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My little corner of this catnip garden.

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Hi to all my furry friends in cat land

October 1st 2006 9:39 am
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As you can tell my spirits are high. Mommy showed me the video of my pal Buddie eating. We were all cheering him on. I even high pawed the moniter, Mommy and Sissy are very happy too.
I had a wonderful relaxing date with the love of my furry lil heart. We watched You got P-mail(gotta do the romance movie for the lady) and Then we watched Two Brothers. It's about two Tiger brothers pretty awesome if you ask me. All the while eating the yummy sitty snacks that she brought. I think they we're homemade. If they were then I definitly have a keeper. hehehe!!!! hmmmm I wonder....
Anyways, I am doing good, With it being the first of the month mommy is running crazy, what with bills and monthly supplies like my food she has a lot to do. Plus they have to find out if Mommys new dryer works.
Oh YEAH!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my human sissy a week early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just in case I don't get on for her birthday.) Mommy has been shutting her computer down at night so I can't sneak on anymore.
Hope your day is going well.


Hi to all my fur friends

October 7th 2006 1:14 pm
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I know it has been a while since I pawed anything. But the first of the month is always crazy here. Thats mommys pay time and she has alot of running todo then. To add to the chaos mommy is trying to do things for sissys birthday. Which is tomorrow. She is in there rearranging so she can put all sissys porecalin dolls on shelves together. Plus she is making sissy's cake. It is a white cake ( the batter was good) and she is gonna put chocolate pudding between the layers. the ice it and decorate it. So she has and is really busy.
I wanted to Thank Midnight, Popeye, my Lady Samantha and their mommy for having me as a guest and allowing me to have a terrific time.. I would like to Thank the other guests that were there for allowing me to join them. Mommy has said when things calm down a bit she is having everyone over for dinner.
Well Mommy's break is over so time for me to go supervise. Watching her work is hard on me, think I'll go dream about Samantha and the next we're together.
Purrs to all my fur friends,



Mommy says I need to do this

October 15th 2006 8:48 am
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ggggrrrrrrrrrr..... I am really embarressed to be doing this. But Mommy thinks I need to let everyone know that I am in the Worlds Greatest Dog and Cat contest. So if you could vote for me she would really be a happy camper.
Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to Thank Smammie( my lovely fur lady) Midnight, Ricki, Buddie, Miss Hazel and Popeye for coming to dinner and enjoy grilled chicken and Vanilla pudding with whipped cream last night. We had a great evening of movies, conversations and kitty games. I would also like to Thank my Mommy and Sissy for hosting such a wonderful party. After they served us many helpings of great food, They disappered leaving us with Kitty Treats and Lemeowade( kitty lemonade mommy's recipe). Thank you to all Hope this finds you well.


Big News on My Halloween Bash

October 21st 2006 6:10 am
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Hey all you cool cats. Halloween is fast approaching. So mom figured there would be alot of fur parties going on so she decided to make a fur haunted house for us to go thru get treats and go to the next event of the night. She is gonna have it spit into 2 CATaGORY's. One for the kittens and more timid of us felines and one for those of us who like a good scare. The door wil be open and you don't have to worry about trick or treaters. Cause Mommy iss taking my human sissy trick or treating. She's going has a Night of the living Dead Bride and mommy has or is doing most her costume herself.,mmmm ;.'//cv sorry got my paws crossed there.
It starts at 7pm ktz and runs till midnight. Mommy said sissy has school the next day so that's has late has we can go. There will be kitty treats and paw punch and collars that glow to keep us safe. There will also be maps to show us the way to a couple of corn mazes.
There will be a guest book for you sign. I hope you can come....


Haunted kitty house

October 29th 2006 3:03 pm
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Well all my little spooks here is what my mommy has spooked up for all us lil feline terrors:
1.There will be the haunted rocking chair room Better keep your tails close.
2.The Canine Graveyard Are the Dead or Alive!!!!!!!
3. Then there's Bathroom room bathtubs full of water everywhere. Better watch you step and make sure you don't get dunked.
4.Then as you make your way thru the living romm watch out for the Vacum cleaners. eek!!!!!
5. Then thru out this haunted house you have to watch out for sticky toddler hands and big boots.
6. Fur fella keep your fur gals close and make sure the GIANT Rats don't kitnap her.
Then your off to the kitchen for goodies like Hair of the Dog punch and rats eyes. Not mention mice tails and furballs to snack on.
Hope to see you there
Your Spooky Host
p.s I will be lurking in the shadows muuuuhahahahaha


Still in a Daze!!!!

November 4th 2006 5:17 am
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I did it!!!! I worked up all the courage of one of my lion cousins and popped the question. Guess what she said YES!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. I realize we have only known each other a short time, but you just know when something is right. I just can't see going thru the rest of my nine lives without her. That would be like losing my Mommy and sissy I just can't see me doing it. So now it is up to her to set the Date. My mommy is working on collars for us. Not sure what she has planned but I trust her.
Hope to see you all there!!!!
Your fur Pal Shadow
P.S I may need Ricki to help me back to earth. hehehehehe


Guard Kitty on Duty!!!!!!

