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Ahoy There!

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February 22nd 2014 5:51 pm
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Avast me hearties! Tis that most joyous day of me birth! So it be wit me full hearted happiness that I be wishing each and eve-furry one of my comrades in purrs, a joyous wonderful purratey holiday! Me Swabbie Mum be reporting that I appears to be 9 this day, like the cat-o-nine-tails! (Last year I 'twas 8 like pieces of 8, and befur that I 'twas 7 like the 7 seas!) Tis a happy thing to be celebrating the day of me birth! Yo ho and a barrel ah purrs! May the day of me birth be full of furs! Arrrrrgh!


Captain Morgan Loves You All.

February 3rd 2014 4:22 pm
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It has been ah cold long hard winter up here in the distan' cline ah Minnesota. I's tried again and again tah cheer me Swabbie, despite the news of this here ship bein' scheduled fur scuttlin' next month. Must be a right large amount ah barnacles on the hull and rats below deck fur this here grandest of grands tah be scrapped! I be remindin' me Swabbie of all the good times we've had, sailin' the Catster sea. So in hopes that it bring a cheer tah her heart, I be rearrangin' me old photos, tah bring some warm memories closer tah her eyes. May they bring cheer tah yer day as well, kind friends.

I've been spendin' me days ah nappin' in the sun and beggin' fur greenies. It seems that as this here Purrate's taken on the years, I be feelin' more and more that Purrates be all about the cuddles and naps wit a favorite Swabbie. Me pillagin' and plunderin' still happen now and then, but give me a warm blanket and slumberin' human tah nestle against... And there I'll be in full sail of purrs and full need ah tummy rubs, ah twinklin' me toes and "eh-ing" for attention!

Tis me hat that I tip tah all me friends. Has been a grand adventure on these here high seas. And though we none be goin' tah the locker, it do feel a might bittersweet even tah long on of late. Me love and purrs tah each of yee.

Yo ho & a bottle of purrs. Me hearties, yee all be worth mere than yer weight in furs!
Arrrgh! Fair thee well, dear Purrates.


Captain be wishin' yee a Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!l

September 19th 2013 1:05 pm
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Avast! Tis that most grand ah days what when Purrates Prattle and Swabbies attempts tah Talk Like a Pirate! Me full hearted thanks be tah warm Purrate chatter I be readin' and the Jolly Rogers what be gracin' me page. Yee be all the fine sorts ah Scallywags en wenches, I ever did see! Me hat's off tha each and everyone of yee fer the fine skills ah pirate lingo that yee be exercisin' on this here day!

Yo ho and ah barrel purrs! Me thinks tis ah day what's worth ets weight in furs. So tip yer hats and patch yer eye, skuttle the friskies and hoist the colors high! And have a most joyous and glorious "Talk Like a Pirate Day," me hearties! Arrrrr!


Captain has a rough day...

September 11th 2013 6:37 am
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This here morn' I be havin' a most tryin' time. It seems that some neighbor Swabs arounds me docked ship [house] be havin' a lady cat what's not been spayed and be callin' me name! [that's in heat] I know I be a neutered right good house Purrate, but shiver me whiskers I gets hot under the collar when that thar wench cat be callin'! So I be doin' a lot ah cryin', pacin' end general kookiness around the place. The Swabbies have resorted tah lockin' me in the bildge [basement] at times. Arrrgh! I's just be wantin' tah answer her call, I tell yee!

But more than that this morn' thar be ah right bold squirrel ah feastin' on that thar seed on the dainties' [birds'] feedin' tray! I be but ah pane of glass from that thar varment, and the scallywag of a barnicle be ah shakin' his tail in me face! Ignorin' me, says I! Disrespectin' me ferocity, says I! Tis ah deep and well meant ARRRRRRrrrrrrgh! I scream out this here morn'! Tis enough tah drive ah Purrate tah drink! Bring on the rum-nip and scuttle the Friskies, me Swabbie! I be on me last straw and splittin' ah fur! Arrrrgh!!!!


Captain Overboard! Captain Overboard!!!

August 7th 2013 11:19 am
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I had me an amazing adventure of peril and danger, two days past! Tis right smart time fur me tah be givin' yee ah prattlin' tale of me adventure: I FELL OVERBOARD! Swabbie Mum was cleanin' the gully, and opened the backportal (back door) so as the screen door thing t'was all that stood between me and that thar untamable ocean (the back yard). It seems she neglected tah check if that thar latch t'were latched. Some time later, when she'd left that thar room, eye came along end leaned on that thar door what fur tah smell the sweet salty air, end whooops! The portal opened a bit! I leaned again and realized I could slip right off ship and be out in the ocean all by me self! And so, what Purrate t'wouldn't take that opportunity!?! So thar I be; out bobbin' around the deck end yard when I realized that I was ALL ALONE! I panic-ed! Tis no secret here that this here Purrate enjoys ah right bit ah mischief, but all in all I tis ah purrate what loves tah be under tha safety of me Crew and Swabbies. And what's more, trouble's only fun when someone knows I be doing it! I climbed ontah tha rain barrel end commenced cryin' at me comrades in purrs tah save me! Captain overboard! Captain OVERBOARD!

Midshipman Sparkman t'was the first tah hear me cry. He fluffed right huge and began running from room to room callin' fur his Captain. Swabbie Mum t'was alerted tah something a-miss by this here action, and commenced tah chasin' about wit the Sparkman. When she saw me outside, she shrieked a right proper terror shriek of "CAPTAIN! What are you doing out there!!!?!"

