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My little corner of this catnip garden.

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Talk about a crazy week!!!!!!!!!!

August 14th 2006 8:45 am
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First of all Mommy and Sissy were always gone.(they're never always gone) :( Something about appointments. I do mean all week sometimes I didn't see them till it was almost time to get mommy's b/f from work. All this running made mommy really tired and stressed. Then Saturday Mommy started to rearrange the office so they could fit sissy's desk in for home schooling. Then they started cleaning sissy's room. OH BOY! I had to run and hide. Mommy started a trash pile in the hall. After a while she just started throwing things out there. I got hit a couple of times cause mommy didn't see me. I know better than to try to sneak up on mommy when she's in a cleaning mood.
Then I was traumatized by the cable guy. They had him put in a cable jack for the computer sissy is getting for home school because some of her classes are online. A nine year old taking online classes what is this world coming to? Anyways the cable guy stuck this twirly thing thru our wall!!!! Not once but twice. Then he brought it in the house and put it back thru the hole he had made!!!! Well by this time I took it has my job to be the man of the house and started checking him out. He had some strange smells on him. Well this guy couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to be inside or outside. Cause he went outside and stuck a cable thru our wall. I thought it was a snake at first cause the more I backed up the more it followed me.
Then Mommy's bf came home from work, and I had to make my way thru mazes of things Mommy calls books. Her and sissy always seem to have one close by. Well mommy's boyfriend moved mommy's desk and sissy's desk.
WOW and that was just up till Saturday. Mommy and Sissy are off and running again so I will take a break for now. But wait till you hear about Sunday.


I'm still here

September 9th 2006 11:06 am
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I know its been a while since I pawed anything. But my hmans have been hogging the computers.
But Mommy did add some new pics of me. Hope this finds everyone well.

Purrs and paws Shadow


I am doing the Happy Paw Dance

September 16th 2006 6:25 am
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Oh my fur pals I am so happy right now. I was given the gift of Catster plus by one of my fur pals and his mommy. I hope my lady will forgive me for this but I just had to shout it out. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been lucky enough to win the attenion Of Miss Samantha daughter of the lovely Midnight.
Friends am such a lucky cat. I have wonderful friends and now a beautiful lady on my paw. Can life get any better?


Still doing the happy paw dance!

September 18th 2006 6:06 am
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Hi friends.
I am still doing the happy paw dance. Ther is one draw back to catster plus! Pictures!!! Mom is snapping more pics of me! If you look thru my pics you will see some tham furlady's mom framed for me. Plus you'll see one of me and Lady love together. Thank you Linda!!!!!!!!!!!
Well Mommy's day is about to start so I have to help wake sissy. Hope your having a good day!


UH OH! I'm in for it today!!!!!!

September 19th 2006 8:36 am
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Oh Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!Mommy dosen't feel well & her back hurts so she said Sissy could be my Mommy for today!!!!!Sissy is home 'cause Doc said she should stay home to build her strength. O beloved furfriends what am I to do????? My beloved friends I know it's BAD when Mommy let's Sissy take over. Oh and yes this IS my darling(smirks)Sister typing...... Well my firends time for me to make sure Mommy is being good. MOL!!!!! Sissy says mommy is rotten when it comes to staying down and getting better. I have meowed at her that Mommy is the glue that keeps us together she can't be sick!!!! Well she's not sick but her back is making her move slow. To slow for me to trip her. Which is good I don't want to hurt her back anymore.


Hey Furladies and Furgents

September 21st 2006 8:07 am
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I am so looking forward to Buddies party tomorrow night and with Mommy feeling better I can go and not be too worried about hows doing.It really stinks when Mommy gets sick or hurt. Cause then everything just kinda goes out the window. I have to keep everyone in line and get them up and off in the mornings it's hard work on this kitty. I see Mommy do it, but now I understand why she plops down and takes a break before she even starts cleaning the house. WHEW!!!!
Hey gang any ideas on hiding a camera? Mommy got her's out again and added a new picture of me. ugh!!! She's it was " Too cute!!!" not to snap the pic!!!!!
I want to thank my friends for all the Rosettes that was really nice of you.
Well time to go sit on Mommy and get petted before she starts her daily chores. I have it soooooo easy (till sissy comes home).
Purrsssss to all


Go Buddie it's your party!!!!!

September 22nd 2006 4:35 am
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Sorry Mommy says I am a little excited about tonight! Who wouldn't be? A good friend of mine and yours is on the mend. I have a beautiful lady in my life ok ok ok Mommy too. hehehe Mommy even said she'll let me sleep all day just so I'll be good and rested. She usually keeps me during the day because I wake her up so early then go back to sleep. *singing* Go Buddie it's your party! Go Buddie it's your party!
UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy just said I had TO GET BRUSHED BEFORE I COULD GO!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well it'll be worth it.
Come on everyone sing!!!! Go Buddie Go Buddie it's your party Go Buddie. Well I am off to catch some shut eye see ya all to night!!!!


Wow that was a blast

September 23rd 2006 9:04 am
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I want to say Thanks to Buddie, his mommy and and his family for a blast last night. A very warm thanks to my Lady Samantha for making me feel like I was the Cats Meow!!!
Mommy say I haven't quit purring and I am still dancing!!!! Whew I am kinda tired happy but tired. I am gonna go find a sunny spot and have some good dreams!!!!!!!!!
Your dancing friend

By the way I have to meow this before I bust I LOVE MISS SAMANTHA!!!!!!

Mommy just dropped a catnip ball on me!!! She wants to host a costume ball for all of us on Halloween. She has one main course chosen Mako Shark!!!! Plz let me if you can attend!!!


Congratulation To Buddie and Miss Hazel

September 27th 2006 4:34 am
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My family and I are sending out heart felt congratulations To Buddie and Miss Hazel on their first year of wedded bliss. Buddie you are inspiration to all of us on Catster. Your purring proof that prayers are anwsered.
*holding up a glass*

To Buddie and Miss Hazel a toast: May you have many years together and make many memories along the way.

Headbutts and purrs
Shadow and family


Hi to all my furry friends in cat land

October 1st 2006 9:38 am
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As you can tell my spirits are high. Mommy showed me the video of my pal Buddie eating. We were all cheering him on. I even high pawed the moniter, Mommy and Sissy are very happy too.
I had a wonderful relaxing date with the love of my furry lil heart. We watched You got P-mail(gotta do the romance movie for the lady) and Then we watched Two Brothers. It's about two Tiger brothers pretty awesome if you ask me. All the while eating the yummy sitty snacks that she brought. I think they we're homemade. If they were then I definitly have a keeper. hehehe!!!! hmmmm I wonder....
Anyways, I am doing good, With it being the first of the month mommy is running crazy, what with bills and monthly supplies like my food she has a lot to do. Plus they have to find out if Mommys new dryer works.
Oh YEAH!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my human sissy a week eariler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9just in case I don't get on for her birthday. Mommy has been shutting her computer down at so I can't sneak on anymore.
Hope your day is going well.

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