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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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-cat rescue

May 6th 2006


He loves snuggling in the mornings, playing with his toys, eating, hanging out with me at the computer, and anything, really.

He's skiddish so sudden sounds spook him, his dog sister Patches, strangers in the house, not being fed early, and having to wait for me to feed them. Anything in the litter box left "uncovered".

Favorite Toy:
Catnip! The catbip bird that crinkles, bell balls, toy mice. The laser pointer is his favorite! And anything he tear up.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the computer monitor, their box bed in a hide-away, on my bed, anything that smells like me. On my lap, in the sunlight, and he'll cuddle with Saki wherever she sleeps.

Favorite Food:
He likes his cat food, he'll go crazy for any kind of treats, tuna seems to be a big one. He likes Provolone cheese, ham. He'll sneak into anything left lying around.

He comes when I tell him to, he comes when I snap my fingers, he understands "no" very well, he takes care of bugs that get in the house, he knows how to get out of trouble (both good & bad), and he takes care of me when I'm not feeling well.


Arrival Story:
My aunt and cousin came down from Michigan for the week to visit us. Around 7am on June 24 '06, my aunt said she heard crying when she went out for her walk. She woke me up, saying she saw a kitten. I quickly got up, threw on my shoes, and went out with her to look. I saw a tiny little critter scamper under the cars, across the driveway and go through the gate to the side of the house. I saw him under the porch, trying to hide behind some old mats. He ran out and slipped through a link in the aluminum fence. I went out the gate to follow him. He was under a small bush in the neighbor's yard, just outside of my reach. I knelt down to meet his gaze while he cried. I gave him a reassuring meow. He looked at me and his baby blue eyes told me something. He crawled out from the bush and went back through the fence. I followed him and watched as he crawled into some tall grass and lied down. My aunt came over and swooped him up into her arms. She gave him to me and I carefully held him close, not to lose him. He no longer cried. He watched me as I carried him to the porch. I sat out with him on the porch with the doors closed. He was no bigger then the palm of my hand and just skin and bones. He crawled all over my legs and feet, poking at my toes, and liking the gentle rubs I gave him. He was purring. I was surprised to hear that small motor running in him. I knew we wouldn't let anything hurt him again. Then he met Saki. She treated him like she would her own; they slept together during the day, and played together. At night I would carry him with me to bed and he always slept on my neck. Soon he was growing, but we still shared our nights together. When he was 5 months old, his belly was very round. Soon he was showing signs of hairballs. Ever since, he'd been eating Petroleum Jelly, recommended by our vet. Even to this day, Leo being the giant he is, we continue to share our nights together, cuddling until morning. He's my love-bug and I don't know what life would be like if we hadn't saved him.

Sometimes Leo... I don't know where you came from, but I'm glad you did. Your my little angel from above!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HONORABLE DAYS Daily Diary Pick: 9/4/06, 9/8/06, 10/11/06, 1/18/07, 8/16/07, 9/21/07, 10/20/07, 6/2/08, 6/4/08, 10/18/08 , 12/8/08 Groups: Kitty of the Week in The 3 Amigos 7/14/08, 10/20/08, 1/26/09

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Growing Up Prince Leo

Until June my friends

March 25th 2014 6:21 pm
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Mommy came home for her spring break last week! Saki, Sicily, and I were excited when she was making her bed and carrying in all sorts of things for us to sniff and play with. She's slowly moving her things back home for the summer.

But I sure was glad to have my mommy back! She seemed pretty happy, too, to be with us again. She was bummed though because she couldn't go anywhere during break with her friends. It was mandatory in her Beef Merchandising class for her to help out at a cattle auction this past weekend, so she wouldn't have been able to travel away for long. But she was happy to be home!

Of course, I took good care of her. I made sure she was warm in her bed and up early so that I could join her under the covers, or at least I hoped she would get up and feed us hehe. She's a tough cookie and never budged, but that's mommy for you. No snacks before dinner, I suppose :P

I know mommy enjoyed the nights when I'd curl in her arms and we'd fall asleep. Actually, I think it made her cry one night. She misses all the snuggling with us and the constant company she used to have with us, the things we'd do to make her laugh. Just being her furry friends and manic children is what she misses most.

Unfortunately, she did leave us to return to school. She was pretty sad about it, too. She'll be studying abroad in Belize for all of May so she won't be able to come back home until the end of May and she may not see us until then. But before she left, she told us she would see if she can find the time to come see us again before she leaves the country.

We can't wait to have her living with us again for the summer! She's looking forward to it!

And she's really hoping she'll be able to take me with her next year to live with her. She actually talked to me about it one night. It sounds a little weird... I've lived in this house all my life. But mommy really misses me and since the place she'll be living at next year allows pets, she wants to take advantage of it. She feels more relaxed with us around and more sane, to say the least hehe. She knows next year will be hard for her emotionally and she really hopes to have me with her for support.

