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Elmo's Diary

I'm obsessed!

August 19th 2006 10:18 pm
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I'm not bored with the word 'mice'!
Yes, I'he been obsessed with mice.
It's true. Everytime I go to my meowmmy's kitchen I start to hunt mice.
I do not mind if I have to sleep there.
I know that they're afraid of me.
That's why the two last days they dont shoe up.
But, I'm still waiting you mice!
I never give up!



July 10th 2006 3:33 am
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I caught two mice last night. My mom was cleaning her kitchen, she knew that there are mice there then i also knew that i have been asked to catch those mice. I am so excited that I saw those mice behind the big picture of wolverine. They just a little mice, but they're MICE!!!
When I caught one of them, Oscar & Dixie looked like want it too, so I gave it to them then I caught the other mouse.
It was fantastic!!!


Let's play, Mom!!

July 8th 2006 8:59 pm
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Yesterday, my mom went home late from work. It's about at 10 pm when she arrived. I had been waiting her in front of gate then I heard her motorcycle arrived. I knew it was mom then she saw me and called me. I was so happy when she got home, it means meal time!!!
After she put her things then she gave me & my other families some meals.
I wanted to ask her to play with me, but I know that she's still tired. But, then she knew that I want to play with her. We began to play hide & seek then I chased her all around the room. It was so funny. I like to bite her legs then she likes to cuddle me.
It was so exciting day! Thanx mom!

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