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August 1st 2006 8:30 pm
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Dear My Beloved Mz .Isis

You came to me at such a hard time for me and I still swooped you up and took care of you as you did me. You gave me a special love that cannot be explained to no one. You were such a pesty little bugger and you made me laugh alot and then when you became sick you made me cry a lot. And meany nights I held you close to me with you in my arms crying as if you were my human child and that I was lossing the battle with your life. It did not matter what the cost was for I had and have faith and God was there the whole way with you and I. I cried meany tears on your black and white fur and I know that you knew my pain I could tell when you would rub your head on me and touch my nose with your nose. Wow you had some stinky breath and we got your theeth cleaned and your smile was even shinner and brighter, I wanted to give you the best before it was time for you to go home. I did not know your life before me and I was not sure what it was like for you but I am thinking not to good.
Writing this out helps me to deal with lossing you it has been still a very hard time for me and there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and smile maybe even a tear or a flow of tears. But you changed my life forever you gave me a reason and I thank you for being my Kittie and allowing me to love you and hold you and take care of you.
I know you are watching down on me from Heaven and you are playing with the other kitties for I can feel you when you stop to look down on me I can feel you near me so I know you are with me everyday and soon I am thinking you and I will be together forever with your woof brothers and woof sisters and your sister sweetpea and your kittie brothers and yes I know you are not a happy kittie with sweetpea but I can tell you that she misses you dearly. And I still see you peeping at her............giggle............You were such a little DEVIL... now you are a little ANGEL............and you are free, no more pain. Ms Isis I am sorry I had to release you of your pain and I had to deside was I keeping you alive for me and that was being selfish of me. And by me letting you finally go was what I had to do... I know you were fighting to stay here with me but now I know you are happy and I thank you for loving me enough to try to hold on.
ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT I HAVE TOUGHT YOU " IN GOD WE TRUST ALL OTHERS ARE SUSPECTS" giggle...I miss our little chats no one really pays attention to me as you did you were on my heals as if I was gonna run out the door on you do you recall that? well I do.....I love you so much Mz Isis. Oh i need to tell you that I have named my car after you...yes with big letter MZ.ISIS and paw prints because you were always on my car especially after a cleaning of the car. I know you could not help your self...sigh....oh and I got some t-shirts made with your picture and they really turned out just to cute. I know you see this already and think.........emmmmmmm my mommie is still batty........thats ok I can be batty....
Well I have to go and get to bed big day tomorrow just wanted to spend some time with you and let you know that you are so missed.. a tear...
I love you gal..Oh your brothers and sisters say HI.....Even Sweetpea she is still the only gal and I did get Mr Ed I hope you are not mad he was handed to me when I was sad for you and he stold my heart. So off we went and we did go right away and get his shots......smiles.......... :) :) :)
And I know that you are now with your kitties that all died when you had them and they lived 2 weeks and now you do not have to be sad no more you are with them. And another kittie named Fur Ball is up there with you now can you take her under your wing she was not in a good home they did not care about her as you know. I am sure you greeted her at the gate becasue you know that it had upset me so and I am sure she was scared I have posted pictures on your site of her she is such a cutie pie.... Thank you for being a great mom and I am sorry all your kitties died when you were here but you were sick at the time and I am sorry I did not know. Forgive me Mz Isis.
I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH...................


What a sad day :(

July 12th 2006 12:11 pm
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July 12,06
Fur Ball is now with me we are happy and she is fine. Don't cry mommie. Fur
Ball was killed this morning by her owners stupitity. She was careless and She jumped out the car window and she had just came from the vet from her 2nd kitty shots. If it were not for my mommie she would have never taken furball to the vet. My mommie saw furball was sick and mommie told her that and took her to take furball to the vet. And my mommie was right she had feline Lukimia what I had.
I am so sorry that this has happened, But what person in there right mind would leave a kitty or putty not in a secure cage??? My mommie had one she could use she askes mommie for everything else. MY WHOLE FAMILY IS JUST SAD AND SICK... with SADNESS.. AND ANGER... AND HURT...Mommie told her she did not need animals if she could not use common sense> I have not seen my mommie mad as she was this morning when she heard. Just know that now she is with me and is safe and no more pain or suffering..Fur ball was about 8 weeks old.
Mz Isis


My Tail of Devotion for

June 30th 2006 9:49 am
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When I got her in Dallas.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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