Plus, one of her dreams has always been of me living with her in an apartment. Although that dream consists of it only being us living in the apartment, not with 3 other people. She's gotta room with 3 random girls, so it's going to be interesting for all of us. So it's a little piece of her dream, but it's good enough for her.

Anyways, this is all I can squeeze in for now. Mommy has a very very busy month ahead of her to finish the semester and then another extremely busy month of living in a rain forest.

I just thought I'd update one last time. We'll be sure to write again in June when mommy gets settled back here with us!

Happy spring to everyone! :)


Thanks for staying!

March 7th 2014 5:38 am
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Mommy checked in on Catster actually after midnight on the 3rd, so it was already March 4th and she was worrying that they might have actually shut down. BUT NOPE! You're here to stay and that makes mommy happy!

Even though we're never on because of mommy's crazy class schedule, but she was always planning on getting back into Catster later on in her college career and after she's graduated and got started in working a real job. Plus, Catster was mommy's high school life. She would have been sad knowing that everything she did on this site during high school would be gone, mostly because she's always wanted to get back into it.

Actually, mommy is moving to a pet friendly apartment next year and she's going to try and bring me with her. She's still unsure about separating me from Saki and Sicily, but she's been struggling the past 2 years with not having at least one cat around. So she's hoping I'll be living with her next year! I'm not sure how I feel about experiencing this much of a college life with mommy. She isn't a partier or anything, she's serious about school and studying and she knows she'll do her best to take good care of me and make sure I'm comfortable.

Anyways, thank you Catster for staying! :) We've always had a soft spot for you! Mommy is happy knowing that she can return one day!

Momma's boy,


Been a few years...

November 11th 2013 6:10 am
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Just thought I'd type in an entry to give a short update, mostly an announcement. I don't remember the last time I was ever on Catster, but recently I remembered it and wanted to get on to check out what all has changed. Pretty much everything! Dx

I had transferred universities a year and a half ago (summer of 2012). Sadly, after this semester, I have 3 more before I'm done for good. So close!! I also had no choice but leave my poor mom with all my animals. 4 cats and 3 turtles (along with her dog, Patches, and my step dad). She's been doing well keeping up with them and I'm very thankful for that! I always miss my kitties. Whenever I go home, I never want to leave. I miss living there, I miss my old room, I miss my family, I miss having my furry friends with me 24/7.

At first the transfer away was really hard on me. I only moved an hour and a half away, so I'm not far from home. But still, the distance hurt. I only knew of my best friend/roommate up here. I'm also not the best at making new friends. Fortunately in a biology class during my first semester here, I had actually made a great friend and I was so happy. My first 2 semesters were still pretty tough. I was homesick about 98% of the time, I had my calendar marked hardcore for when I'd be going home next (hardcore = bright sharpie writing and spikey box design all around it). And I'd go home whenever I had the time to do so on a weekend, which wasn't very often because of studying, tests, and work.

Last year was especially hard because I was taking organic chemistry and working at a job which completely ruined my wonderful GPA. This year I will be working on getting it back up to a safer point average. I hope!

But I will say, thanks to the friend I had made a year ago, I hung out with him a lot this past spring semester (spring 2013) and eventually got to meet his friend David. Well, would you know, David and I actually connected really fast and after about a month of knowing each other and occasionally hanging out, we started dating. So that made the majority of my past 6 months, soaking in my first relationship with an amazing guy (yup... my first boyfriend right after I turned 21).

As far my cats go, everyone has been doing well. Nothing much has happened since Simba passed away in 2011 and Amber passing away in 2012. Saki, Leo, and Sicily still have their sibling rivalries and Luca has been doing well outside (I still worry about him a lot, of course). But other than them making me feel old cause of their birthdays, they've been good and generally healthy.

Leo is still a momma's boy, no doubt about that. After their fair share of screaming for food and swallowing it whole, Leo will come back and cry for me to give him attention and won't leave me alone. They still act the same, too, so it's wonderful to go home every 2-3 months to find that they're still the same little kitties I used to live with (although I call them demons because they terrorize you for food).

David did meet my crazy cats. I know he isn't a fan of me having 4 cats and he's told me that if we ever live together, that there'd be no cats allowed (he's slightly allergic). I will be compromising with him though (aka, him compromising with me). I am making plans in my head on what to do with all my furry kids once I graduate college and move elsewhere for work.

Yup, that's kind of an update (a little long, I know). Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm absolutely ready to go home, see my demons (Saki, Leo, and Sicily), Luca, and my family and relaaaaaxx.

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