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My little corner of this catnip garden.

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I like Chritmas

December 28th 2006 8:19 am
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H to all my Catster pals. Hope you had a good Christmas. I was really surprised this year.
1. My lovely fiancee and family got me a really cool ceramic food dish
2. My father in law to be Got me a reindeer wit a collar showing my name
3.My Mommy and Sissy got me a water dish with paws which I promptly dropped a toy in.
4. They also got me 3 mice.
5 Sissy made me a new pipecleaner toy.
WOW!!!!!!!! How lucky can this kitty get.
Hope you and yours are doing well. Time to get some left over ham!!!!!! Yum!!!!!
Thanks to all of you for makking this a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Mew Years

January 1st 2007 9:45 am
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I just wanted to say Happy Mew years to all my catster friends and family.
I got kissed on both cheeks when a glowing ball on t.v. dropped. YUCK!!!!!!!! Mommy and Sissy can be so mushy at times. Hope your New Year is a purrfectly happy and bright one.
Headbutts and purrs from your pal


Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!! An ice storm is coming our way

January 12th 2007 9:31 am
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Ijust wanted to let all my catster friends know. That have forcasted an Ice Storm for us. Mommy keeps looking out the window and has the T.V on watching the little scrolly thing at the bottom. Please keeps in your purrs. Mommy thinks we may lose power.
Keep safe!!!!!!


Well the date is set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 18th 2007 12:27 pm
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Ok Fur Ladies and Fur Gentlemen, Samantha and I are to be married on Valentines Day. Now We realize that many of you may have plans for that day. We truly hope that you will be able to attend. The reception will be at Skylars resturant. It will be a romantic setting with candles and red roses for each of the ladies to take home. The guys will each receive a cap that proudly proclaims Proud to be an American Cat!!!! The photographer will be taking pictures of each couple so that you will have your own memories to take home.
Thru out the reception there will be carraige rides thru the streets of Chicago.
The wedding will take place at Shedds Aquarium. Stay out of the fish tanks.!!!!!!mol. The wedding will be at 2:00 pm with reception follow.
There will be dancing, live music, and plenty of food.
We hope you will be able to attend and share in this joyous occasion.
Thank you Samantha and Shadow
and families


Our Wedding

January 21st 2007 3:14 am
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We are having a virtual wedding. Transportation will be provided by our angel friends.
Thank you Shadow
Hope your able to attend!!!!!!!


The countdown has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 13th 2007 2:01 pm
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NO!!!! I am not the runaway bridegroom. My Mommy has been laid up with a bad foot. So here goes if I forget to mention someone plz forgive my secretary she is still on pain pills.
I would like to Thank Buddie For introducing me to the love of my life. Also for an awesome bachloer party as well as for agreeing to be my bestman. Hope your ready to catch me in case I faint.
Next I would like to thank all the guys Nike, Riley, Reebok, Chowder,My Brother Stormy, My brother Cameron, Shadow, Tanner and Macaroni. Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with me.
To Hazel Lucy and her mom for all their hard work on our page
Please click here to see our wedding page Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page

To Miss Midnight and Ricki my new family thank you so much for allowing me the honor of marry your Sammie Girl I purromise to care for her with all of my furry little heart.
To Linda my Sammie girls human Mommy Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to my Mommy, sissy and me.
To Buddie and Ricki's Mommy for being such a sweetie.
I would also like to thank Catster because without them none of this would have happened.
Last but not least I want to tell my own Mommy I love her very much and I am sorry for tripping her while she is on her cane.
Once again if I forgot anyone I apologize. But know that you are all loved.
Shadow and family



February 15th 2007 6:00 am
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I want to thank all of you for being there yesterday and sharing in our happiness.
Here is the link again for those who wish to see our wedding vows. Samantha & Shadow's Wedding Page
Thanks Buddie for the use of the jet and private beach house.
Well I know this is short but after all we are on our honeymoon.
Furry hugs to all from
Mr and Mrs. Shadow Hephner


Back to Reality the newlyweds are coming home.

February 23rd 2007 6:05 am
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Well kitties we're packing up to come home. We have had a wonderful time here on the island. Sammie and I went shopping. We found some of the stores that the lovely Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster fame told us about. We went to Blooming Paws department store. Thank goodness I live with 2 human females.How many shoes and purses do they need? We found a neat litter box store, when it comes too doo doo duty everything helps. I took her to the Perisan Paw resturant where they gave us a romantic little table for 2. I then treated my lovely bride to a day at the Golden Paw Salon where she was pawpered and treated like the queen she is. I found a neat little florist and the owner made a bouquet of a dozen catnip roses. We found ourselves walking and shopping all day so needless to say she has loaded up with gifts for everyone!!!!!!!!!!. We have kinda kept up on what is going on with everyone at Catster, but *clearing his throat* well we have been really busy staring into each others eyes and long walks on the beach. We hate to leave but our families miss us.
It make take us a day or two to get back into the swing of things, but feel free to p-mail us with all the details we may have missed.
Shadow and Sammie


Well some things never change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 24th 2007 11:37 am
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My first day back from my honeymoon and things are already going wacky!!!
I found a new toy hehehehehe..........Sissy is stopped up so she sleeps with her mouth open. So I thought her tongune looked like fun to play with so I started batting it. I got to looking at it and decided to see if iot tasted good so I took a nip. I shouldn't have done that.... She woke up!!!!!!!!!! She wasn't to happy with me either. Don't know why.
Ok I realize my Mommy and Sissy love animals and want to help them. Most times of the time I really don't mind. But we have one cat that will march right in our house has if he owns it. Now I can understand him growling me. But not my humans. He marched in this morning and proceeded to check everything out. No big deal I followed along making sure he didn't get into my catnip stash. Mom very gently picked him and was taking him out of the office so that he didn't tear anything up. He growled. Mom assured me that was ok. He didn't like being picked up was all that was. So I didn't do anything.(at moms request) Then Mom and Sis went about what their business. Every time they got up and walked around he started growling. So I took a swipe at him. He backed away from me. For a few minutes everything was fine. Then mommy and sissy decided it was better for him to go back outside. Then the fight was on he just started hissing and growling at mom. He took several swipes her cane and he hissed at sissy. Then he started in on me.... well I wasn't gonna stand for that so he and I went to town.
Mommy and Sissy seperated us. Sissy picked me up and I was calm, but I was watching my mom. She had a towel that she threw on the other cat and boy that made him mad. Mom struggled for a little bit (due to her foot) and finally she got him out in the open he then took off and ran to the door. Mom hurriedly opened it and shooed him out.
Don't get me wrong I feel bad for him. His family just threw him in the dead of winter and don't feed him very often. So Mom and sis try to feed him sometimes. He really was a handsome cat when we first met him but life on the streets has taken its toll him. Mommy got into trouble for taking care of a stray kitty once before. So she really has to be careful. The shelter won't pick him up because he is the neighbors cat. I really feel bad or him. But I have to protect my family. Mommy keeps praying for him and that he'll find a good forever home.
Well time for me to go. Mommy needs her computer back.


Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am one lucky fur guy

March 1st 2007 4:01 am
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I am so lucky, not only am I married to a lovely lady named Samantha. But I have a huge extended family that includes Buddie and his bride Miss Hazel Lucy, my fur in laws Ricki and Midnight. My sister in law Popeye. Plus Mckenna, Mookie and Angel. I think I remembered everyone.
As if that wasn't enough I am Diary of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH!!!! I almost forgot my Mommy and Sissy have new nicknames for me....Their Hero and King of the Mousers
Life is Good, I love you Miss Samantha

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