November 7th 2006 5:17 am
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Of all the nerve some kitty's have!!!!!!!!! Mommy opened up our front door to get thr halloween decorations and in walks this cat!!!!!! Mommy says shes our neighbors cat. I really could care less now. I stayed on the couch watching her and everything was fine till.... Mommy walked by her and she hissed at my Mom!!!! Well let me tell you I was off that couch in a flash!!!! I let her know who was boss real quick. We growled and hissed, Mommy was on the phone to my lady Samantha's mommy and she said my Lady Sammie started growling. Hows that for a long distance connection.
So once again I am the HERO!!!!!! Well thats what my Mommy and Sissy say.
Hope this finds you well!!!!!!!!
it's a bird it's a plane NO! wait it's Super Shadow!!


It's Been a while

December 8th 2006 8:33 am
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Mommy has been really busy, here lately. She has left me alone way to much. My Lady Sammie's mom is gone to see her family so I am going to Ricki's house to see my fiancee and soon to be in-laws.
Mommy brought out some pretty shiny stuff, I wanted to play with so Sissy was playing with me till Mommy come and told her to stop. She said it could hurt me. They even put that tree up where I am not allowed, hmmmpphhh!!!!I heard Mommy and Sissy talking about me possibly breaking something called Ornaments?

I got a Christmas gift from my fiancee and her family. But Mommy is being mean and says I can't have it till Christmas. Although she did say if I was real good I could open Christmas eve. What does she mean if I am real good? I'm always good, not my fault they rules for me. They should know I am gonna do what I want. Oh and then has if to test me they bring in a new chair and tell me I can't scratch it like I did the other one. I tell you life is hard.
Well time to go catch some shut eye so I can attack Mommy if she lays down.
Meowy Christmas to all my Catster family from our home to yours.
Shadow and Family


I have posted this in a few groups, But Mommy really wants- everyone to read this

December 17th 2006 9:00 am
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Before I allow her topost this I have a few Meows....
1. Yes I am gulity of a FEW of these.
2. No I am not happy with her using my diary to post this. But she is using the Mommy Veto.
3. I truly hope all the Human Mommies get a good chuckle out of it.
Without further ado here it is.....
Wrapping Presents with a Cat

1. Clear large space on table for wrapping present.

2. Go to closet and collect bag in which present is contained, and shut door.

3. Open door and remove cat from closet.

4. Go to cupboard and retrieve rolls of wrapping paper.

5. Go back and remove cat from cupboard.

6. Go to drawer, and collect transparent sticky tape, ribbons, scissors, labels, etc. . .

7. Lay out presents and wrapping materials on table, to enable wrapping strategy to be formed.

8. Go back to drawer to get string, remove cat that has been in the drawer since last visit and collect string.

9. Remove present from bag.

10. Remove cat from bag.

11. Open box to check present, remove cat from box, replace present.

12. Lay out paper to enable cutting to size.

13. Try and smooth out paper, realize cat is underneath and remove cat.

14. Cut the paper to size, keeping the cutting line straight.

15. Throw away first sheet as cat chased the scissors, and tore the paper.

16. Cut second sheet of paper to size - by putting cat in the bag the present came in.

17. Place present on paper.

18. Lift up edges of paper to seal in present. Wonder why edges don't
reach. Realize cat is between present and paper. Remove cat.

19. Place object on paper, to hold in place while tearing transparent sticky tape.

20. Spend 20 minutes carefully trying to remove transparent sticky tape from cat with pair of nail scissors.

21. Seal paper with sticky tape, making corners as neat as possible.

22. Look for roll of ribbon. Chase cat down hall in order to retrieve ribbon.

23. Try to wrap present with ribbon in a two-directional turn.

24. Re-roll ribbon and remove paper, which is now torn due to cat's enthusiastic ribbon chase.

25. Repeat steps 13-20 until you reach last sheet of paper.

26. Decide to skip steps 13-17 in order to save time and reduce risk of
losing last sheet of paper. Retrieve old cardboard box that is the
right size for sheet of paper.

27. Put present in box, and tie down with string.

28. Remove string, open box and remove cat.

29. Put all packing materials in bag with present and head for locked room.

30. Once inside lockable room, lock door and start to relay out paper and materials.

31. Remove cat from box, unlock door, put cat outside door, close and relock.

32. Repeat previous step as often as is necessary (until you can hear cat from outside door)

33. Lay out last sheet of paper. (This will be difficult in the small area of the toilet, but do your best)

34. Discover cat has already torn paper. Unlock door go out and hunt
through various cupboards, looking for sheet of last year's paper.
Remember that you haven't got any left because cat helped with this
last year as well.

35. Return to lockable room, lock door, and sit on toilet and try to make torn sheet of paper look presentable.

36. Seal box, wrap with paper and repair by very carefully sealing with
sticky tape. Tie up with ribbon and decorate with bows to hide worst

37. Label. Sit back and admire your handiwork, congratulate yourself on completing a difficult job.

38. Unlock door, and go to kitchen to make drink and feed cat.

39. Spend 15 minutes looking for cat until coming to obvious conclusion.

40. Unwrap present, untie box and remove cat.

41. Go to store and buy a gift bag.

Meowy Christmas to all my Caster friends and their families

Shadow and Family


This is for all the pampered felines out there

December 22nd 2006 6:03 am
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Please keep in mind my mommy has not tested this on me yet. But she had to pass it on.


7 oz. mashed up sardines in oil
1/4 c. dry powdered milk
1/2 c. wheat germ

Mix all ingredients well. Roll into small bite sized balls. Place
on greased cookie sheet. Flatten with a fork. Bake at 350
degrees F. for 8-10 minutes
Bon Appetie
Shadow and family
Hope you all have a puuuuurrrrrrrrfect Meowy Christmas!!!!!!!!

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