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Lest you forget, I AM ROYALTY

The Wedding Continues

June 30th 2007 11:11 am
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Now that you know the names of every kitty who attended my wedding, and can even click on their names to see who they are, I'll finish telling you about the wedding!
As I peeked out of the room where I was waiting to make my grand entrance, I watched as the ushers made sure that everyone had a place to sit. There was quite a buzz of purrs and chatting from all of my wonderful friends dressed in their best fur in honor of this most momentous occasion. I watched as the girls each took their turn walking down the isle. They were so pretty in their gowns, each girl accompanied by a handsome tuxedo adorned tom.
There were roses everywhere you looked and their sent filled the air with romance. Candlelight set the room aglow with a soft, romantic luminosity.
Although I couldn't see him from my hidden spot behind the door, I knew that at the end of the isle that I'd just watched the wedding party walk down, stood my Darling Rascal, with his best man Mickey standing at his side. Just the thought of him in his regal finery sent twitters of anticipation through my fur.
Finally it was time! I stepped through the doorway of my hiding sopt and stopped at the back of the room, taking a moment to admire all that I could see. When the wedding march music began I stepped forward into the room. All eyes turned in my direction as I desending down the red velvet carpet toward my handsome tom. Gasps, oohs and ahhs, as well as murmured words of praise surrounded me like a warm blanket as I took my place beside the most handsome tom in Catsterdom. I glanced at the girls, giving them a smile, then smiling at the toms I placed my paws into the strong paws of my beloved Rascal.
Before us stood the distinguished Merlin, the cat Wizard who smiled gently at me before beginning the ceremony.
First Merlin spoke to the congregation, telling them of the sanctity of marriage, a prayer to Bast followed. Rascal and I repeated our vows to each other as we gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. We promised to love and respect one another for all of our days. My heart was pounding with all of the love I have for this handsome King that I am now joined together with in a partnership of life. The kiss had my head spinning and my heart singing!! And to be quite honest, I didn't want the kissing to end!! Then we turned to face our friends as an officially wedded couple for the first time!! There were smiles everywhere and soon everyone began offering us congratulations.
From this point on, there was nothing but fun!
Jeter Harris, Mickey's little brother apparently imbibed too much Catnip Champagne and had to be taken home early.....I hope he had fun and didn't suffer too much the next day with a nip hangover! There were several toms assisting Mickey as he helped Jeter to the limousine, Marky offered a doggy bag just incase!! Dashy opted to graze on the roses instead of the beautiful banquet tables bowing with an array of goodies. I think he talked Po into trying them and even Merlin took a nibble too! I had to giggle when I overheard Marky ask Haley Ann if she could introduce him to Donny & Marie and get their pawtograph! Little Zoey was worried that she was underdressed, but she looked darling. Toffy snuck some Champange to Merlin's creatures!! This was a party afterall, and everyone should enjoy themselves. Milagrito flew in from the westcoast, and I was so pleased to meet the mancat who had been willing to come to my rescue when we thought there was no one to perform the wedding. There was of course dancing, I danced with Milagrito, Rascal danced with Cinderella and Marilyn MonREOW. A Conga began, it's always a favorite at any party. Jones came out of the kitchen to join in. Chef Spot and Donny decided that they should cook together some day soon.
And there was romance everwhere, Marky and Haley Ann asked Merlin if he would be willing to perform their wedding when the time comes. My Catster sister Diamond received a proposal of marriage from her most handsome tom Cinni. I'm just so thrilled that this magical moment happened at my wedding and I'm so very happy for her. Mickey Mantle and his girl, Marilyn MonREOW were gazing lovingly at each other all afternoon! And another official couple was born that day too.......Fafnir and Friggy two darling Viking Kitties agreed to go steady!!
The food was abundant and out of this world yummy!!! It pays to have professional caterers as friends....and my friends Spot & Jones are the BEST!!
On the menu was tuna tartar, twiced baked mice, steak, lobster tails, chicken bites, fresh salmon, poached salmon, roast turkey, mice on a stick and fresh baked breads just to mention a few things!!! The Divine Miss Coffee brought cream puffs and expresso/barristas. Icy made the wedding cake and sang a beautiful song for us. I think everyone had a lovely time. It was the best day of my life!!!


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