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Mewsings of a Green-Eyed Kitty

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Not an up day

April 3rd 2016 1:31 pm
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It was cold last night, so I slept on top of Momma. Not really hungry, but Momma keeps trying to push food on me. Don't want A/D. The gravy on the Turkey and Gravy was pretty good. I ate some duck heart. Momma has dehydrated duck hearts that I like. You should smell them! Momma breaks them into bite-sized pieces for me. But then she went and sprinkled some crumbs onto the A/D. What a waste. The duck hearts are so good, I would have eaten the crumbs.

Now she's trying to give me the munchies. Slipped me some catnip. She wouldn't let me stick my whole head in the bowl, but I ate some off her hand. That's my greens for the day. I'm done.

Oh, and Momma has started removing us from some groups. It's sad, but they've been groups we were never really active in anyway, and they're not active now. So if we leave your group, sorry!


Update on my birthday

May 29th 2015 8:15 pm
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My dear friend Hazel Lucy pointed out that I haven't updated my diary lately. *glares at Momma*

At my last vet visit in April, I had gained some weight which made Momma happy, but one of my kidney values was elevated even more. The vet said I might be a little dehydrated. He gave Momma some nasty sickly sweet medicine for me to take and told her she could give me fluids if needed.

Momma was smart and didn't try giving me fluids - until last weekend. I was having trouble, straining in the litterbox, so she gave me some of that yucky medicine and then STABBED ME with a needle. It was awful!!! I was just minding my own business on the bed when Momma threw a PILLOWCASE over my head! I fought to let this cat out of the bag and managed to get my head and shoulders free. Then Momma stabbed me! In the back!!!

Last night she tried the fluids again. She did a much better job this time. The needle only hurt a little and it just felt weird when the fluid got under my skin. This morning my fur was looking prettier than it did yesterday, and Momma thinks it's because of the fluids. Whatever. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop fighting her.

I don't really like anything Momma's been feeding me lately. I like the gravy dinners but she expects me to eat the chunks too. Hmpf! I like the expensive fish in sauce - most of the time. Momma's been trying Broths and Appetizers but nothing has really caught my fancy.

So that's where I'm at. Sickly sweet medicine, some fluids, and my usual appetite stimulant which I hate. Whenever Momma gives it to me late at night, I make sure she doesn't sleep - hehehe.

Thanks for thinking of me. Your purrs are appreciated.

Note from Momma: We're in a holding pattern for now. The next step would be to start her on Prednisone. I want to hold off on that as long as we can.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the price of canned cat food? Fancy Feast went up 5-10 cents a can. Not much on one can, but it adds up when you buy lots of different flavors for her to refuse to eat.



January 8th 2015 8:28 pm
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Momma dragged me to the vet this afternoon. I let her know I was displeased the whole time. When we got to the vet and were waiting to check in, the woman in line in front of us let us go first. Sounds like a nice lady, right? Wrong! Momma asked her if she was sure, and the woman said yes because she didn't want to listen to me!!! Can you believe that? How rude! I've never been so insulted! Hmpf!

The vet tortured me and I growled at him during the exam. Then they stole my bodily fluids and cut my nails. They used some other torture device on me too. It was awful!

[Note from Momma: Briana lost a little weight, going from 8.5 in November to 8.25 now. Her teeth didn't seem terrible. She has dental disease but the vet doesn't want to risk having her teeth cleaned. He'll call with the results of the blood work and urinalysis. Her blood pressure was fine. He changed her appetite stimulant to the liquid form so I can give it to her every day instead of every third day like the pill. We're also giving her a pain medication for a couple of days to see if it makes a difference.

The other thing the vet said is she could have IBS or maybe even cancer. The only way to know for sure is to give her an endoscopy. I'm not thrilled with that idea at her age. The other option is to assume she has IBS and start her on a steroid. I'm leaning towards that option. My poor little girl.]


Momma found something I'll eat . . .

January 5th 2015 6:14 pm
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Cat grass!


