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It's All About ME!

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Pleez hep da goggie

July 3rd 2010 10:19 am
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I need help finding a permanent home for Opie. Opie is an energetic 8 year old Golden. Heartland Golden Retriever Rescue, the group where I got my dogs, informs me he is a loving dog, but should be in home with no other animals. he like to be the focus.
Please circulate this e-mail to anyone you know. I will cover the expense of any adoption charges, supply food for 3 months and do anything else I can to find Opie a deserving home.
Thank you for your help.


Am I not a handsome boy?

May 14th 2010 6:04 pm
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I am so handsome that my mommy painted a portrait of me. It's about time! She paints pictures of everyone else's cat. Silly mommy!

But the BIG NEWS is I'm feeling better. We went to the vet again today and I was the bestestest boy ever. Not a peep outta me.

The vet poked and prodded and took my temp and some blood. I like my vet, she's a very nice lady!

So the results are in and I have some renal problems. My numbers are very high, but the vet says she thinks I can helped with some special food.

Also I have been itching very badly, to the point of making myself bleed, so she started me on some cream. She thinks I have allergies. (Yeah, to those two rotten little brothers of mine! MOL!)

So we came home and I got to have some of my new food and lots of lovings.

I'm a happy boy!

Be Strong, Orange Brotherhood!


Farewell Nin

July 24th 2009 11:46 am
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Today we bid farewell to Nin,

A special cat of twenty or so years who silently passed the other day from this world to the next.

Nin was a celebrity of sorts. Nin lived for many years atop Mount Washington in NH.

He had been found as an abandoned kitten in Vermont and was taken to the mountain to be the mascot, (as many before him had done) He stayed for many years and when it was time to retire, was brought back to one of the weather peoples homes.

He spent his summers greeting tourists and sneaking food from them. (He was not a good mouser) and in the winter hunkered down with the meteorologists atop the cold windy peak.

When he retired an election was helpd for a new cat to reside atop the highest mountain on the east coast. There was always a act on the mountain and there always will be. Nin was one of the best.

Goodnight, Sweet Nin. May angels guide thee to your rest.


Chapter Fourteen and Epilogue

April 27th 2009 11:49 am
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Chapter Fourteen – What Else Can Happen?

Well, it seems this is the life I have been dealt. A nice place to live, siblings, food, water, windows and a heated mattress. Not bad, I guess. I am slowing down a bit. I love to sleep and even tolerate the twins when they hop up on the bed. (As long as Song is there too) I have internet friends that email me and I even get pressies sometimes. My special friends are Madee in the UK and Hazel Lucy on Catster. I hope I stay around a long time, because I know my mom and dad love me SOOOOOO much and would be lost without me.


So thus far, this has been the story of my life. This is the end of my story. At least this time. Perhaps I will write again when I have time or if something interesting happens.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my entire name. I am: Kramer Joseph Cole, His Royal Highness, King of Everything, He Who Must Be Worshipped and Adored, The Most Petted, Ruler of All He Surveys, Lord High Chancellor and Toy Mouse Executioner, Supercat and Spokesmodel, Earl of Big Butts and THE WIND! But you can call me KRAMER.

Best wishes to you all. Live long and prosper, Peace out!


Chapter Thirteen

April 27th 2009 11:49 am
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Chapter Thirteen – More Change or WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

In the 13th year of my life, Growl went away to take care of my pawpaw, who was ill. Pawpaw would be leaving us soon and Growl went to make sure he was happy and comfortable. Song was left at home with me and she seemed to think I was sad without the Old One and the Dark One, who had long since left me.

One evening she came home with a box. I smelled something strange, yet familiar again and as she opened the box out came the most HORRIBLE SIGHT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!

BROTHERS! She brought home two tiny little terrors she called my brothers. What were these evil creatures? One was all black and had copper colored eyes. He was sleek and soft, much like the dark one. He immediately came over my way and tried to run noses. YUCK! I didn’t like him, but figured he was pretty harmless. BUT THE OTHER ONE! Oh no! The other one, although little, was rounder and firm. He had white spots on his black face and he ran to me and tried to kiss me and hug me and I just HISSED and yelled, back off, jack! What a dilemma. Now I have two little brothers and Song is all over them like Cats on fish. She coos and cuddles and sings them to sleep. Their names are Klancy and Kozmo and in her own little world, Song thinks we can all be friends and achieve world peace. I THINK NOT.

