sometimes, but they nurse me through and I am doing great now. I even got a kitty stroller to take walks in. I am one lucky girl. I came from rags to riches...and my heart is full of joy, love and peace. I am one lucky girl...but mom says, they are the lucky ones!

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