Mean Momma . . .

January 3rd 2015 9:27 pm
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She keeps forcing pills and liquids down my throat and making me take bites of chicken baby food off her finger. (Yesterday I ate a whole jar of turkey baby food, so why won't she leave me alone?) She tried to get me to eat canned food, but I'll only take a nibble or two. Then she watered it down until it was pretty much liquified and I drank some of that. She's figured out the problem isn't my appetite since I tried eating after she gave me the appetite stimulant. Now she's trying to decide if I'm nauseous or if my teeth are bothering me. I'm active and vocal and cuddling when I'm not hiding IN the armoire, so she's not taking me to the ER yet . . .

Wait, WHAT? I better go hide again, but first I'd like to thank all my friends for the purrs and kind words. *headbonks*


I'm not eating

January 2nd 2015 2:48 pm
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And I'm not telling anyone why.



November 19th 2014 9:35 pm
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It's cold here, but I guess it's cold everywhere in the country. I'm cuddling under the covers with Momma. When she's not here, I curl up in my heated catbed.

Momma dragged me to the vet yesterday just because I haven't been hungry this week. The vet weighed me and I'd gained 1 1/4 pounds. A girl never likes gaining weight, but Momma and the vet were pleased. Momma was worried about my kidneys, so the vet stole blood and piddle from me. I HATE it when they do that. Tonight I overheard Momma telling her friend that my blood work came back and it was even better than last time, so I guess that's the end of that. . .

GACK!!! HOW DARE SHE??!! Momma just snuck up and forced a pill and nasty liquid down my throat! No more cuddles for her. I'm going to my cat bed. I hope you all have somewhere warm to spend the night.


I'm hiding behind the armoire.

August 12th 2014 5:30 pm
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My vet appointment is tomorrow, but I'm hiding now. Momma is worried because I won't eat either.


Purrs Needed

August 7th 2014 8:52 pm
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Momma talked to the vet again tonight. I hacked up a huge hairball yesterday and a small one this morning. My regular vet took a look at the x-rays from my ER visit and he thinks one of my lymph nodes looks enlarged. That could mean some sort of inflammation or it could be the big C. I'm going in next week for another x-ray to see if the lymph node looks the same or better (or worse). Any purrs would be appreciated. My brother Rufus had the big C, and he had to go to the vet A LOT! I don't want to go through that.


Dragged to the ER vet!

July 21st 2014 7:45 am
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What an ordeal! Yesterday I threw up my anti-nausea medicine in the morning along with a hairball (third one this week), then all day I just wanted to be with Momma and I was purring a lot and it was loud and gurgling so Momma didn't like it. She was afraid I was in pain. Then when Not-the-Momma came over, I sat and purr/gurgled with him and he told Momma I didn't seem right and might have been breathing funny, so since HE noticed something was wrong, I got whisked off to the ER.

Well THAT stopped the purring in a hurry.

So Momma told the vet tech what had happened and how I ate after she gave me the appetite stimulant and how I chewed some cat grass with my back molars, etc. The ER vet agreed that I was breathing rapidly, but wasn't sure if it was just stress, so they took a chest x-ray just to be safe. I put up a good fight. Then with the chest x-ray, they saw something that looked like a possible obstruction in my stomach or colon, so they wanted to do 2-3 abdominal x-rays or keep me overnight for observation. So Momma wasn't about to let them hold me hostage, so I had 2 more x-rays, and the stuff is in my colon and will hopefully pass.

But my gums are all inflamed, so they gave me a pain medicine. They took blood and urine and will call today with more results. The quick test last night showed my kidney values were worse, but it could be from dehydration so I got subQ fluids too and a shot of the anti-nausea medicine.

So today I'm purring but not too loudly and not gurgling. Momma thinks my toothies is the problem and is going to talk to our regular vet about having them cleaned - if it's worth the risk at my age. AT MY AGE! HMPF! Doesn't she know 16 is the new 6? I could still take on those young ITs. Let me at them!

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