At least she went out and bought me a nice new bed. And at night she puts the TWINS in the small bathroom so they don’t bother me. But what a ruckus. They play all day long. Play play play, run run run, Scamper, scamper, scamper. And worst of all, they LOVE to eat. At 10 months they are 14 pounds. The biggest kittens I have ever seen.


Chapter Twelve

April 27th 2009 11:48 am
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Chapter Twelve – A Digression

Mr. Puff is my friend. He lives outdoors. Well not exactly outdoors. He lives in the house across the street and his humans let him out to play. From what I understand he is a champion hunter and there is not a squirrel safe in the neighborhood when he is around. I have even seen him chase dogs! He is a brave boy! In the winter when I am in my window safe and warm, I have seen him doing the happy roll in the snow. He loves to roll around in the snow, feeling the cold and savoring each moment.

Puff is always after me to come out and play, but Song will have no part of it. Some mornings she opens the door and he is waiting on the porch to see if I will come out and play. Of course not. The closest I get is song opening the door and letting us touch noses on the porch. Sometimes Puff comes in the house. Just a step or two and then I have to chase him out. I don’t really want to as he is such fun, but it is one of the cat postures we must do to maintain our aloofness.

Not too long ago, Song heard some very sad news about Mr. Puff. Some human in a metal box tried to kill him. He was out late at night and the person ran him over and left him for dead. Luckily his mother found him. He had a painful and slow recovery. Although nothing was broken, he had severe nerve damage and for quite some time could not walk. He dragged himself all around his house, I am told. Now he is an indoor cat. If any story had a morale, it would be this one. Puff is the greatest guy in the world, but his parents let him out to play. I think all cats should be worshipped and adored INSIDE. But poor Mr. Puff's parents never learn. They let him out to terrorize the neighborhood small varmits. Someone I know calls him "Ted Bundy" says he is handsome and charming, but he better not get you alone, if you're a mouse! HAH


Chapter Eleven

April 27th 2009 11:48 am
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Chapter Eleven – Can Cats Change?

Now the Dark One was another story. Never have I seen a cat more full of evil intent. Well, maybe Brat, but I haven’t met her. She is always lurking in the shadows and trying to attack the Old One. I think she is waiting for her to die. What a horrid thought. What a nasty cat. She leaps at me when I walk by and it is not in fun either. She tries to scratch me and the Old One and Song is always telling her “NO!” She scratches the furniture and knocks things off the top of dressers. She likes to be high and then pounce on me when I am not looking. I think she needs a chill pill. Song says she suffers from something called Middle Child Syndrome. But I think she hung around Loud too long and they were in cahoots to use their powers for evil instead of good. Or maybe it’s the old saying that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as gods and the Dark One has never forgotten that! If the Dark One has any redeeming values at all, it is the fact that she is patient with Song and trying her best to learn the human language. Song and she talk all the time. The Dark One can say “Out?” “Why” “Mine” “No”. Not bad for a cat and just enough to get by.

But after The Old One left for the rainbow bridge The Dark One changed.
I think she saw how sad Song was and since Loud had been long gone The Dark One began to console Song. She would sit on her lap and cuddle with her. Where ever Song was, there was The Dark One. ON her lap, on her bed, on her head, on her book, on her machines….everywhere.

The day after The Old One left us, we moved to a smaller house. Not so large as the big house, but smaller. Still with stairs and windows and we adjusted very well.