She ran outtah tha portal and I leapt intah her arms, cryin' most frantic like! I was lost at sea! I was overboard and no one knew!!! Ahhhh! She ran me inside, shut the screen and regular portal doors, and just sat huggin' me on the floor of the gully. Purrates be all about hugs and cuddles, so I t'was very very pleased wit this here display of affection. I purred and nose rubbed and nibbled her nose a bit just fer happiness. Oh! It t'were terrible, Swabbie Mum! Thar were monsters afoot and waves taller than me tail and no wet food! NO WET CAT FOOD!

Then as soon as we'd all recovered, I stood by the back door and commenced wit callin' tah Swabbie Mum tah take us all out on our leashes. I t'would likes tah be outside, but I wants me Swabbie thar tah defend me from the dangers of the deep. Arrrrr!


Happy Day of the Mums & Meowmies!!

May 12th 2013 2:42 pm
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My hat be off on this here day tah me Swabbie Mum.
She tries might hard tah do me bidding,
even when I be a might grumblin' cursin' purrate.
I throws a fit and falls tah tha floor,
she comes a runnin' what fer tah cuddle and calm,
and tell me what a fine Purrate I be.
But still, she makes me wait fer me friskies (grumble).
I most full hearted I must give her me thanks
fer not givin' the crew ah human sibbie.
This hard enough competin' fer lap time
with my fur brethern, without gettin' ah nurser involved!
And what's more it's hard enough tah get through the day
on this here ship without yer ankles bein' bit and yer tail chased
by that thar barnacle faced PurrC.
I shutters tah think of the horrors ah toddler t'would inflict!
Afterall, me Swabbies raise Purrate Hellions!
And all that thar drool I'd have to endure (Wince)...
Tis a brave act indeed, but a merciful one tah refrain!

So I wish all yee Mothers out thar a most joyous day of the Mums!
And that be not only tah those what raises humans.
Me thinks tis ah Happy Meowmie/Furr-Baby Mum Day I be wishin' yee too!
And tah all them thar wee humans, listen tah yer Mums!
En try tah be nice tah tha Fur-sibbies.


Captain Makes Up a Song As He Sings...

April 16th 2013 6:22 am
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Yo ho and ah barrel ah purrs!
Me thinks tis time fur sing song grrrrs!
Thar be ah Moose end Sparkman too,
Whats been ah sleep thee whole wint. thru!
PurrCus has a scew loose.
Moose he be a right big goose.
Now pour me milk, yee Swabbie Mum,
I needs me dairy in me tum!



Captain's Belated Birthday Celebrations!

February 28th 2013 3:04 pm
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Avast! The Day O Me Birth has come and gone wit might a great deal ah loves and rosie from me hearties in this here Catster sea... Me purrs of thanks be due! And what's mere; and explanation ah me silence... Me Swabbies jumped ship in Hawaii! And whelst I be most glad they escaped the polynesia paradise... I be due fer me cake!

Befere they lefts, we had a wee half a cake, me birthday be on the horizon party. Then the blessed day of me birth came, and me good swabbie sitter gave me extra treats & cuddles... But now me thinks is time fer a WHOLE cake and bundle ah festivities! Being on me party, Swabbies! Tis not every year that ah pirate goes from bein' 7 like them thar 7 seas; tah bein' 8 like pieces of 8! Ah most rightly purrately age I be! Yo ho ho & a bottle of purrs! Rum-nip all around says I! Arrrrrgh!


Captain Relaxes Around the Ship...

February 10th 2013 10:39 am
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Me thinks its been a might long while since I last scratched me pen in this here ship's log. Perchance that be because I've been havin' such a grand wonderful en relaxin' time at port! Me thinks tis ah grand ship we be held up in now. That thar sunny porch room be a right peaceful spot what from tah watch me dainties at the feeder (birds).

And as to tha radiators, thar be two what we all haves tah take our turns upon. The first be the "Mesa." tis a granite slab what the former sailors of this vessel left on ah rightly placed library radiator, right at window level. The rock does heat marvelous like and stays warm for many an hour longer than tha radiator. Tis a favorite of the Sparkmun.

The other radiator what I be the grand king of tis the double wide one in that thar magic box room (tv room). Tis wide enough and long enough what for three of us tah lounge most comfy like. But in truth, it usually be me and a companion. Last evenin' twas me and the scallywag cabin cat PurrC. Thar be ah soft quilt drapes over that thar heater and cushions me purrate toes. Ahhhh!

But me favorite of places is of course that thar Captain's Cabin (bed room) where me bed en covers en warm pillows be drenched in sun en all me crew can sleep in all the splendors ah this here treasure ship! Ok, so mostly it be me and the midship-cat Sparkman ah nappin' the day long through on ah pile ah blankets... But I can dream ah me gold and plunder from pillagin' gone by!

In truth, that be where I be loungin' right this afternoon. Waitin' fer ah blizzard tah gust and blow around me safe warm ship... As Matey Moose t'would say "Eny Starm en ah porch!" Arrrgh!


Fair thee well

January 2nd 2013 5:35 pm
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Me hat tis off and my whiskers be hung low in deepest sympathies and respects. Twas harsh enough when me good friend Capt. Poopy pants (Navin, Catster #169281) left this realm for the rainbow bridge... But tonight I did hear of the sudden & tragic passin' of his right lovely lady Swabbie, Lorilee. Tis hard tah think of this here Catster without yee, me heartie...May the wind be ever at your back, and the waves calm before yee, me dear dear friend. Fair thee well!

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