Sometime later (a few years in hoomanese) The Dark One was sitting on Song’s lap when Song began to cry. There was a lump on The Dark One’s hind quarter and Song knew it was not good. She took The Dark One to the vet and by the time they could do a test, the lump had grown. It was a bad lump and when The Dark One came home she only had three legs. She was sick and woozy and could not walk. Song carried her every where and helped her to eat. Growl cried too and he carried her when Song was out. He brought her outside and showed her the sun. She would sit outside with Song and feel the sun on her face. She often went to the vets for something called Chemo, but in the end she could not be saved. She died suddenly of a blood clot and Song and Growl cried for weeks on end. Even after a year, Song’s soul was still not healed.


Chapter Ten

April 27th 2009 11:47 am
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Chapter Ten – Can Cats Cry?

Song and The Old One are best buddies. I think if Song has a favorite boy it is me and her favorite girl is the Old One. The Old One is devoted to Song. Every night at bedtime when Song gets ready for bed, the Old One sits and watches and talks to her. They understand each other very well. The Old One says “Reow” and Song says “Reow” right back to her. They cuddle and after dinner Song lets the Old One visit her plate. This is an honor not even I am afforded. The Old One has a very loud contented purr during these moments with Song.

But things must change, even if we do not want them to. "The Old One" had spent 19 years on this plane and crossed towards the Rainbow Bridge on Monday evening, June 28, 2004 at 7:15 pm while in the arms of her mommy, Song. She will forever be in the fields of an Indian Summer - October afternoon, with the wind on her face and the smell of crisp Autumn leaves in the air.


Chapter Nine

April 27th 2009 11:47 am
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Chapter Nine - Song

At first I found it hard to describe my relationship with Song. She was so nice to me. She kept me fed and brushed and happy. I guess she liked me. It was short time later, I realized she had begun to do the things my mother did for me. She cuddled me and loved me and told me I was her pretty boy. Although we did not speak the same language, she did her best to understand me and I think she did rather well at picking up some of the nuances of Catonese. She in turn has taught me some Humanese. I can say “Yoo-Hoo”, “Water” “Oh-No” and so on. Of course I am very bright and picked these up very fast.

One of the things I must admit I like, (but I would never admit to this in public) is when Song picks me up and sings to me. She lifts me up and I stretch out and she cuddles my head with her head. Then she sings funny songs, like “The Cat from Ipanema”. Other times we cat dance to Rachmeowanoff and sometimes even the Who. She is a funny one, that Song. The embarrassing part is when she gets too mushy. I am her widdle biddy baby boy orange furrball of love. PLEASE! Cut me some slack here. I am a CAT! And a proud one at that.

But all things considered, I love Song very much. She has infinite patience and will right a wrong when it is done. She loves us all and cuddles us and strokes us and even brushes us. She is first to give me water in the tub in the mornings. I guess she is my mommy after all!


Chapter Eight

April 27th 2009 11:46 am
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Chapter Eight – Murder!

This is a story, although not about me, bears retelling. It happened to Song and Growl and the neighbor man.

Once the neighbor man was not feeling well so they took him to the hospital. He was there for several days and Song would go over and feed “The Brat Cat”. Once the man called and said the hospital would allow pets to visit so Song and Growl took Brat to visit her daddy. They brought her into the hospital and left he to visit while they went shopping. (Must have been to buy ME things) Then they came back to pick up the Brat. As they were leaving, Song was holding Brat. Brat bolted and clawed her way down the front of Song. Song screamed. Growl grabbed Brat and she clawed her way through him. She bolted across the hot parking lot and disappeared into the woods nearby. Both Song and Growl were bleeding. Growl was growling and Song was screaming. They had lost the man’s baby! (Yeah, like here is where I say, so what?) Song and Growl looked and looked. Every time they saw Brat she would run away again. It was in July and the temperature was very hot. They sweated and looked and crawled under cars to find her, all to no avail. Finally Song had to go tell the man she had lost his baby. She was so upset. She cried and cried. The man said not to cry. Brat was, after all, only a cat. (EXCUSE ME????? – ONLY A CAT????) Well, she was only a Brat. Song gave it one more try and another lady came to help. They found Brat under a police car. (They should have run her over) So they all surrounded the car and finally pulled her out. The man was so happy to see Brat. Song was relieved and Growl says if he ever sees that cat again, he’ll skin her alive!

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